anonymous asked:

Who's in your Tumblr crushes?.


lol sure, I’ll post them. (Though I’m pretty aware that phoenix-vixx-fire is my entire blog right now)

edit: i fckn called it

  1. phoenix-vixx-fire
  2. joongyu
  3. draygonproof
  4. chasassyeon
  5. buckw1lds
  6. seung-young
  7. panda-smack
  8. yogyu
  9. zeaco
infinite-unf replied to your post: VIXX….seriously….

Honestly after the showcase I’m a million times more excited about this album. My experiences at the showcase have me swooning all over vixx a bazillion times harder than before.

UGH IKR? I’m nervous and excited about it! Btw, how was Infinite? Weren’t you the one going to Infinite AND VIXX? Sorry I don’t remember because I’ve talked to a million people about concerts since then LOL…