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Can you recommend me some long fanfictions (male x male) please !



Blow Me Like Your French Horn 40k+ words

The Jeon Family 30k+ words

Registered Alpha 12K+ words

it’s a bad idea to love you 7K+ words 


it’s easy to love you 23K+ words

Strawberry Lube 80k+ words

Yoongi and The Real Boy  88k+ words

Out of My System 101k+ words

I Just Want To be Your Fantasy, And Maybe You Could Be Mine 52K+ words

Hiraeth 27k+ words

The serie Days of Our Lives (2 fics) Yoonmin & vhope / 539k+ words 


Lockdown  79k+ words

All the King’s Men 52k+ words


As Much as the Place Was Small (We Were Bound Together Tighter) 58K+ words


Look Here 23k+ words


Bittersweet 41k+ words


You’re Pretty

joonmin | rating: g | prompt #176 | day 17 | request | ao3

“You’re a foreigner who moved in next door and the first words I taught you were ‘You’re pretty’ telling you it means ‘Hello’ but now I feel really bad because you have unknowingly complimented so many people that it’s slowly getting embarrassing” (Nammin/Joonmin)

requested by @jeongcoups1996

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For the 3 sentences fic: namjoon x jimin, namjoon teaching jimin english then jimin accidentally 'confesses' to namjoon when he's trying to form a sentence??? Sorry if it's too specific...

Namjoon didn’t quite know what to say as he sat, staring back at Jimin who was completely oblivious to his mis-translation. “’I’m in love with you’ is wrong, it’s ‘I love you’. Both are kind of intimate though,” Now breaking out into a smile, Namjoon couldn’t help the chuckle that rumbled out from his chest, “So don’t say that you’re in love with me again, cause that’s weird.” Patting Jimin on the back, he rose from his spot on the floor. Still, the younger didn’t quite know what was wrong with what he’d said - Perhaps it was the grammar?