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Jophiel on the days of creation

When Jophiel woke, bare to his soul and new to the universe, he was already a brother, already a soldier, already an archangel. The first sensation that shot through his body was love, and he wondered about the absence of such. He was then told that his Father created day, and night, and Tomorrow. What Tomorrow was escaped him. All he knew was that his name was Jophiel, he was the blessed child and Archangel to his Father, and that just before his birth, came the existence of light.

Tomorrow was something Jophiel could believe in, he soon found out. It was a new beginning, a new cycle, a new Day. And that Day he was introduced to a mass called Earth. His mighty Father separated what was called Water and Sky. His brothers and sisters who welcomed him at birth marveled at the sight, forming unbreakable bonds that would serve them well in battle and in day to day life. It all shined with a brilliant blue light.

On the third day Jophiel’s Father is busy at work. This big, beautiful Earth suddenly sprang to live. Enormous masses rose out of the sea and erupted with plants and trees and flowers, and Jophiel didn’t know those shades of color even existed.

When the fourth dawn broke, a space beyond Earth came into existence. The Moon, stars and Sun fill the darkness with light and wonder. Meanwhile, Jophiel’s brother Michael is the first to ask him to lead. The angels are divided into teams, into groups, and the concept of trust, brotherhood, and stress by leading become visible. He prays to his Father for guidance, as he is told to do, and a hope fills his stomach like bread and wine.

“What are they?” Jophiel asks Anabiel on the fifth day. They watch from the heavens as Earth’s life expands, and creatures flock through it. They look so different from Jophiel in shape, size, and color. They share the same atmosphere in peace, wandering with no other purpose than to survive.

“They’re His creations. Earthlings. Aren’t they funny looking?” Anabiel answers. Jophiel smiles as they fly, and casts aside the thought that his Father was bored of his angels.

Jophiel wakes on the sixth day to his siblings rushing about, chattering excitedly amongst themselves. He his pushed, pulled, and spun around until he peered down at the sight of the green Earth, acting as the magnificent host of strange creatures, hobbling about on land. The two that had caught the angels’ eyes, however, were two naked souls, their forms bizarre and barren, nothing like that of an angel’s. “You will protect them, watch over them, and love them as I have loved you,” his Father said. And they swore they would. They swore they would.

“Shh, quiet, you’ll wake the humans!” Jophiel hushed as he and Metatron tiptoed through the halls. They had made the decision in hushed tones between meetings to cast just a peek at the new creatures that wandered the Earth, just to see perhaps what made them so special. What made them important enough that Father felt it necessary to take an entire day of rest? What made them significant enough that the angels were dubbed their protectors?

The angels finally descended onto the Earth for the first time in their lives, which they had watched Michael and Gabriel do, but had yet to try for themselves. Jophiel floated with careful grace, wanting to see everything all at once. The Garden of Eden was a spectacle in itself, enourmous lush flowers and leaves pouring out the ground like fine wine. In the midst of it’s beauty, two humans lay sleeping peacefully, and Metatron and Jophiel set foot on the Earth.

The green grass was a warm welcome to Jophiel’s bare feet, and he let out a little gasp, as suddenly, he was overcome with sensation. Touch, smell, and taste lit up an area in his brain he wasn’t sure was there before. He could feel his Father’s love in the grass and see it in his surroundings. Finally, Jophiel understood what made humans so grand. To have the Garden, to have so much of his Father’s love. Jophiel felt his Father’s blessing from his head to his toes. And as he watched the humans, deep in their slumber, he wondered what it was like to have other sensations. To sleep. To touch. To be human.

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Do you know of any gods/goddesses/spirits/anything associated with bugs and spiders? I've had an abnormally large amount of bugs landing on and being near me lately and I'm starting to feel like it's not a coincidence, but can't find much online. I've also always had issues with mosquitoes basically targeting me?? Like I get a huge amount of bites while the people feet away from me get barely a few, if any. If you have any advice on how to call said spirit, that'd be awesome too!! Thank you!!

I think a lot of different deities are associated with bugs, but I only know a few from my own experiences and what I’ve heard from others. Samael is associated with stinging bugs (like bees, hornets) and Jophiel is associated with spiders. Also, deities of creation are commonly associated with spiders (since they’re one of the most elegant and creative creatures on this planet), so the Creator himself also is associated with spiders. As far as mosquitoes go, I have no idea! Sorry about all the bug bites though!!

As far as calling forward spirits, I suggest shielding and then you can try this meditation to contact spirits! :) I can also do a spirit guide reading for you and reach out if you’re unable to make contact (it’s usual for it to be quite tricky at first). 


Jophiel’s arms were pulled to their limit behind her back. Her shoulders were burning with the strain, her wings stuck under them. Two angels stood behind her holding one arm each. Even though the pain was rippling down her back and making her knees weak, her face didn’t show any of it.

“We’ve made a deal…” She murmured, glancing at the other. “We wipe your memories of us… Of me… And you live. And if we don’t, you die… And you won’t be going to Heaven…”


The six archangels! not present is michael, cause I’ve drawn him a lot.

Camael is a fierce protector of Heaven who takes her job very seriously.

Gabriel is very calm and level headed, and acts as the messenger between Heaven and Earth. Though he isn’t often present, he is second most revered of the archangels.

Jophiel oversees the higher tiers of angels, most of which are difficult to communicate with for lower ranks. She has no eyes, but can see just fine.

Raphael is, of course, the healer. They’re a little bit melodramatic, but take their job very seriously, even if they think the other Archangels lack common sense.

Uriel is very magical. No one really know what she does, but her eyes are always closed, and those glow-y tattoos are cool.

Zadkiel is headstrong and confident. He is Michael’s companion on the battlefield, and thus frequently dies. Each Zadkiel is slightly different, but still very similar personality wise, leading to most of the other Archangels treating each Zadkiel like they’re the same as their predecessor.

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