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Is it possible we could get more fun facts about the angels? ;; i really love the ones you gave us

Fun Facts about the Archangels ft. Lucifer part 2:

Michael: Michael loves to sing/hum. He does it so often under his breath, it drives people insane.

Gabriel: Has only checked out one library book on earth once. He forgot to return it. It’s been over 80 years. He thinks about it sometimes in a cold sweat of guilt.

Uriel: Can be dared to do almost anything (within reason). He’s the easiest to goad; just say “I double dog dare you” and it’s double dog done.

Zadkiel: Once had a painting of Uriel hidden in her bedroom, like teenage girls with crushes under their mattresses. She’d take it out occasionally to practice asking him out before they started dating, but she’d usually get too nervous/embarrassed and would have to go work out immediately to take the edge off. 

Raphael: Loves horror movies. Is unphased by gore or thrillers. Can watch them all day. It’s romcoms that make him uncomfortable.

Chamuel: Beat her entire troop, Gabriel’s troop, and Uriel’s troop, including Uriel, in arm wrestling. She was on a role and only stopped before she fucked up her fingernails. Zadkiel and Michael vehemently challenged her for years after that to no avail. 

Jophiel: Has tried to get fired at least once per year since his creation. He’s lazy and is prone to anxiety in stressful situations. He’d rather be a janitor nobody than an Archangel with prestige.

Raguel: Is bad with people but surprisingly good with animals.

Lucifer: When he first fell started having humans fight and cause each other problems on earth just to get Michael’s attention and piss him off. No other real motivation than that. After a while he found he just generally enjoyed it, and did so without the intent of making his brother come down and argue with him.


Past Life Regression

It’s only a 40 minutes meditation, and I used to get wonderful results from it! I would definitely give it a go and share it with others, so they can experience their past!

Fun Fact: The Archangels + Satan

Uriel: Loves puns

Michael: Is very ticklish on the bottom of his feet

Raphael: Can fold his tongue into a clover shape

Jophiel: Has some friends on Earth that think he’s human. He visits them when he’s slacking off

Gabriel: Is scared of loud noises, like balloons popping or party poppers etc

Lucifer: Can’t spell to save his life

Chamuel: Doesn’t like kissing/pda

Zadkiel: Can’t curl her hair. The curls fall out within the hour every time


Mytho meme || 7 archangels - Jophiel

The angel Jophiel (Heb. יוֹפִיאֵל, “beauty of God”, “divine beauty”), also called Iophiel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel, Youfiel, Zophiel (Tsophiel צֹפִיאֵל, “spy of God”, “watchman of God”) and Zuriel (Tsuriel צוּרִיאֵל, “my rock is God”), is the archangel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment. He is listed as one of the Seven Archangels in Pseudo-Dionysian teachings.

“ He Stirs feelings through Radiation of Illumination and into aspiration for spiritual things. He helps in absorbing information, studying for and passing tests, dissolution of ignorance, pride, and narrow-mindedness, and exposure of wrongdoing in governments and corporations. Jophiel helps in fighting pollution, cleaning up our planet and brings to mankind the gift of Beauty. He also provides inspiration for artistic and intellectual thought providing help with artistic projects and to see the beautiful things around us. “


SO!! i wanted to do one of those fusion memes for a couple of my ocs and i went with klein, jophiel and achaiah!! PRETTY ANGEL FUSIONS!! :3c aaaaand this is the final result haha


It’s Jophiel, a tiny putto angel turned Archangel who is widely considered to be off putting (if a bit unsettling) by most peers but really, all they want is to be respected and to not be treated like a weakling (which normally they can’t get neither bc they look too cute) so they resort to intimidation and acting creepy which somehow, works in getting respect.

They low key want someone to hug them and never let go. Shhh that’s a secret though don’t tell anyone!

(They/Them pronouns Please! They’re Nonbinary!)


SaM characters and their musical specialties
  • (this is not all the characters but all that I headcanon having musical abilities)
  • Gabriel: Trumpet. Trombone. Bugel. Mellophone. Name any brass instrument, he's jammin' at the gates on one.
  • Raph: Piano and Cello. His knack is for mellow instruments.
  • Satan: Exactly what you think I'm going to say. You thought I wouldn't go with cliches, right? Wrong. Fuck you. Fiddle, motherfucker. He plays the fiddle
  • Jophiel: No known instrumental abilities. Technically all of the archangels can sing but Joph trumps them all. His voice is the most beautiful thing they've heard
  • Natalie: [aggressively kazooing darude - sandstorm] (also she can actually sing beautifully, just as long as no one's watching-- at least that she knows of)
  • Michael: Michael moo has a knack for string instruments, preferably the harp and acoustic guitar. He taught Chamuel how to play harp.
  • Uriel: Only knows one song on his saxophone-- Toxic. That's all he can play. That's all he ever plays. Send help.
  • Human!Mike: Cute lil Mikey-moo. He can sing pretty well, but also knows acoustic guitar and ukulele.
  • Chamuel: A master at the harp, almost as good as Michael. The angels let her play for them to relax.
  • Mr. McAllister: Obviously sings like a maniac but is actually tone deaf, poor dude. He can play a couple of songs on the piano. His favorite? Cruella De Vil.
  • Felix: The tuba and only the tuba. It's so huge compared to him.
  • Kristi: Kristi's voice can reach phenomenal high notes whenever she's around Satan, strangely enough.
  • Ipos: An all around musician. Strings, piano, clarinet, even the harmonica. He's good at all of them. Sheila loves listening to him play to unwind.
  • Pax: A drummer because he bangs everything (IDEA BELONGS TO MATT OMFG)
  • Titus: [farts and composes it]

First and foremost, I would like to tell you that I love all of you so very much.  We all do.  Know that we are always here sending of our love and light to you, waiting for you to call upon us.  Many, actually most of you suffer from self-doubt, low-self esteem, and lack of self worth due to what the world around you has told you about yourself and “people like you.”  The truth is that you are all beautiful and wonderfully made.  There is noone as amazing as you.  You were made in love and light.  You come from Source which holds all things beautiful, so how could you not be?  Everything about you is beautifully and uniquely made.  Stop focusing on what you are not, but instead lovingly embrace all that you are.  It  saddens us that all of you do not love yourselves in the same way as we do for you don’t see yourselves in the beautiful way that we do.  Please know that you are loved.  If you need to be reminded of this, know that we are always there to do just that if you simply call upon us.  I love you.  We all do.  In Light and in Love.

- ArchAngel Jophiel

If you ever need some angel music to meditate to the following are excellent choices:

  • Ascension With Archangels - Roberto Coccia
    (features tracks for Michael, Chamuel, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel)
  • Archangels - Jared Clark
    (features tracks for Michael, Gabriel, Raphiel, Raziel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Ariel, Chamuel, Raguel, Uriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, and Azrael)
  • Angels - David Hicken
    (features tracks for Celeste, Michael, Seraphina, Desirée, Uriel, Rosetta, Francesca, Indriel, Akasha,  Aurora, Raphael, and Gabriel)