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Most of these are requests and some are ideas I got on my own. These are all being written right now.


1. Submissive Roman x Reader

2.Teacher Roman x Student Reader

3. Dwayne Johnson phone sex

4. Roman Reigns phone sex

5. Roman x Reader w/ anal & heavy daddy kink

6. Roman x Reader, you accidentally call him by his real name during sex.

7. Roman x abused Reader

8. Roman x thick/insecure Reader

9. Sugar Daddy mini-fic w/ Roman Reigns

10. Sugar Daddy mini-fic w/ Dwayne Johnson

11. Dwayne waking you up with oral

12. Office sex with Dwayne

13. FWB (turned to more) sex with Roman

14. Dressing room sex with Roman

15. Dressing room sex with Dwayne

16. Very smutty Baron x Reader w/ heavy daddy kink

17. So far Roman/Baron threesome is winning with votes so that’ll be the first of the few smuts posted.

18. Either Roman/Big Cass threesome or Dwayne/Roman threesome would be following.

19. Dwayne x Reader x Roman threesome, w/ extreme multiple orgasms.

20. Roman x Reader, he catches you masturbating at punishes you by edging you & torturing you with multiple orgasms.

21. Possessive! Jey Uso x Reader, rough sex.

22. Tama Tonga x Reader, shower sex.

23. Switch/Submissive Dwayne x Reader smut.

24. Switch/Submissive Dwayne & Roman x Reader smut

25. Angry shower sex w/ Roman

26. Alpha! Jason Jordan x Beta! Reader, rough werewolf mate smut.

27. Fluffy Jason Jordan x Reader, you two are best friends & you are often mistaken as more. Little do you know, Jason already has strong feelings for you.

28. Alpha! Roman x Reader x Alpha! Jason Jordan.

29. Roman x Reader, rough makeup sex.

30. Roman x Reader multi chapter fic AU requested by anon.

31. The Usos x Reader x Roman, rough sex backstage w/ thick reader

I’ll definitely be adding to this list, but this is so far all I have! If you’ve requested anything in the past & you don’t see it here, please resend it because I’m sure I just forgot it. xx


Jordan Fisher - January 29, 2017