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Kim JunMyeon is… The only star of my universe. 

This day is the most special day, because 26 years ago the brightest and most beautiful star was born. Everyday, he makes my days brighter and happier just by existing, and when he smiles my heart is content. My sky is brighter, my days are better and my heart started healing since he came into my life. I’m so lucky to have such a star in my life, and I will be forever grateful. 
Happy birthday to the most beautiful man out there, to this man that is all of those things and a million more. I love you, and in my sky you’ll shine eternally.

Title: Sleeping Habits Pt. 1

Genre: Smutty Smut Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Joonmyeon

Notes: Not a request, just bored. Look forward to a baek smut too:) I decided to start putting warnings on my works, for those who get triggered so they don’t read my shit. Even tho i hate warnings cause its like spoilers:(

IMPORTANT NOTE: I put the name ‘Mo’ in this piece because i plan to continue this as a series of some sort.

Warnings: Slight Dirty Talk - Hickies - Foul Language


I rubbed my eyes, flipping off the thin blanket of my dorm bed. No one told me that university life would fuck up my sleeping schedule majorly.

I glanced at my kitty clock, reading the cute pink numbers. ‘2:47 AM’. Hey, that’s a record. I haven’t slept that long in months.

I’m deep in my second semester of university, studying to become a veterinarian. I shared a dorm with some highschool friends, and most of them were guys. But I didnt mind. Honestly, I got along better with guys.

Slipping on my slippers that stayed by my bed, I drug my feet lazily to the bathroom. I didn’t make it but to the doorway when I was pushed into the bathroom and the door was shut.

Immediately, lips were pressed to mine and I was set on the sink counter. I pushed the body off, only to meet the hungry eyes of Joonmyeon.

“Jesus Myeon, you scared the fuck out of me!” I yell whispered, hitting his chest. Joonmyeon smirked. “You don’t have to whisper.” He said. “Everyone went out to get breakfast early before their classes. Its just us baby.”

I pouted and blush was brought to my cheeks. “Don’t call me that.. someone can still be here..” I rubbed my shoulder shyly.

Me and Joonmyeon had been screwing around for what seemed to be a few weeks now. I knew it was breaking a fuckton of rules, but he was so addicting. He majored in business managing, following after his wealthy father. But God, did he look sexy in a suit.

“Joonmyeon if you aren’t more careful we’re gonna get caught.” I said. Myeon ignored me and began to kiss my jawline and neck. I tilted my head to happily give him easy access. “And what would your father think when he finds out you were expelled from university for ‘fucking a dorm mate on campus’?”

Joonmyeon paused, looking up at me. “I’m just having a little fun,” He shrugged. “Live a little, Mo.”

I frowned but let him continue. His lips trailed strawberry kisses to my collar bone, and I was too lost in my thoughts to realize that he planted a bright purple and red hickey right in clear sight. He continued to the dip in my pajama shirt, tugging at the bottom of the fabric. I pulled the fabric off my torso.

He licked his lips, diving subtly in between my breasts. It always made Myeon happy when I slept without a bra. His lips cascaded every inch of skin, leaving my chest shiny with saliva.

His kisses trailed down my stomach, to my navel. He reached my shorts. “Joonmyeon..” I whispered as he teased. He bit the edge of the fabric.
“What is it baby? Hmm? You can tell me. Nobody’s here.”

I whimpered, running my fingers through his hair. “Please..” I whined. He could be such a brat sometimes.

“Please what? Say it baby.” He hummed through the fabric and the vibrations hit my clit. “Please fuck me..” I mumbled. He grazed his teeth up my shorts enough for me to feel the friction. “I can’t hear you. Louder, darling.”

“Joonmyeon please fuck me.” I whispered a bit louder. He sighed, sitting up. “Why so quiet, babygirl. Nobody can hear you..” He trailed off, his fingers lightly ran up my thighs. He hooked one under my shorts and dragged them off my ankles. He slipped his fingers under my panties, feeling how wet i was for him.

“Your words are telling me you don’t want it.. but your pussy is telling me another thing.. which one is it darling?” He flicked my clit and i whimpered.

“Joonmyeon, just fuck me already!” I whined, clutching his shoulders and throwing my head back. “Good girl..” He purred.

He picked me up by my hips and set me on the floor facing the sink and mirror. He pushed my panties to the side. I ran my fingers over the swollen hickey on my neck and whined. “Joonmyeon.. everyone’s gonna see-”

I yelped, words caught in my throat as Joonmyeon shoved his full length into me. My fingers turned white as they gripped the sides of the sink. He was so big, how did he expect me to adjust that quickly?

Joonmyeon stayed put, a breathy moan leaving his lips. “So- uggh.. so tight..” He groaned. One of his hands gripped mine on the sink strongly while the other shakily calmed down my trembling thighs.

“Myeon.. it hurts..” I whimpered. He kissed my ear and whispered sweetly, “I know babygirl, but you have to get used to my cock sooner or later..” His breath was still wavering and he slowly pulled out.

Being stretched, I whimpered and whined. He continued to peck my ear, then my neck, then my shoulder. He created a slow rhythm with his hips, small moans leaving his mouth.

The pain morphed to pleasure quicker than before and i found myself begging for him to speed up. His hips sped and he leaned up, one hand now on my shoulder and the other spreading my ass so he could watch his actions.

“Yeah.. good girl..” He praised. I bit my lip and leaned up, pressing my back to his chest. I knew he loved the way that position felt and looked. He watched in the mirror, his parted lips pressed to my ear so i could hear his rapid breathing. He reached around to fondle my breast.

His hand slid across my stomach and below to my clit. He circled his thumb, his hips bucking faster and more erratically. “I’m so close..” I moaned, letting my head fall back onto his shoulder. He sucked on my neck, leaving yet another hickey but I could have cared less. My legs started to shake and my stomach tightened.

“Cum baby, cum now.” He whispered, biting my earlobe and rubbing my clit in quick circles. I closed my eyes to see white flashes. My stomach fell undone and i let my juices drip out and onto his and my legs. I heard a loud groan from Myeon and he bucked roughly, pulling out and smearing his white pleasure onto my back.

Once i felt a pulse in my neck, i turned to him. “You realize, I’m on the pill. You didn’t have to pull out.” I chuckled, but Joonmyeon didn’t seem very impressed.

“Fucking hell.” He cursed, pulling back up his joggers. He threw me his shirt.

“Come and lay with me before our classes.” He said once i put the shirt on. I turned. “But my underwe-”

He tugged me to the bed, pushing me on it and falling on top of me. “It can wait.” He mumbled sleepily with his face pressed into my neck. I smiled and got comfortable. Quickly falling asleep.

I think I found the solution for my sleeping schedule.