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Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi warm up to each other on ‘We Got Married’

Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi are usually playing push and pull, but they finally warmed up to each other a little more on ’We Got Married’. 

On the October 19th episode, the singer-actress couple had some street food together. Jung Joon Young asked, “What did the people around you say when they heard you got married to me? Of course, they’re probably jealous of you, but what else?” Jung Yoo Mi answered, “They are envious. They all ask what kind of person you are. I just said that I don’t know.”

He prodded her, asking her what she said, making her respond, “I said you’re totally cool.” Of course, Jung Yoo Mi was curious about the reaction of his friends. Jung Joon Young revealed, “They said you’re pretty." 

He then confessed that he wasn’t honest when they first met. If you remember, Jung Joon Young started off their meeting by pointing out Jung Yoo Mi’s eye wrinkles. He revealed, "I didn’t say that you had wrinkles because I actually saw wrinkles. I said that because it was our first meeting. It was awkward, so I joked around so we’d be more comfortable with each other.”

source : allkpop