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Final Lair - Derrick Davis, Kaitlyn Davis, Jordan Craig

Derrick Davis, Kaitlyn Davis (no relation), and Jordan Craig perform the ‘Final Lair’ from the restaged tour production of The Phantom of the Opera. 2016. Derrick Davis is the second African-American Phantom to appear in one of the national tours and only the third African-American Phantom in the US.


Here’s Michael at the foul line, the shot on Ehlo.. GOOD! THE BULLS WIN IT! THEY WIN IT! 

 In honor of the 26th anniversary of “the shot”, relive one of the greatest moments in NBA postseason history as Michael Jordan hangs in the air to knock down this classic series-winning shot over Craig Ehlo during the 1992 NBA Playoffs! [x]

My top three favorite men within each sign

Aries: Paul Rudd, Elton John, Eddie Murphy 

Taurus: James McAvoy, Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill 

Gemini: Cillian Murphy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Evans

Cancer: Harrison Ford, Sam Claflin, Kevin Hart

Leo: Keith Powers, Sebastian Stan, James Corden

Virgo: Tom Hardy, Lil Yachty, Idris Elba 

Libra: Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Ezra Miller

Scorpio: Mads Mikkelsen, Adam Driver, Matt Smith

Sagittarius: Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Riz Ahmed

Capricorn: Jude Law, Kim Taehyung, Denzel Washington

Aquarius: Mahershala Ali, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Harry Styles

Pisces: Oscar Isaac, Daniel Craig, Jordan Peele

The Transition of Finding Neverland the Musical:

Finding Neverland the Musical(Rosalind Craig and Julian Ovenden):


Finding Neverland the Musical(Laura Michelle Kelly and Jeremy Jordan)


Finding Neverland the Musical(Laura Michelle Kelly and Matthew Morrison)

Road Trip Naps (SyndiSparklez One Shot Fluff)

Summary: Tom, Jordan, and Craig(Mini Ladd) all go on another snowboarding trip together and have an amazing time! However, despite Tom having driven to the mountain, he decides that he is way too tired to be driving and asks Craig to take over on the way home. As they drive back, Tom and Jordan get a little sleepy and decide to take a nap.

Warnings: None, maybe some swearing?

A/N: Got the idea to write this after seeing this awesome masterpiece! If you love seeing adorable SyndiSparklez artwork, follow this person now! Do it! Also, this is a supposed to be a separate trip from the original snowboarding trip they went on so hence the inconsistencies and junk. Anyways, enjoy my lovelies!!

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please just … watch this 

  • Them: James Bond can't have blond hair and blue eyes!
  • *movie comes out, everyone shuts up because it was an exciting action flick with a dynamic and interesting interpretation of Bond. Bond having blond hair and blue eyes is irrelevant*
  • Them: There can't be a black stormtrooper in Star Wars!
  • *movie comes out, everyone's excited because it's a great film with awesome characters that stays true to the tone of its predecessors. Storm trooper being black is irrelevant*
  • Them: There can't be a black Human Torch in Fantastic Four!
  • *movie comes out, everyone hates it because of incoherent plot, dated special effects, horrible editing and abysmal tone. Human torch being black is irrelevant*
  • Them: There can't be a black Mary Jane in Spider-Man!
  • Me: How the fuck is this still a controversy?