• jimin: i really like your shirt can I borrow it?
  • namjoon: you've borrowed a bunch of shirts from me I want something in return.
  • jimin: what do you want
  • namjoon: well I really like you so...
  • jimin:
  • namjoon:
  • Jimin: you can't borrow a person
  • namjoon: lies

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me some long fanfictions (male x male) please !



Blow Me Like Your French Horn 40k+ words

The Jeon Family 30k+ words

Registered Alpha 12K+ words

it’s a bad idea to love you 7K+ words 


it’s easy to love you 23K+ words

Strawberry Lube 80k+ words

Yoongi and The Real Boy  88k+ words

Out of My System 101k+ words

I Just Want To be Your Fantasy, And Maybe You Could Be Mine 52K+ words

Hiraeth 27k+ words

The serie Days of Our Lives (2 fics) Yoonmin & vhope / 539k+ words 


Lockdown  79k+ words

All the King’s Men 52k+ words


As Much as the Place Was Small (We Were Bound Together Tighter) 58K+ words


Look Here 23k+ words


Bittersweet 41k+ words


  • Seokjin: Has anyone seen Taehyung it's his turn to wash the dishes and I can't find him anywhere?!?
  • Jungkook: hyung, don't worry Nochu got chu *clears throat* No one told me life was gonna be this way~!
  • *muffed from inside a cupboard* 👏👏👏👏
  • Taehyung: ...well fuck!
  • me: wow is there anyone in this world better than park jimin??
  • someone: well actua-
  • me loud and aggressive expressing that the question was rhetorical and that i do not have time for your shit: wOW!!!!!! IS THERE ANYONE IN THIS WORLD BETTER THAN PARK JIMIN?!!!??!!!

Seokjin: aren’t you little too old to be dressing up as a pikachu and playing video games?
Jungkook: aren’t you a little to old to be alive?
Taehyung: yes is this 911? I have just witnessed a murder