jorael art

My LadywoopsIMEAN   “My Princess”

“Yes Puppy?”

Where Link uses the hookshot to sneak up to Zelda’s balcony.

TP Zelink, because I just really dig TP Zelda’s design. Also the result of playing too much Smash Bros again and watching MLB.

This got shelved longer than I intended, but here you guys go! The WIP got a lot of notes, so that gave me the motivation to finish this sooner, thank you all for the support!


Kitty, no. You’re supposed to be on the lookout for the akumatized villain! Get your shit together son. 

I really enjoyed drawing these dorks. There was even supposed to be an accompanying pun filled comic but it got corrupted when my laptop crashed ;A;.

Also, have I mentioned that I really love Chat Noir’s boots? It had to have it’s own image in the set.

please do not repost  

DAY 5: Warmth

This is so late, I just got back from a trip. This was supposed to be done last night but I got side tracked by Smash Bros. TP Zelink because reasons idk.

I’ll try to catch up with the rest of the prompts, maybe do some from the extensions, it depends on the amount of free time I can muster.


Commission for the lovely guizhou!

Who wanted SuFin Wedding.

With Fin wearing a tacky tie/cravat amd Sve wearing an Unikko one :D

I love my OTP so much! This one just about gave me diabetes drawing them like this. OMG WHY ARE YOU TWO SO PERFECT TOGETHERJKH*&(SDJI*(&EJKHSJKLAJKLS *sobs uncontrolaby from sufin feels* again sorry for the ugly watermark but commissions are special