Misunderstandings and Unexpected Surprises

Suho request by anon: “Hi~ Can I please make a request for Suho? Along the lines of him over hearing you tell Kris (who you are close with) that you are pregnant and his misunderstands thinking you are pregnant to Kris, but in reality you are just asking Kris advice on how to tell Suho? w/ a fluffy ending please :D”

“I think I might be pregnant.” is all that Joonmyeon had to hear. He backed up from the kitchen and went to your shared bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, utterly mad and terrified at the same time. He saw you with Yifan, standing in the kitchen while hugging.
“I can’t believe it.” he thought to himself, running his hands over his face. He saw you upset, afraid, standing the kitchen and telling his friend that you’re pregnant.
How could she do this to me? He thinks while tears start to build up in his eyes.
She can’t be pregnant from him. When did she even…? He kicked the floor, trying to shake that thought away; that horrible thought you may have slept with another guy, but not just any guy- his best friend and on top of that you got pregnant from him. Joonmyeon cursed Yifan for doing that to you and even almost considered cursing you, but he then remembered how much he loved you and felt his heart aching.

“Okay, okay. Tell me what happened.” Yifan asks, looking concerned.
“I-I…” You said while shaking. You weren’t able to even think straight and looked all over the kitchen.
“Just calm down. Tell me from the start.”

You took a deep breath and started explaining.
“You know how.. Well.. I’ve noticed my.. Umm.. Period, haven’t well… It didn’t come and I got worried. I haven’t changed my diet or basically anything about myself. Not physically nor mentally, and I haven’t been into any more stress than usual. So I started panicking about it and remembered that one time when Jonngmyeon and I-”
“Yeah, yeah. I can do the math.” He said while looking a little burdened.
“Well, I started to panic. Like really, really, panic. And I took a pregnancy test and I’m pregnant.” You said with tears in your eyes. You were so scared of that.
“Why are you crying?” He rubbed his hand over your arm.
“W-What if,” You started to cry and wiped some tears away. “Joonmyeon wouldn’t want that baby. What if he’ll break up with-”
“Are you stupid?” He exclaimed, putting his hands over your shoulders to shake you as if you were a crazy person and he was trying to get the devils out of your head “Joongmyeon loves you!” He looked in your eyes as you kept crying silently.
“You were with him long enough to know he’s crazy about you, ___. Absolutely nuts. Knowning him, he would never break up with you over something like that. He loves you with all of his heart and everybody knows that!”

“So what should I do Yifan?” You cried out while he hugged you close.
“Tell him.”

“Joonnie?” You entered your shared bedroom to find him sitting with his back turned to you at the edge of the bed.
“Is there something wrong?”
But he kept silent. You heard some sniffing, and then he spoke with a rather hard yet quiet voice “Shouldn’t you be with the father of your baby right now?”
Your eyes widened as your jaw dropped. “What?!”
“Yifan!” He shot, turning his head to you and almost standing up.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
Joonmyeon stood up and walked to your direction, arms crossed and brows frowning.
“I heard you talking to him. You’re having his baby.”
You looked at him in utter shock, not being able to believe he was actually thinking you’d ever cheat on him. And with one of his best friends the least! How could he possibly think that? Didn’t he trust you? You felt the anger mixing up with sadness as you fought back some tears.
“You big idiot!” You shouted while covering your face in despair. “The one I’m pregnant from is you!” You screamed at him, and then looked away, trying not to cry.

Joongmyeon kept silent for two minutes until he faintly let out a chocked whisper. “Really?”
You looked at him while mad, still fighting the urge to cry.
“Yes really! Would I ever lie about something like that?!”

He then laughed and held your hands gently.
“This is great! This is really great!”
“Huh?” You looked at him in confusion.
“You weren’t cheating on me, and you’re carrying my child. My child.” He smiled at you.
“Of course I wouldn’t cheat on you, you complete idiot! I love you!”
“And I love you too! This is so great, but why are you… Are you crying?” He looked at your face. Concerned and unsure, he searched for your eyes that were watery.
“I-I… I was afraid you’d, well, hate me.”
“How come?” He looked surprised.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t want this baby, and that’ll make you break up with me.” You said while looking at the floor. But suddenly, Joonmyeon lifted your head and kissed you lovingly.
“I love you ___. I really, truly love you. And this baby is a great thing. A surprising unexpected thing but a great one.”
“Yes. Yes, yes, really.” He kissed the top of your head while pulling you close you him, holding you in a tight warm embrace.
“You’re not mad?”
“Mad? It’s probably my fault as well right?”
“Yeah..” You smirked.

He looked at you warmly for some moments of comfortable silence before putting his hand on your stomach. “So you’ve got a creature growing up there, huh?” He looked fascinated.
“Yeah.” You nodded and laughed.
“Our little creature.” He smiled proudly, and you could doubt if there were any signs of tears in his eyes.
“I don’t care if this baby wasn’t planned. I will cherish him or her forever.”
“I love you Joonmyeon!” You threw yourself at him, hugging his neck tightly.
“I love you too, ____.”