I came back to you for a reason. You were my best friend, and I needed you. Maybe it took me forever to realize it, but the moment I saw you, you were mine and I was yours.

The past…I can’t seem to escape you. If I could spend the rest of my days watching you…being with you…what else would I need?

“WHO IS SHE?” I screamed. You don’t answer as you look at her. I gave you everything. I gave you all of me. I hate you for touching her; I hate you for holding her. But most of all, I hate me for not being enough.

I point the gun at you. Or is it her? My head is so fuzzy; I only see betrayal. Take the gun. Load the bullets. Pull the trigger.

I’m gone.

G.O caught JoonDoong Couple red-handed (?)
  • G.O : Very recently, I witnessed a shocking appearance that made me realize I need to forget Joon to forget him in my mind... to erase him, to wash him out
  • Radio DJ: why, why? what happened?
  • G.O : He was in a small room with Cheondung while holding hands and sleeping. That scene....
  • Radio DJ: -LOL- you need to forget him, you need to forget him
  • G.O: Yes, I do. Why would they leave their own rooms and go into the dressing room we don't even use
  • Joon: but that is very warm and like a sauna so it's really nice
  • Radio DJ: it's hot in there, so why did you hold hands?
  • Joon: Oh? I don't remember
  • G.O : -LOL- that is scarier
  • Joon: We were lying close though