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Seahawks Breakdown 2010-11, Safeties

For a position that had only four guys listed on the roster, the two safety spots had remarkable depth. With Jordan Babineax and Lawyer Milloy at strong safety and the two rookies, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, at free safety, the defensive backfield finally had some structure and backbone, in stark contrast to years past. Were they perfect? Not at all. But they made tackles, decreased the number of blown coverages, and showed that they could have some impact in the immediate future.

37 year old veteran Lawyer Milloy gave this team a little swagger and gave a veteran presence in the backfield. He played like he was thirty, and showed that he still had the athleticism and smarts to be a starting strong safety. More importantly, he showed Earl Thomas how to play football at the NFL level, and also blew up some plays in the backfield with sacks and tackles for loss.

Jordan Babineax had an interesting start to the year. He was cut as part of Pete Carrol’s constant reevaluation of the team, but resigned later. This turned out to be a good move, as “Big Play Babs” reemerged as a defensive leader. Used more as a nickel defensive back, Babineax was used as a third-down safety and corner, often blitzing or disguising coverage. He showed that he is one of the most versatile guys on the team, and showed that it was smart to resign him.

Earl Thomas, the speedy rookie, showed that he has a tremendous future with the team. He had a span of two games in which he made four interceptions, and in a preseason game against Minnesota, showed that if he gets the ball in the open field, he can’t be beat. He made a few mistakes (but what rookie doesn’t?), however showed that his upside is through the roof.

Kam Chancellor, the rookie from Virginia Tech, was another guy that was featured predominantly in the nickel package. Young, fearless, ready-to-make-the-big-hit Kam was a safety/corner that made some plays, made many mistakes, but will likely be on the team next year because the coaching staff simply likes him.

Outlook for 2011:

Thomas will be in here for the long haul, as will Chancellor. I was unable to find the contract details on Babineax or Milloy, so I think they will have to make the team again next year….overall the coaching staff should feel good that they have solidified the safety spot and that Thomas is a budding star for the next few years.