Moon Lovers | Ep 20 The End

When you gave up everything and stood by me in the rain…

When you threw your body in the way of a flying arrow to protect me…

You became someone I could never forget in my life.


Joon Gi also mentioned how he wanted more romantic (and even intimate) scenes as well as kiss scenes with Hae Soo (all my LeeLee feels), and how he felt that he found the back hug scene when he was a water maid the prettiest!! (Before again saying how it’d be nice if it was a kiss scene 😂)

Also do watch the V live of his fan meeting!! He’s such a dork and absolute cutie, I’m glad he could receive so much love

like an eclipse,

the moon is only meant to meet the sun for a short moment,

before it must move on and leave the sun behind to shine brilliantly again,

just like hae soo is only meant to love wang so for a moment,

and then pass on to let him shine as a great king…

i went to the movies yesterday and my mind was blown. you know how they have those light boxes and shit? yeah, i walked past a bunch of them and i realised that my chinaline exo babies were all starring in one of them. tao in railroad tigers, luhan in the great wall, kris in xxx: return of xander cage and lay in kung fu yoga. (+ there was lee joongi in resident evil as well) and honestly my tears were so real