joonmi couple


Jung Joon Young -

이별 10분 전 (The Sense of an Ending) MV

joonmi couple


1) Approach her and start dancing in front of her. show your best move yaww

2) if she’s stil not impressed, starts showing your hidden card = “speedy leg dance”. and oh she’s smiling now

3) then walk away slowly…then turn back to look her with ur smexxay gaze & and giv her “ come here baby” signal

4) she wil dance wit u but stil shy to dance while facing to u. ..Guri : why u’re not facing me Poca ?

5) when she starts tun to facing you.. dance aggressively. even if she scared and try to move away, just continue dancing aggressively and follow her. try to catch her attention

7) and if the DJ suddenly play a romantic song, slow down your “aggressive dance” and dance in slow motion and beautifully as if you are Derek Hough.

or spinning like Kim Yuna wil do too

or some techno dance can do too

8) when her fav song start playing…H.O.T - Candy..

its a great opportunity for u to shine and grab her thing u should do, DO THE FLOOR DANCE

dun forget the Hammer dance as well

9) now she totally got the feeling. so, keep dancing with her like there’s no tomorrow.

10 ) last but not least : chest popping. CAN U FEEL MY HEARTBEAT POCA?

now she’s totally head over heels over u. she definitely wil fall for ur charms

 POLE DANCE ! u wil get extra 30 marks for this


131009 JoonMi Couple

love them♥