I knew it. I knew the moon lovers’ actors or staffs would get disappointed in the ridicolously low ratings in korea.

I mean, now we knew how Lee Junki is sad regarding it (to which it broke my heart too). He talked about it in the Singles’ interview session.

And i just. Why? This is not fair. Not at all. We can actually see how much work, blood sweat n tears poured into completing this drama. In the end, THIS is what they get???

Ergh. I wanna curse out so bad.

I dont want the actors or staffs to think that they are doing everything wrong with the drama, espc. Lee Junki. He is such an incredible actor. Now its like the ratings underestimated them, entirely.

(I wish there’s like an official site filled with international viewers just to boost the awful ratings in korea. Sigh)


*Glance to the left*

*Glance to the right*

*Look up*

*Look down*

*Roll eyes*


Honestly I have never watched the full clip of Honey funny bunny…

It’s not that I am an innocent girl…Normally I don’t feel very embarrassed with something like this since I have no feeling towards them but…don’t know why I feel extremely embarrassed to see him dancing that way T_T

(Maybe the difference between looking at someone you like and someone you don’t?)

About JJ…woohoo what a sexy-yet-cute-at-the-same-time expression *A*

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things we learned from today’s episode: 

-the official ending of WookSoo 

-queen yoo needs to die and burn in hell (i am so dead serious. she really needs to go) 

-court lady oh is an amazing person and she is WAY too good for the king 

-turning point of wook’s character. He is fucking dangerous and will definitely get worse 

-won is still a traitorous bitch 

-being the king sucks

-being an unknown lover of the king sucks 

-baek ah and jung are fucking real friends 

-SoSoo all day