New Fics!

Hiya, lovelies! Here’s the new list of fics I’ll be posting (hopefully) soon! Thank you all for your patience once again!

*A GoT fic called “Party”: Jorah Mormont x fem!Targaryen reader

*An OUAT one-shot titled “We Shouldn’t Get Involved”: Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket x fem!reader

*GoT one-shot called “Saving Robb”: Robb Stark x fem!reader

*An OHSHC fic titled “Suddenly Shy”: Ritsu Kasanoda x fem!Suoh reader

*A Modern GoT one-shot titled “Jumbotron”: Sandor Clegane x reader

*An Avengers Songfic! based on ”Bruises” by Train: Peter Parker x reader

*A Tolkien one-shot called “Burglar”: Human!Smaug x fem!dwarf reader

*An Avengers fic titled “In the Ring”: Thor x reader

There you have it!! I will get these out as soon as possible! Lots of love!



ln the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, they say there are fields of ghost grass with stalks as pale as milk that glow in the night. lt murders all other grass. The Dothraki believe that one day it will cover everything - that’s the way the world will end.    it’ll get easier.

jorah: ok you know what? she’s single and I’ll take my chances, I’m going to tell khaleesi what I feel for her again but this time I’m not going away and when I open my heart I’m sure she

jon snow:


     The exile knight looked from Dany to her brother; she barefoot, with dirt between her toes and oil in her hair, he with his silks and steel. Dany could see the decision on his face.
     “He shall walk, Khaleesi,” he said. He took her brother’s horse in hand while Dany remounted her silver. Viserys gaped at him, and sat down in the dirt. He kept his silence, but he would not move, and his eyes were full of poison as they rode away.

– Daenerys III, A Game of Thrones 


Dany found herself looking at the knight curiously. He was an older man, past forty and balding, but still strong and fit. Instead of silks and cottons, he wore wool and leather. His tunic was a dark green, embroidered with the likeness of a black bear standing on two legs.

– Daenerys I, A Game of Thrones



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