Cat and Mouse

(Please ignore the abysmally uncreative title. Some backstory for a few of my clone wars OCs (three guesses what their names are!). Just a warning: This probably will make you sad.)

They are four years old, fuzzy-haired and bright eyed, starting to show signs of the strong men they’ll become in a few short years. They are four years old, big enough to be eight, scrappy and bruised and infinitely curious.

It’s late, very late. All the other boys - all their batch brothers - are sleeping by now. Well, except maybe 85, who will be worrying about them.

“85 is gonna kill us!” 87 mutters, keeping close to 86′s back. 86 is fearless and grinning, even though they’re really, really not supposed to be here. At all. 87 isn’t even sure where they are.

“It’s okay,” 86 says, turning to his brother with a gap-toothed grin. His new teeth are already growing in to replace the ones he’s lost. “I’ll protect you.”

“But what if we get caught?” 87 whispers, glancing nervously over his shoulder.

“Then we’ll hide! And we’ll run and run and run until we get back to the others, and then they won’t know which ones we are!” 

When he says it like that, it sounds like a foolproof plan. Those big scary grown-up brothers in armor, the long-neck Kaminoans - who are they to contend with a mind like 86′s?

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Philadelphia Glass Land 3

By Holli Stephens

Philadelphia Glass Land 3 encompasses how the glass culture travels and how it has existed longer than most people think. It starts out at the Salem International Flameworking Conference where “Jerome Baker” is introduced. He was taught under the legendary Bob Snodgrass and is one of the key figures on innovation pertaining to glass pipes. Paul Stankard, a legend in making florals encapsulated in glass, may not be a pipe maker, but currently teaches at Salem Community College where the conference was held. Many of his students have gone on to create glass pipes and he explains his feelings about the culture.

We then travel to Front Street Galley which is run by pipe makers JOP! and Elbo. They have a relativiely new gallery and were in the midst of putting on a show for fellow blower Chris Carlson. Elbo had also been invited to teach a class at the first government funded glass pipe making class.

In the last segment we travel to a warehouse studio space in Philadelphia where Rockstar glass works with two newer blowers, Justin Galante and Devin Sagan. 

(Headcanon request: How do you OCs hug?) (Yes I’m gonna do ‘em all, in order of when they were created, because why not!)

Helyne: Okay Helyne’s hugs are amazing. She’s all soft and gentle touches, stroking your hair back and kissing your forehead.

Daanin: Like a dad, basically. He’ll hug you fast and squeeze you before patting you on the back a few times and then standing back to smile at you.

Jolt: Tight enough to crush you when he’s happy. You’ve had to remind him that breathing is a thing and ribs aren’t made of rubber.

Haze: Absentmindedly. He’s probably thinking of something very interesting (he’s great with chemistry and has improved the efficiency of several different painkillers).

Trouble: Like an excited kid on christmas; he wraps both arms around you and buries his face in your shoulder to hide the fact that he’s smiling so big his nose is crinkling up.

Winger: Likes to lift people off the ground when he hugs them (no matter who they are) just because who doesn’t want to get lifted into the air? 

Mouse: He is the cutest thing okay when he hugs someone he likes to rest his head against them and makes the most satisfied, peaceful sigh ever.

Rags: Honestly if you can get him to stop stressing long enough to hug you he’s gonna hold onto you like you’re a lifeline.

Witcher: Let him hug you first - if you surprise hug him he might think it’s an attack and try to curse you. And nobody really knows whether they actually work.

Tala: Definitely let her make the first move - her history, along with being a telempath, has made her skittish about touch (since it amplifies her talent). So if she’s gonna hug you you have to give her time to get a handle on her power first. 

Switch: Very jubilant and very often, but not very long! He usually will hug you quickly as he rushes past on very important business (important to him anyway.)

Rowan: His hugs are indisputably the best in the squad at the very least. Regardless of your height, he has a way of wrapping his arms around you that makes you feel just so completely safe and warm.

Crow: His hugs are brief but wonderful, and he usually kisses you too (depending on the person) and if you’re his s/o most of the hugs will happen when you sleep next to him.

Cat: Pretty much like a very affectionate kitten. He likes to sit down when he hugs you (whether you’re in his lap or he’s in yours) and he gets really…nuzzly. 

Charm: Usually one-armed and casual, unless something upsetting has happened and then he literally won’t let you go for like a straight minute at least.

I drew @clone-appreciation ‘s oc’s helmets (I took quite a bit of liberty with BEAST’s helmet since we haven’t seen it yet.)

OC Pollux got to mark 2/3 of them with a kiss… Pollux is thinking Red would look good on Jop’s ‘cheek’.

(Headcanon request: If your boys saw their s/o in tears, how do they react? And also what are they like waking up next to their s/o?) (Note: Whoa boy there are a lot more h/c requests for my oc’s than I thought!)

Winger: When Winger notices you crying, he’d kind of slump down a bit, pursing his lips and sighing. “C’mere, kid,” he’ll say, (he calls everyone that) and pull you in for a hug before saying that anything making you cry deserves to be thrown from an atmospheric ship at speed.

He’s almost always guarded and tense and watchful, except when he’s deeply asleep. Then you can feel quite free to lift up his hand and drop it on his face and he won’t react. It’s gonna take him a while to wake up from that and while he’s half awake he has this big dumb smile every time he hears your voice.

Witcher:  He wants to know what is making you cry first, so he can make it better - he actually gets very upset on your behalf before he notices that he really just needs to hold you for a bit. 

Witcher has lots of little prayers and spells of protection he says in the morning, so it becomes a familiar sound to hear him murmuring strange words under his breath. He stops when he notices you stirring and leans over to kiss both your cheeks and your forehead, and then finishes his meditations.

Mouse: He first wants to make you feel better when he sees you crying, so expect some lame jokes and lots of hugs and kisses before he finally asks what’s got you so down. He can be a bit vindictive so he might suggest petty vengeance if it’s a person.

No matter how many times you try you can never catch Mouse sleeping. You always fall asleep on his chest before he drifts off, and when you wake up he’s invariably already dressed and bustling around. He’ll grin at you and say “Morning” like he knows exactly what’s going on. If you ever did see him asleep though, you’d see him with the most serene, peaceful, innocent face ever.

Trouble: It probably takes him a minute to notice you’re crying because he’s absorbed in a book, but when he does look up and see you with tears in your eyes he gets this stricken look on his face and (panicking, not quite sure what to do) kisses you on the mouth before apologizing and asking you what he can do to help. He’s so cutely flustered you can’t help laughing.

His hair is adorably messy in the morning and (like someone else who used to be on Topple Squad) he really appreciates it when you help him comb it. Finds it very relaxing, he says, and you both use that time to talk about nothing and everything.

Rags: He is nearly always stressed or flustered but when he sees that you need his undivided attention, he’ll go more - peaceful, in a way, and get this kind of stillness about him that’s very soothing. Even though he really doesn’t, he acts like he has all the time in the world to talk things through with you, as if you’re the only other person that exists right now.

Sleeping is the only time Rags looks peaceful and at rest, and so you do everything in your power not to wake him up when you awaken first. He’s a light sleeper, though, so it’s a rather difficult game.

Tala: She doesn’t need to see you crying to know something’s wrong and probably what it is, too, so by the time you’re actually in tears she shows up with space ice cream and two spoons and asks if you wanna talk about it. Plus when you’re feeling sad she’s capable of some really wonderful emotional projection that is infinitely soothing.

In the mornings waking up Tala is very cute - all sleepy eyes and yawns and messy hair and too-big pajamas. She almost always pulls you back to bed to cuddle her for a while if you get up first.

Rowan: Rowan’s immediate reaction to seeing your tears is to scoop you up in his arms and kiss all over your face, murmuring beautiful gentle words that only half make sense. He calls you all kinds of flowery pet names - my love, my heart, dear one, that kind of thing. He only wants to know why you’re crying if it pertains to making you feel better.

Rowan, frankly, looks beautiful when he sleeps, like some fairy-tale prince. He sleeps with his hair down and it’s splayed all around him like wings, and he’s got a very gentle smile on his face.

Crow: His outward reaction is mild, gentle concern, but you know him well enough to know that means he’s probably actually really upset about seeing you sad. And that if you give any indication it was a person who made you feel liek this he’ll rob them blind with no remorse.

Waking up has always been a rather abrupt transition for him - one second he’s sleeping peacefully and the next he’s catapulted to his feet trying to accomplish a million things at once before he’s even had breakfast. Sometimes you have to physically drag him back to bed to snuggle you and relax a bit.

Switch: He comes by laughing about something, but the grin is instantly wiped off his face when he sees you’re crying. His first instinct is to wipe the tears from your face and crouch down to look up into your face with an encouraging smile. 

Switch is a confused baby in the mornings when he’s actually awake, but it’s more than likely you wake up first to find him sprawled out with his arm across your face. He wakes up when you move it and the first thing he does is to drink down the entire jug of water beside the bed that was supposed to be for everyone.

Charm: He kind of freezes when he sees you crying and tugs you along to somewhere private so he can ask what’s happened and who he needs to beat up. He wants to make sure you’re 100% okay before he lets you go on your way.

He’s similar to Winger when it comes to sleeping, in that he’s not really awake until he’s had at least three cups of coffee, so he’s not as grumpy or on guard and he gets very snuggly in the mornings.

Cat: On seeing you in tears Cat would let out a soft gasp of distress and immediately rush to hug you. Then he asks what’s wrong and probably wipes the tears from your cheeks while trying to make you smile. 

Waking up next to him in the early morning, you’ll see one of two things; his face will either be screwed up tight like he’s in pain (from nightmares) or smiling peacefully - and either way he’s probably hugging you in his sleep and possibly talking, which is either very cute or very sad depending on what he’s dreaming about.