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*Note: All Smut is in bold text and non-requested imagines/one-shots are in italics*

Rami Malek/Josh Washington/Ahkmenrah/Finn/Snafu/Elliot Alderson:

Just a Cup of Coffee- You bump into Josh at school. (Part One)

Savior - Josh offers a solace to the end of an embarrassing job. (Part Two)

If This Were- Hypothetical first date with Josh is unconventional. (Part Three)

Strange Like Me- Cuddles and comfort. (Part Four)

Feels Like- Josh invites you to dinner with his family. (Part Five)

Study Me - Studying is hard to do, hard-ons require study. (Part Six)

Sweat It Out- Spending the summer with Josh and his family. (Part Seven)

Just a Minute - Embarassment, hot water and a power outage. (Part Two of Part Seven)

Take Another Lap - After days of anticipation, you finally get alone time with Josh. (Part Three of Part Seven) 

Welcome to the Cabin- First night in the cabin with Josh and his friends. (Part Eight)

Sweet Sour - Josh asks to spend time with you, and everything changes. (Part Nine)

Welcome Home- Benjamin takes a strong liking to you on your trip to Egypt. (Part One) 

Leave Me Alone- Benjamin convinces you that he is your mate. (Part Two)

Obedient- Getting in trouble with Rami leads to heavy consequences. 

Just Be There- Your parents don’t approve of Josh. 

Damage- Your boyfriend, Josh, plays seven minutes in heaven. (Part One)

Recover- You leave the cabin, and Josh, behind. (Part Two) 

Repair- Josh tries to make things right again. (Part Three)

Suffer- Josh tries to make things right again but you won’t listen. (Alternate Ending)

Fearsome- Josh’s prank goes too far.(Part One)

Intimidation- Your fear of Josh leaves you petrified. (Part Two)

Protection- Josh takes it into his own hands when Mike hits on you. 

Backfire- Josh breaks up with you, then realizes he’s made a mistake. 

Comfort- Your insecurities hinder you, Josh helps you. 

Discomposure- Josh comes in on you learning to dance. (Part One)

Private Dance- You show your new moves to Josh. (Part Two)

Give it to Me- You and Josh play Mario Kart, both of you win.

Caretaker- Josh takes care of you when you’re sick. 

Revelation- The group plays Truth or Dare, Josh tells the truth. 

Sweet-Tempered- You and Josh make love for the first time.

Reassured- You reveal to Josh that you might be pregnant. 

Abetting- You help Josh with his storyboard. 

Run Off- You and Josh elope to Vegas. (Part One)

Affections- You and Josh come home to your parents’ discouragement. (Part Two)

Teacher’s Pet- You’re dating your professor, Rami. (Part One)

Extra Lessons- Rami gives you extra credit. (Part Two)

Strange Love- Based off of Strange Love by Halsey; You and Josh are a “private”, wild couple.

Boss- Josh gets frustrated with his video game, you’re frustrated with Josh. 

Envious- You start dancing with Mike, Josh gets a little jealous. 

Hacked- You and Elliot break up and you fear that he’s going to hack you. (Part One)

Download- You and Elliot learn to trust each other. (Part Two)

Double Dip- You and Rami go skinny dipping. 

Predators - Male reader saves Josh from the mines. 

Pacify Her- Based off of Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez; Josh can’t tell his girlfriend (Sam) ‘I love you’.

Together Downhearted- Both you and Josh are in a depressed rut to solve together. 

Allure- Based off of my old header GIF with Elliot in bed, Benjamin finds your fascination with sleep alluring. 

Treasure- Ahkemenrah meets you on the night he comes alive. (Part One)

Cherished- Ahkmenrah would like you to stay. (Part Two)

Timorous- The “prankster” isn’t Josh and you’re used in the game. (Part One) 

Catatonic- Josh doesn’t leave your side after torture, the maniacs are revealed. (Part Two)

Recuperate- You wake up in the hospital, Chris is in bad shape. (Part Three)

Dejected- Elliot girlfriend (you) has a severe mood disorder. (Part One)

Turmoil- Elliot tries to help you with your disorder. (Part Two)

Revival- You try to make Elliot leave but realize he cares for you. (Part Three)

Attacked- Josh and Chris pull a panic-attack inducing prank on you. 

Screwed- You and Rami are friends-with-benefits, you have quite the secret.

Fun-Size- Josh makes fun of you for being short. 

Please Daddy- Rami tries to make an obedient kitten out of you. 

Wanna Bet- Josh is bet by the boys to ask you out. 

Missing You- You and Josh were childhood friends, Josh has a crush on you. (Part One)

Pulling You In- You and Josh get closer, but with complications (Part Two)

Finally- Josh confesses his feelings for you (Part Three)

Numb- Josh is afraid you will leave due to his medication. 

No Happy Endings- Josh cheats on you and it gets worse. (Part One) 

No Second Chances- Josh and the group find out what happened to you. (Part Two)

Songbird- Ahkmenrah takes a strong liking to Larry Daley’s famous singer daughter (you). 

NSFW- Josh stumbles across best friend’s (your) inappropriate blog. 

Illusions- Elliot believes that you are real, but you’re just a delusion. 

Dinner Date- You and Rami go to dinner.

Cryptic Heart- Ahkmenrah becomes fascinated with you, the servant. 

Back to Me- Josh saves you from Wendigo Hannah.

Uncovered- Reader is an archaeologist studying Prince Ahkmenrah.

Holding Back- You and Rami are out with friends, he gets protective. 

Enabled- You have a disability, Rami cares. 

Powerful- Based off of Powerful by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding; You and Josh share a powerful connection.

Strangers in Crime- You and Elliot are complete opposites, stranded and in trouble. (Part One)

My Best Adversary- You and Elliot get closer (Part Two)

Human- You and Ahkmenrah get cuddly on the couch (Part One)

Live- You and Ahkmenrah have a movie marathon (Part Two)

Devour- (Wendigo) Josh ravages you.

When You Sleep- Based off of I Like it When you Sleep by Matt Healy; Elliot admires you sleeping.

Brother Keeper- You’re kidnapped by Kahmunrah, Ahkmenrah’s brother, beaten, questioned and held for ransom. (Part One)

Light Sleeper- Ahkmenrah gets protective of you, no matter what. (Part Two)

Halloween- You, Josh and his friends go to a Halloween party.

Permission- Daddy Rami punishes you for cumming. 

Sins of Flesh- ExorJosh tries to keep you away. 

Decision- Josh has to choose between you and Chris. 

Astonished- Rami is impressed by your dancing. 

The Chase- You replace Sam during the chase scene, but with a twist. (Part One) 

The Lead- Josh comes back for you and you try to make things right. (Part Two)

Step Forward and Calm Down- 1. Josh proposes to you at graduation, 2. Josh panics in front of his public speaking class. 

Young God- Based off of Young God by Halsey; You and Rami own the night.

Plotless- You and Rami cuddle.

Colors- Based off of Colors by Halsey; Josh realizes how broken he is.

Stay- Ahkmenrah wants to cuddle though you have to leave. 

Samoan- Rami attends your Samoan dance practice.

Mechanics- You and Finn get into a bet. 

Something New- You meet Elliot and Flipper.

Soul- You and Ahkmenrah were soul mates.

Courtship- Ahkmenrah tries to court you who’s confused by his ways. 

Make Up - You and Elliot have a fight then make up. 

Distraction- Snafu rambles and you undress to stop his talking. 

Omelette du Fromage- Snafu talks dirty to you in French.

Costume- Josh finds a latex suit at the Halloween store.

Handsy- You are a nurse and Snafu enjoys your spunk. (Part One)

Forward- Snafu asks you out on a date. (Part Two)

Assistance- You offer to “help” Snafu.

Lover-  Male reader and Ahkmenrah were lovers in ancient Egypt.

Stand Up- You stand up against fiancé Josh’s father. 

Screwed Over- You and Elliot were Friends with Benefits, but then you found out you were pregnant. 

Little Prince- You are Ahkmenrah’s expecting princess. 

No Bounds- You and Snafu interact through dreams. (Part One)

Before I Wake- Snafu opens up to you (Part Two)

Moves- You show Ahkmenrah modern music. 

Midnight Cigarette- You and Elliot have a fight, then share a smoke. 

Fist Fight- Elliot gets into a bar fight, you tend to his wounds. 

Wildest Dreams- Based off of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift; You and Rami have a picture perfect relationship. 

Terrible Things- Finn is concerned for you and the baby. 

Study Buddy- You have a crush on Elliot in college, he offers to help with a project. 

Bail Me Out- You go to Elliot’s in the middle of the night. 

All You Had to Do- Based off of All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift; Josh comes after you broke up with him.

Best Friend’s (Half) Sister- You’re Chris’s half-sister and Josh develops a crush.

Sultry- You act risque on a night out with Snafu.

Home- Snafu returns home from war to you and a surprise

Costume- Josh finds a latex suit at the Halloween store

Thrift- Vinyl Rahim shops at the thrift store where you work.

In the Buff- Finn strips for his office and tells you how he feels. (Part One)

Catch Up- You finally catch up with naked Finn, then share an elevator ride with him. (Part Two)

Tech Support- Elliot helps you, his new neighbor, with your computer.

Kiss Me- You and Snafu have a fight, and he offers a kiss that doesn’t go well.

Breakdown- Elliot has a breakdown about his father and you offer him comfort.

Disunity- You find Elliot to be an illusion of your disheveled mind.

Car Talk- Finn walks up and talks to you at a party.

Fail- Rami scares you while you’re playing a video game.

Snake in Daffodils- Vera uses you to his advantage, to Elliot’s disadvantage, after a fight.

Sweater Weather- Based off of Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood; you and Josh enjoy staying inside.

If You Only Knew- Finn takes you on a date to bring back your confidence.

Ms Believer- Based off of Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots; Rami admires you on your winter vacation.

Sound and Color- Based off of Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes; all about Elliot.

Roadtrip- You and Rami share anecdotes on a road-trip.

Sacrifice- You are an artist and your art fills the apartment, Elliot gets agitated.

Off To War- You and Snafu attend a Farewell Ball before he’s shipped off to war.

Say Goodnight- Based off of Say Goodnight by The Click Five; Ahkmenrah chooses to stay with his family in London.

Stick Shift- Finn teaches you how to drive a manual five-speed.

Big Brother- Matt is your older brother who wants you to stay away from Josh.

Sister Keeper- Emily is your older sister who is on the fence with you dating Josh.

Good Enough- (PoC) You don’t think you’re worth dating Josh.

Tear You Apart- Based off of Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge; you see Josh a year after the cabin incident.

Girl Crush- Based off of Girl Crush by Little Big Town; You’re jealous of Sam, Josh’s girlfriend.

Keep Me Warm- Rami tries to keep you warm. 

Fault Of Our Own- You are attacked by a Wendigo, but Josh thinks that it was himself. 

Dirty Games- You hide from Josh during the chase, and the tables end up turned. (Part One)

Clean Ends- Josh tries to save you from your sick game. (Part Two)

Search and Rescue- You go after Hannah and Beth with the help of Sam. 

Tickle Monster- Rami teases you, then starts to tickle you. 

Persistent- you and Snafu occupy each other, then Snafu comes straightforward.

Man Out of You- You go off to war, disguised as a man, Snafu knows your secret. (Part One)

Fox and Hound- Snafu continues to cover for you. (Part Two)

Doting- Elliot tries to make a healthy breakfast for you and baby. 

Shot Me Down- Wendigo!Josh is shot by you, you offer to fix him up. 

Drunk on You- You and Josh share a moment while you’re both inebriated. 

Dawn at the Museum- Josh visits the museum and meets Prince Ahkmenrah. 

Tidal- You (as Bella’s younger sister) fall for Benjamin, Tia does not appreciate it. 

Don’t Move- You’re a famous Youtuber, doing a Let’s Play of Until Dawn (Rami).

Just One- Elliot visits an animal shelter where you volunteer. (Part One)

Going as Planned- Elliot proposes in the most inconvenient way. (Part Two)

Heavy- You suffer from a misfire of Josh’s prank.

Spells are Calling- You practice magic, but it backfires on Ahkmenrah.

Mine to Keep- The new psycho has taken you and Jess, Josh attempts to rescue you. (Part One)

Mine to Take- In tandem, you have to save Josh from the new psycho. (Part Two)

Tainted Love- Elliot gets you addicted to a lot of things, especially drugs.

If It Wasn’t For You- You and Josh have a cute snowball fight. 

Before He Cheats- Based off of Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood; Josh cheats on you with Jess, you get some serious revenge.

Taking Back the Crown- Based off of Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic!at the Disco; You, as Ahkmenrah’s lover and right hand, plan to get him back as king. 

Under the Mistletoe- You and Rami arrive at Chris’s Christmas Party. 

Stupid Cupids- (songs included in this imagine, here) The cupids of the Smithsonian Museum serenade you and Ahkmenrah, embarrassment ensues.

Partition- Based off of Partition by Beyonce; Snafu thoroughly enjoys you dancing to Beyonce’s single. 

Something More- Elliot enjoys you, this goofball-sh, outgoing girl he meets at a gas station. (Part One)

Same Time- You meet up with Elliot again, and you two just enjoy each other’s company. (Part Two)

Caught- After they mess with the spirit board, You follow Josh into his workshop.

Isn’t She Lucky?- You go to a premiere with Rami and Portia makes you feel quite insecure.

Rainy Day- You and Rami have rainy day fun, cuddling, slow-dancing and watching movies.

Help Me Help You- You (as the Stranger’s daughter, or the Stranger) help the group with wendigos since you are invincible to them.

Forever- Ahkmenrah perishes at the hands of a traitor of the throne, you choose that you cannot be without him. (Part One)

Eternal Love- You and Ahkmenrah cannot keep your hands off of each other. (Part Two)

Tough Love- This brand new psycho wants to teach you that they love you so much, they can hurt you; Josh comes to save you, then gets very angry.

Temporary Fix- You and Elliot have a tumultuous relationship revolving sex. 

Cuddly Companion- You still sleep with a stuffed animal, Josh offers to replace it. 

Socks- Rami wears quirky socks with crazy patterns. 

Rushed- Finn takes you in Tobey’s garage while his friends are away. 

Sami and Rami:

Twinning- Rami and Sami meet you, a very lucky fan.

Double Trouble- You’re dating Rami and Sami is your best friend.

Impromptu Guardian- Rami leaves Sami to stay with you, whom is very pregnant. (Part One)

Babysitting- Sami and Rami look after the baby, or try to. (Part Two)

Brother Will Play- Rami leaves for shooting, returns to you and Sami. 

Brett Dalton/Mike Munroe:

Trigger Happy- You are terrified of Mike after he shoots Emily.

Abundance- Polyamory featuring you, Matt and Mike.

His Homecoming Queen- Mike sees you on the dance team, during homecoming. (Part One)

Crowned- You and Mike continue where you started. (Part Two)

Resentment- Mike is jealous of you flirting with Josh.

Timidity- You and Mike make love for the first time. 

Jordan Fisher/Matt Fletcher:

Sweet Scent- You are invited to Matt’s house with friends.

True Love- Based off of True Love by Jordan Fisher; Jordan takes you on a date.

Over the Top- You and Matt are the obnoxious, goofing-off couple.

Protector- Matt stands up for you at school.

Noah Fleiss/Chris Coen:

Curse of Curves- Based off of Curse of Curves by CIWWAF; Chris has a crush on you and Ashley.

Bench Me- Noah loves working out with you.


I’m late I know

but it’s so beautiful and so sad at the same time
These 11 YouTubers with disabilities will make you laugh, think and learn
Getting candid on camera.
By Katie Dupere

[Image Description: 4 stills from vlogs of The Clarity Project, Annie Elainey, Sitting Pretty, and Josh Sundquist]

#3 Annie Elainey 

Annie Elainey identifies as a “chronically ill, disabled, queer, woman of color,” and uses a wheelchair to get around comfortably. As a YouTuber, Annie talks candidly about disability, body image, gender, race, LGBTQ identity and mental health on her channel.

Annie dedicates a lot of time to shattering misconceptions around disability on her channel, particularly for those living with invisible disabilities or conditions. The vlogger is also part of the #NoMoreCraptions movement among YouTuber creators, an effort to improve the accuracy of closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing viewers.”

11 YouTubers with Disabilities

  1. The Clarity Project
  2. Zach Anner
  3. Annie Elainey
  4. Jordan Bone
  5. Josh Sundquist
  6. JD Dalton
  7. ASL Stew
  8. Rikki Poynter
  9. Amythest Schaber
  10. Sitting Pretty
  11. The Mandeville Sisters

Until Dawn + The F-Bomb


- Throwback to when Until Dawn came out and it was one of the biggest games in 2015. -

  • Hannah (Han) and Beth Washington played by Ella Lentini
  • Joshua (Josh) Washington played by Rami Malek
  • Samantha (Sam) Giddings played by Hayden Panettiere
  • Matthew (Matt) Taylor played by Jordan Fisher
  • Emily (Em) Davis played by Nichole Bloom
  • Michael (Mike) Munroe played by Brett Dalton
  • Jessica (Jess) Riley played by Meaghan Martin
  • Christopher (Chris) Hartley played by Noah Fleiss
  • Ashley (Ash) Brown played by Galadriel Stineman

Until Dawn Jean Jacket AU - everything is exactly the same but everyone is wearing jean jackets and nobody comments on it. 

Chris is wearing layers and layers of jean jackets, Sam wears a jean jacket over her towel, Jessica had on some denim bra and panties, the wolves have denim ascots, the totems have comically smol jean jackets, even the wendigos are wearing them. Everyone and everything has a jean jacket.

2017 New York Islanders Development Camp Roster


Mathew Barzal
Anthony Beauvillier
Kieffer Bellows
Michael Dal Colle
Arnaud Durandeau*
Scott Eansor^
Makuru Furuhashi^
Matt Gaudreau
Connor Graham^
Ryan Hitchcock^
Josh Ho-Sang
Ludvig Hoff^
Dalton Hunter^
Ross Johnston
Zach Jordan^
Jeff Kubiak
Tom Marchin^
Mike Marnell^
Jakob Mayenschein^
Hugh McGing^
Brett Mecrones^
Derek Mecrones^
Ben Meyers^
Micah Miller^
Nick Pastujov
Travis St. Denis
John Stevens
Carter Verhaeghe
Dario Winkler^


Sebastian Aho*
Kyle Burroughs
Kyle Delmaestro^
Petter Hansson
Connor Lavin^
Ben Mirageas*
David Quenneville
Willie Raskob
Ryan Rosenberg^
Robin Salo*
Andong Song
John Stampohar^
Devon Toews
Mitch Vande Sompel
Alex Vukota^
Parker Wotherspoon


Tanner Jaillet^
Eamon McAdam
Mareks Mitens^
Steve Mundinger^
Linus Soderstrom

* = 2017 Draftee

^ = Camp Invitee