*Glance to the left*

*Glance to the right*

*Look up*

*Look down*

*Roll eyes*


Honestly I have never watched the full clip of Honey funny bunny…

It’s not that I am an innocent girl…Normally I don’t feel very embarrassed with something like this since I have no feeling towards them but…don’t know why I feel extremely embarrassed to see him dancing that way T_T

(Maybe the difference between looking at someone you like and someone you don’t?)

About JJ…woohoo what a sexy-yet-cute-at-the-same-time expression *A*

Cre: All credits go to the real owner. Thank you^.^


actor_jg “촬영장엔 비가내리고 이런날엔 쐬주 드링킹…하고싶다만 연기집중.”