A compilation of some people who I imagine Kai as. Kai is described as Asian, shaggy/straight black hair, slender/lanky, 18, 5′11″, sharp facial features, admirable lips.

(And no, none of the above are Chinese. Sorry, haven’t found a good kai-fancast yet who is Chinese) :(



I’m spazzing so hard right now ! I was watching the new episode as usual for Jung Joon Young and Takuya, and half of the episode was over and still no scene with Takuya, and then BAM! in your face, 3 minutes of BL with Takuya and Lee Jae Joon ! These two are so cute !! I hope they’ll turn them into a couple in the drama, that would be a nice progress for the Korean LGBT community !

(But right now I need the subtitles for the episode ‘cause I didn’t understand much ><)