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Water tribe, whose side are they on?

We know that Lilly would most likely side with Yona considering the deep bond they have formed and the fact Yona’s family is in danger, people that have helped her in her desire to protect the Water Tribe. Plus, Lilly is incapable of pursuing a senseless war that could result in the death of innocents as she has done everything in her power to protect people, from dying so I doubt she would want a war but we assume that Lilly has any power and influence within her tribe. 

She really only has her father’s name and Ayura and Tetora. If she had any real influence than she herself wouldn’t have had to go investigate who’s been selling Nadai. She would have had help from the soldiers but that doesn’t happen. Instead, she steals her father’s seal to coerce the soldiers to follow her orders and then is put under house arrest for stealing a seal she had no permission to take.

Lilly hasn’t been able to get through to her father as it clearly seems that the soldiers follow her father’s orders so the question is, whose side is Joon-gi on? We could say Su-won’s but why? He clearly seems to be the observant type and to him, I don’t think who the ruler matters because he clearly didn’t do anything with King Il or Yu-hon or even after King Il was murdered. Not even with the Nadai when it was poisoning his people. Su-won, Lilly and Yona were the ones that did shit. (I seriously can’t respect this man at all, everyone else seems to be doing his job for him). 

It’s possible that Joon-gi respects Su-won but how loyal is he? This guy doesn’t express himself well so maybe we can finally have an insight into what he thinks about Su-won, Yona, King Il and the possible conflict with Xing. Ogi himself said he thinks Su-won is a good King but that he can’t really forgive a guy who hurts his friends which resulted in him siding with Yona and Hak so just because someone believes Su-won is a good king like Yona and even Hak, that doesn’t mean that they agree with his decisions i.e. how he took over the thrown and his desire to pursue war. 

Makes me think that someone *cough* Yona, can change Joon-gi’s mind so that he picks a side and does something rather than being a follower. Yona doesn’t know where Lilly is, her only option is to talk to Joon-gi and hopefully reason with him because she doesn’t have a lot of time until war breaks out.

What do you guys think? Do you think Joon-gi will help Yona or Su-won? Also if Kouka end’s up on a civil conflict trying to pursue/prevent the war with Xing, it’s possible Kai and Sei might take this opportunity to attack Kouka.


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[Spoiler] A new Moon Lovers preview after ep 7


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