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Jasper jordan imagine where someone yells at you and jasper gets protective and goes to say something but she sticks up for herself and gets everyone's attention bc your ranting and jasper thinks it's really attractive & fluffy & women empowerment💞

I got this (Jasper Jordan Imagine)

Dang, why can’t I get this! I missed my fifth shot in a row. I’ve had target practice every day for a week now because Clarke insists we need more shooters. I’m getting better but not as fast as the rest and people sure like to remind me.

“Just give the gun to someone who can actually use it and stop waiting everybody’s time.” I look over my shoulder and see a couple boys sneering. I focus back on the target and shoot. I hit it but just barely. Okay, I got this! “Who do you think you are ignoring me? You will look at me when I’m talking to you!” The taller of the two guys barks as he grabs the middle of the barrel.

Ever since Jasper got those Grounders in the trees he has been one of the gun instructors. I was basically one of his only friends back in the Sky Box besides Monty so we’re pretty close. He overhears the boy yell at me and steps in.

“Dustin leave her alone.” He says shoving the dude’s hand off my gun.

The guy puffs his chest out like a tool and gets up in Jasper’s face. “Who do you think you’re ordering around. No one tells me what do, sure as hell not you gogglehead. Now get out of my face, this bitch and I have some business.”

“What did you just…” Jasper snaps but I step in front of him.

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