When the Inquisitor speaks with Morrigan, the avatar of their love interest spawns beside the doors and cycles through waiting animations while you speak to her before disappearing and respawning to pass by her in the cutscene.

I have two headcanons about these gifs, actually one for each. We’ll start with the left one first, then the right.

1) It’s Solas here, so the easiest thing to imagine is him visiting this memory in the Fade at a much later date, watching Lavellan speak with the woman who would introduce them to the eluvians and, eventually, introduce them to Mythal, a woman that was very instrumental and vital in shaping who Solas is now as well as setting him on the path that he now seeks to rectify. Whether you imagine he and Mythal were once lovers or simply friends through a strong bond of loyalty between evanuris and bodyguard, this is certainly a conversation he is likely to want to see. Before the dance he partakes in with Lavellan, of course.

2) Imagining he’s waiting so he can approach her, the second gif starts with Solas straightening his back and squaring his shoulders only to falter after a moment and slump a bit and take on a decidedly less confident posture. Here I imagine him going through the conversation that he plans to have with Lavellan when he reveals who he is to them. He hasn’t necessarily decided whether he will take them to Crestwood, a nice spot in the Emerald Graves, or some of his favorite spots outside Skyhold where he enjoys dreaming in the Fade, but he knows by now that he will tell them. Halamshiral has spark in him a nostalgic feeling for the politics and posturing that he partook in for years back in Arlathan by Mythal’s side, and the masks being used to hide a persons’ face behind a visage of their choosing struck him a little too close to home. Those two things, along with his growing feelings for Lavellan as she conducts herself in the court, has him trying to come up with how he should tell her the truth.

Solas seems like the kind of person that would unconsciously pantomime his thoughts if he is concentrating hard on them, and I think that’s what he’s doing here. When he’s confident and has a solid posture, he’s imagining how he would broach the subject, “The truth is, vhenan, that I’m Fen’harel.” or “Do you recall when the Enchanter and I spoke about the masks at Halamshiral?” Then he stops and slumps over, thinking, “No, that’s too direct.” or “No, I should get to the point.” and is fighting with himself, trying to formulate the best way to tell her without scaring her away, or destroying her trust in him, or it somehow resulting in her not loving him anymore. He knows he shouldn’t entertain telling her, but he’s already fallen in love with her, and if there’s anything that Solas can offer that he prizes higher than anything else, it’s knowledge. And he’s willing to risk a lot to grant her that.

And I got all that from idle animations. What have you done to me, Solas!?

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