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Off Topic # 57
  • Jack: Do you still have your other house?
  • Gavin: Yeah.
  • Jack: So you've had two houses for over a year now?
  • Gavin: Yeah.
  • Jack: You've got a shitty realtor is what that is.
  • Michael: Do you have a realtor?
  • Gavin: Mmhmm.
  • Michael: What are they doing?
  • Jack: They know they make money if they sell it, right?
  • Michael: I think the realtor might actually be living there.
  • Jack: It's a realtor and a family of raccoons.
  • Booster Gold: I'm gonna go back in time and save Ted!
  • Rip Hunter: Ya but no. You're not allowed
  • Booster: And why not?
  • Rip: You can't change the past
  • Booster: Okay, but me being in the past already changed the future so screw you
  • Rip: Actually you were always in this time. You travelling to the past happens in every possible timeline. You were meant to be here
  • Booster: Alright, so why am I not in any history books or ever mentioned?
  • Rip: Because no one likes you and nobody cares about you
  • Booster: Okay, that makes sense
  • Rip: *internally* It's because you did a damn good job at what you were meant to do dad, I love you please don't be so hard on yourself. You're important and the world doesn't deserve you and I'm very proud to be your son.
  • Rip: Damn straight it makes sense now go save Hal Jordan as a baby even though he hates you and will never respect you

Kiaa Presents: 2nd Annual Son Sunday 😂

🏀Jordan Clarkson (Jordy😂💛)
🏀Evan Fournier
🏀Klay Thompson (big bro in law 😂❤️)
🏀Kevin Love
🏀Justise Winslow
🏀Zach LaVine
🏀RJ Hunter
🏀Kawhi Leonard
🏀Demarcus Cousins (Boogie😌✊🏽)
🔥Derryck Thorton

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Ima need more suggestions for next week

​Parking with Parrish

anonymous asked:

More black guys would be nice

That would wouldn’t it. Sadly I can only post what i find. It’s just not common for black male celebs I feel unless its like a screen shot of a movie or photo shoot. I wish OBJ, Trevor Jackson, Jordan Calloway, Broderick Hunter, etc… would post foot selfies or barefoot pics and stuff like that don’t you?

You kind of made your message sound like I don’t post them on purpose and thats not the case at all. 

Here are some men of color I have posted incase you missed:

theres more but thats the most recent.