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Who's in your Tumblr crushes?.


lol sure, I’ll post them. (Though I’m pretty aware that phoenix-vixx-fire is my entire blog right now)

edit: i fckn called it

  1. phoenix-vixx-fire
  2. joongyu
  3. draygonproof
  4. chasassyeon
  5. buckw1lds
  6. seung-young
  7. panda-smack
  8. yogyu
  9. zeaco

Please excuse this shitty edit, okay moving on.

So, I finally decided to make my 1st Follow Forever, it only took me 2000 people to make one, I’m sorry LOL…I blame laziness :D

I don’t follow that many blogs, so here they are~

BOLD = People I’ve been friends with for a while(not just tumblr), or talk to a lot on tumblr. If you’re not bold then we should talk more :3 <3 lol I’ll admit, there’s some of you who I have talked to before, but didn’t bold, don’t take it the wrong way, I just feel we haven’t talked enough D; ;;;

Some of you have little notes next to your name, I got lazy so not everyone has one :// sorry~

FIRST: If you’re not, you should be following fyeah-vixx ~


12-05-24, 3-x-6, 9muses, 9aremine(shameless promotion of my sideblog and YES I DO TALK TO MYSELF /hairflip)


a-kiss-so-starlight-its-infinite, arabmorgan, aj-in-my-vajayjay(greatest username), akoetoako, artworkbin(yeah I put you here, /hairflip), akijune, azurelia, bikksu(speaks in Swedish to you~ “hand, se, arm” :3 LOL), becuzyeolo, burningwithlove, bjmoonice, classyhiphop, chahakn, celynstarlight, cadetremi, casey-tovel, dawnmemories, dreamingofyoungbae, draygonproof, eloracisobsessions(Hi mom :D <3), eprickhigh, eggie-kpop, funnyguysixtynine, fuckyeahukiss, fyken, gluehasnolife


hi-yeum-bye-yeum, hansanghyuks, hardlightlaugh, hashtagdelulu, hongbeanie, hyde-the-waffurs, hakyeopta, hyuk-bin, heukyeon, hellovixx, hoengbin, hyukson, hakaiou, haxie, hangsanghyuk, hongbishounen, infinite-unf, jikilandhaideu, justforhyuk, joongyu(I bet you think it’s hilarious that you’re on here 3 fucking times. <_<), jaehwwan, jaehwanuary, jungtaekitten, js-aplus, jellyfish-entertainment, kyeoptakisses, kt-indahouse, kdragonkwon(teases you with Ravi huehuehue), kissmekate08, kikiga, kurukiss(Kevin >>>>>>>>), kiss-seop, kris-is-alpackin-downthere


leoninli, leowhispers, leojuseyo, leootastic(ew <33 LOL), leobeans, leovers, leopurr, leojaebal, leo-latte, leo-the-sleepy-lion, lovehishigi, letstalkaboutvixx, myunghs, mix2u, mbl-ixx, melonsxd, nhyung, ooakmonster, perfectkissxoxo, panic-in-paradise, pimpkyungsoo(You’re the only legit EXO blog I follow LOL <3), qaoxi, rubmesomevixx, realitytvgifs, rananicoleee, roselily01, rhythmandroses, ravixx93


shyuks, sidneyh212, sanghyukpls, sandrellae, starlightstation, soomiyesha, sleepytaekwoon(Princess <3), starlightaubrey(Hiiiiiiii~), shaunzii, suju-vixx, solelyapart, stupidfuckingrope, seoljun, toradora101, taekfuckingwoon, taek-xing, taekmyhearteu, taekween, taekwoonies, truly-hyuk(Hyoooookie!), thetaeroom, uri-hyukkie, ukissbliss, v-i-x-x-gifs(SENPAI <3), viki9879, vixxreasons, vixxingmypanties, vixxconfessions, vxdirectory, vismajorr, vixxthighs, vixx-took-over-my-life, vixxtastic, wonnshik, yenshik,xxxchibibunnyxxx, zea9muses

Fav Resource Blogs:

yeahps, itsphotoshop, chaoticresources

I’d also like to mention my followers in this, while I’m not following you, I’m so appreciative for having all of you, whether we’ve talked or not. Every time I gain a follower I become really happy, and makes me think that this blog was not a waste of time!

I’m always here to answer your questions if you have any and I’m willing to chat whenever! If I’ve never answered an ask, I promise you it’s not on purpose, either I personally missed it or tumblr ate it.

I’ve actually gone through my inbox before and see responses that I never got an alert for, makes me so angry!

Anyway, every single one of these people are worth getting to know and being friends with, AND of course, their blogs are worth checking out :3