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a kouple of #klassic book kovers I love

1. Orange Juice by Timothy Willis Sanders
2. Stories // Stories 2 by Scott McClanahan
3. CRUNK JUICE by Steve Roggenbuck
4. selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee by Megan Boyle
5. Kadian by Jordan Castro
6. There Is No Reason For Tigers To Be Beautiful They Just Are by Heiko Julien
7. Illuminati Girl Gang Vol 1
8. Moods by Rachel B Glaser
9. i am my own betrayal by Guillaume Morissette

Season 13 - Top 10 group photo!


Officer Juventino Castro shot and killed Jordan Baker at a Northwest Houston strip center in January. According to the police, Castro, a 10-year veteran of the force, believed Baker matched the description of suspects in a string of robberies at the strip mall where Castro worked an extra security job.

Castro’s attempt to stop Baker, who was wearing a black hoodie, led to a brief struggle and a chase. Police said that Baker then reached into his waistband and charged toward Castro, prompting the officer to shoot him. Baker was unarmed.

Baker’s mother contended that Castro profiled her son as a criminal.

On Tuesday, after months of hearings, the grand jury panel decided to not indict Castro in Baker’s death


Jordan Castro asked if I wanted to go on a four-day reading tour with him, Mallory Whitten, Scott McClanahan, Sam Pink, and Mike Bushnell. I said I did. A reading tour is like a music tour but with writers who know each other from the internet instead of musicians who know each other from bands. I asked everyone to live blog the tour so I could compile our accounts into something at the end. Jordan, Mallory, and Scott emailed me their live-blogs (Jordan’s entire live blogMallory’s entire live blogmy entire live blog). Here is what we wrote.

Thursday, September 27, 2012: Columbus, Ohio

Feel very confused about why we stopped at loft apartment of Jordan and Mallory’s friend Andy. Wandered around apartment complimenting things until Mallory drove Sam and I to a pizza place where Mike Bushnell was waiting. Returned to Andy’s with Mike. Jordan said one of us had left a door open and Andy’s cat ran away.
-Megan, 7:21PM

Text from Mom: You sound like you are high or drunk or something. Please don’t be stupid.
-Jordan, 7:43PM

Smoked three hits of marijuana from a device that looked like a grocery bag, more hits from a bowl passed around table.
-Megan, 8:02PM

Nauseous. Nodding out a bit. Reading doesn’t start until 11 PM. Incredibly tired. Can’t decide whether I should take more Adderall, drink a Red Bull, or take more Adderall and drink a Red Bull.
-Jordan, 9:37PM

Jordan just asked if I was liveblogging. Someone fed me more Adderall. Extremely affected by marijuana and Suboxone maybe.
-Megan, 9:41PM

External image

I didn’t understand something.
-Megan, 9:52PM

These walls look 39 years old.
-Megan, 10:24PM

Megan seems more and more deaf as she smokes weed, completely misunderstanding multiple sentences, seems funny.
-Mallory, 10:27PM

I just went into the wrong building looking for the reading. The security guy started walking towards me and shouted into his walkie-talkie: “Intruder in the building. Intruder in the building.”
-Scott, 10:30PM

Needed something to be repeated several times before I understood. Standing next to Mallory while Jordan’s band plays. Sam is behind us and looks wet/feverish.
-Megan, 11:15PM

Despite amount of Xanax I ate, felt very nervous about Sam sweating a lot from drugs.
-Mallory, 11:41PM

Guy is belligerently playing jazz drums alone in room where Jordan’s band played.
-Megan, 11:43PM

Person in charge of reading said audience was getting impatient. Feel like I can’t stand up.
-Megan, 11:58PM

External image

Friday, September 28, 2012: Columbus, Ohio to Louisville, Kentucky

Woke up to Scott drinking Busch Light sitting at a table with Sam and Mike who were not drinking Busch Light.
-Mallory, 11:04AM

Ate 15mg DXM in backseat on the way to Louisville. Jangled pill bottle between Mallory and Jordan and said “Drug refills? Anyone? Xanax?”
-Megan, 3:18PM


stopped by at mellow pages library in bushwick yesterday

they have everything you could ever want, including these books by shabby dolls:

young americans by jordan castro,

alone with other people by gabby bess,

i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together by mira gonzalez,

throne of blood by cassandra troyan,

bluebird and other tattoos by luna miguel 

& the young money poetry zine 

favorite alt lit couples (who might not actually be couples and actually probably aren't)

Frances Dinger and Richard Chiem

They won Alt Lit Prom Queen and King and are totally adorable. Our Selena and Justin 120%. Omg I’m believing in love just thinking about them. Adorbs.

Mallory Whitten and Jordan Castro

An obvious pick maybe, but they just look so. fucking. sexy. together. And alone. Like they’re just really, really attractive people. And talented too I guess.

Frank Hinton and Frank Hinton

Such elusiveness! Such enigma! Such intrigue! Somewhere in Canada there lives a woman named Frank who might actually be a man named Frank who might actually be named something that isn’t Frank, no one knows, but we like it and it works.

Walter Mackey and Walter Davis

I’m jealous of the people on tumblr who show up in my dashboard talking about “shipping” the men from Sherlock and whatever and so I started the Official Make Walter-Walter Fan Fic movement. I’m the only member of the movement because no one else is as creepy/jealous of people who watch Sherlock as I am. But seriously every time they interact on Facebook I just think it’d be so cool if they were together and were like Walter, I liked this thing you wrote, oh thanks Walter, I liked what you wrote too. Actually there’s a very prominent alt lit writer with my name so idk according to thought catalog she’s hooked up with girls before so maybe i should just date her and then it’d be like the Walter thing but not with people named Walter. Hmm.

Stephen Tully Dierks and Steve Roggenbuck

If they got married then Pop Serial and Internet Poetry would be step-siblings and then they could create a new version of The Brady Bunch and it’d be called The Bro-ady Bunch. There’d be so many shenanigans. Steve would be all “Stephennn I’m home, hope you don’t mind but I adopted Justin Bieber!” And then Stephen would roll his eyes and say “Oh you what did I tell you we don’t have room for any more of your stray Biebers!” And then Steve would shrug and smile and Stephen would be all “I can’t stay mad at that face!” DJ Berndt would be the hapless maid who’d secretly solve everyone’s problems.

Bebe Zeva and Carles

Not really a thing anymore but it was so cool, and like, she’s a model and he’s anonymous and I really think these crazy kids can make it happen.

Marie Calloway and Tao Lin

We have learned that they will not ever sleep together, but I never said this was a sexual couples list. Their writing complements each other well idk, they’re cool cats.