joon young


Isn’t Joonyoung the cutest? *^__^* This is his reaction to drinking a cocktail on My Little Television. I watched other clips and he was so good at shaking the cocktail. The bartender said he had good rhythm because he’s a musician lol. I had this in my drafts since yesterday because I was going to post the screencaps with a funny caption but I just couldn’t wait any longer~ Only Joonyoung would do something like this for a live broadcast! 


It’s the little things                                                                                                like forehead kisses,                                                                                           giving her a choice,                                                                                             sending her cute texts,                                                                                       getting absolutely ecstatic over her texts,                                                           giving her the better food,                                                                                   holding her hand,                                                                                               and looking at her like she’s the most precious thing in the world                     that tell her he loves her VOLUMES louder than he could ever say it.