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Fake Texts Masterlist


Cheating [1] [2]

Drunk BTS: [Joon and Jin] [Hobi and Jimin] [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook]

Hoodie [Joon and Jin] [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook]

Pizza Night

Suga Mama [Jin and Joon] [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook]

The BEST friends

We Can Hear You! (smut-ish)

Wedding night [hyung] [maknae]

You come out as transgender(FTM) [Joon and Jin]


Artist boyfriend (+ Jin & Yoongi version) 

Bae brings you Taco Bell

Dancing Jagi (feat. Rap line)

Prom with Namjoon

His songwriter boyfriend

You didn’t pick him for selca day

He gives you hickies

You show him your new lingerie

Sub Namjoon [1] [2]

Dick picks –> memes

He finds your “toys”

You need to “take care of him”

He’s a monster in bed

Fluffy Namjoon

You sext him

Studying too hard

His first kiss

Demanding to Soft Namjoon

You and your child miss him while on tour

You have a nightmare

His cute lil cheeks

He needs you 

Threesome? (smut) (kookiemonster)

Nurse boyfriend (feat. Jin)


Appa Jin

Artist boyfriend (+Namjoon & Yoongi version)



He says, “I love you” for the first time (w/ snaps)

I miss you [1] [2]

NSFW [1] [2] [3]

Sexy Jin

Sugar Daddy

Nurse boyfriend (feat. Namjoon)


Artist boyfriend (+ Namjoon & Yoongi version)

Baby boy (smut) (yoonkook)


Boyfriends (yoonmin)

Break-up prank

Daddy (smut) [1] [2] [3]

Daily texts (yoonkook)

Fifty shades of Yoongi (smut)

Jealous confession

Kinks (smut)

Looking out for your best friend

Marking you up (smut)

Requesting a threesome with ChimChim (smut) (feat. Jimin)

Revenge on Agust D [1] [2]

Submissive (smut)

Support system [1] [2]

Threesome (smut) (yoonseok) [1] [2]

Toys (smut)

You steal his headphones

Your Name.

You’ve got talent



Hickies and Hoebags (smut-ish)

Ice cream date (vhope)

Mommy (smut)

Sappy Hobi [1] [2]

Threesome (smut) (yookseok) [1] [2]

Toxic girlfriend [bonus]

Use Me


Boyfriend [1] [2] [3]

Boyfriends (yoonmin)

Can We Try Someting New?


Daddy (smut)

Jealous (fluffy)

Not so Innocent (smut)

Overprotective Mochi

Teasing (smut) (vmin)


Are you just using me? (smut-ish)

Daddy (smut)

Fuck boi (smut) [1] [2]

Him in glasses

Ice cream date (vhope)

Late night texts with Taetae

Masterbating (smut)


Revenge on Agust D

Sub (smut)

Talk dirty to me (smut)

Teasing (smut) (vmin)

Wedding Night (smut-ish)

You being shy about meeting the other boys

You like a man in uniform 😏


Baby boy

Beg for it (smut)

Best Friend

Best friends with benefits (smut)


Daddy Kook (smut) (yoonkook)

Daily texts (yoonkook)

Did you say Yoongi hyung?! (smut)

Good morning texts

Kinky Kookie (smut)

Lingerie (smut)

Memekook has a crush on you

Soft but smutty (smut-ish)

Sub (smut)

Supportive boyfriend

Teasing Daddy (smut)

The boys teasing you for dating him

Thigh kink (smut)

Threesome? (smut) (kookiemonster)


Angsty Boyfriend

BBMAs Reward (smut)

Birthday mishap

Easter with your boys

Forgotten birthday

Movie Night

Piercing (smut)

Sub (smut)


Supportive Boyfriends

Surprise! [1] [2]

Teasing (smut) [1] [2]

Toys (smut)

Threesome (smut) (feat. yoongi)

You got the job!

BTS Fake Snaps Masterlist


Billboards [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook] [Joon and Jin]

College Encouragement

Coming out as trans (ftm)

Hoodie [Joon and Jin] [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook]

Kinky Bangtan (smut)

Much needed support from your best friends

Random Cuteness [1] [2]

Snaps to the wrong member (smut-ish) [Yoongi, Tae, and Kook] [Joon and Jin]

The boys come by to surprise you

Thigh riding (smut)

Yoongi likes you…

You have an asthma attack

You work too much

You’re sore because of them (smut) [hyung] [maknae]

We love you!

Namjoon/Rap Monster

Boyfriend [1] [2] [3]


Horny/Needy [1] [2] [3] [4]

I love you more! (feat. Yoongi)

I see you

Keeping you updated on tour [1] [2]

He s/o accidentally sends nudes to Yoongi

Poly: Namjin [1]

Rainy day feat. Yoongi

Comforting Yoongi

No, I’m daddy (smut) (sugamon)

Nipple Piercings (smut) (sugamon)

Supportive Kook & Joon


Definition of Perfect

Eat Jin

He says, “I love you” for the first time (w/ texts)

Motivation! (feat. Tae)

Poly: Namjin [1]

Threesome (feat. Jungkook)

What beauty is (feat. Yoongi)


Comforting Namjoon

Daddy teasing you (smut) 

Ex-stripper (smut)

Found your toy… (smut) (feat. Tae)

He found your sketchbooks

I love you more! (feat. Namjoon)

I’m short too. (feat. Jin)

Jealous daddy (smut)

Needy (smut) [1] [2] [3]

Nipple Piercings (smut) (sugamon)

No, I’m daddy (smut) (sugamon)

Oral (smut - m/f & m/m)

Sub Yoongi (smut)

Threesome With Hobi (smut)

Tsundere Yoongi

Your secret talent

Rainy day feat. Namjoon


Be good for daddy (smut)

Happy Birthday


Threesome With Yoongi (smut)


Backpacking with Jiminie

Cheating (feat. Jungkook) [1] [2]

He has a crush on you

Missing you while he’s away

Threesome (smut) (vmin)


Backpacking with Tae

Daddy (smut)

Eating you out (smut)

Found you toy… (smut) (feat. Yoongi)

I’m good at oral (smut)

Motivation! (feat. Jin)

Museum date (taekook)

NSFW (smut)

Sub Tae (smut)

Threesome (smut) (vmin)

Whiny boyfriend Taetae


Body worship (smut-ish)

Cheating (feat. Jimin) [1] [2]

Horny Kook [1] [2] [3] [4]

Jealous (smut)

Museum date (taekook)

NSFW (smut)

Something different (smut)

Sub (smut)

Supportive Kook & Joon

Surprise (smut) 

Teasing your boyfriend… again (smut)

Threesome (feat. Seokjin)

While he’s on tour (smut)

While you’re at school (smut)


Puppy surprise!


And last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the golden maknae who has such a goofy side to him I love that he knows when to be serious but he can still have tons of fun, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU takes place in the college AU, college!kook is here, it’s the photographer!kook post, it isn’t necessary to read it, it’s really just to set the mood and give some feel of a scene for the post
  •  Visuals are up first bc I love this part so much
  • There are so many good looks to choose from, his hair is so nice and it looks so soft 1000/10 tbh
  • But I gotta go with the War of Hormone hair, black hair on Jungkook just looks so amazing idk what it is about it that is so nice but whatever it is, I’m here for it
  • WoH!kook has a special place in my heart though bc the parting of his hair was like oh wow but tbh Fire!kook is also one of my favorite looks he’s ever done so I’ll say he changes his hair style
  • He goes blonde for a bit, he does the pink, he does the red and he looks super cute with all of them
  • I love kook’s style, it’s so laid back and comfy, he wears tons of baggy t-shirts, I found it so cute how in Bon Voyage (I think it was BV at least) joon told kook not to pack any white shirts bc they could get dirty or something like that and kook is standing there in a white t-shirt, in front of like 20 white t-shirts and you just see the “well fuck” go through his head
  • There are so many good outfits to pick for player!kook I can’t choose just one bc there’s this one look where he’s in all black and he’s got black boots, a leather jacket AND a black beanie and he looks so boyfriend it’s ridiculous but there’s also a look where he’s in a white button up shirt with black pants and a black beanie and that’s also really nice
  • So those two will be his casual looks but his date night look is also really cute, I can’t tell what era it is bc he has black hair and he’s had black hair in a few different eras but he’s got this greenish gray coat on and this dark gray sweater underneath it and then blue ripped jeans and black boots and seeing it makes me want to scream both externally and internally
  • Forever in beanies, just gonna point that out, he’s always got one in his bag just in case
  • He’s more of a dater
  • He’s young, he’s doing photography, he’s dancing on the side, he’s got a job on top of being in school so he’s not really ready for a relationship
  • He always uses the term “friends” and he makes sure they know it’s nothing serious bc he doesn’t wanna hurt them by letting them think it’s something more than what it is
  • He’s not doing it to be a fuckboy or toy with anyone but he just takes a more casual approach to dating
  • He does go a couple weeks with one person though and he only dates one person at a time bc even if it is casual, it still feels weird to have a date one night and then go out with someone else the next
  • “Breaking up” is something he tends to try to avoid but when he does do it, he tries to make it as gentle as possible bc kook’s got a soft heart he’s a sensitive kid
  • Dates are always fun with him, he takes a second to get comfortable but once he is, he’s making them laugh nonstop and being extra
  • He loves a good dinner date, he likes going to the arcade or maybe seeing a movie bc it helps break the ice a lot faster bc then you have the movie choices and you can talk about which one to see and why it sounds good, get to know each other a bit and also he can do that whole fake yawn bit so it’s a win win
  • Flirting is a hit or a miss, depending on who approaches who
  • If he approaches them, he has time to prepare himself, he has time to come up with witty things to say, he knows how he’s gonna start, he has plenty of time to just figure everything out so he’s gonna be a lot more confident 
  • He’s gonna do the thing where he leans on the wall as he’s talking to them and he’s so tall and broad and he has a smirk on his face the entire time and he walks away every time with a date planned for that night
  • But if they approach him, he has z e r o time and he gets a bit flustered and is kinda in shock the entire time bc wait what’s happening
  • Similar to Yoongi, he can have that bad boy vibe to him sometimes, especially when he’s in the all black with the boots and like I said in that post, a lot of people are into that sort of thing so they’ll approach him
  • And then they see that he has such a cute, interesting personality and they’re hooked bc he’s got a goofy personality and he’s humble and sweet and just overall wonderful and then to top all of that off, he’s a good looking man, he’s the entire package
  • You two meet at a camera store
  • You’re there to help your friend pick out some supplies and kook works there, he’s a cashier but he also does some organizing and helps with prints when he has extra time
  • Your friend points him out bc the both of you recognize him from campus and you both know all about his reputation but it’s weird to even think of him as a player when he’s sitting there helping a little girl pick out her first camera
  • He’s being so patient with her and answering all of her questions and he even gives her advice and shows her how to use it and your heart is just melting bc he’s supposed to be t h e fuckboy of the campus who breaks heart without remorse but he’s being so sweet and making her giggle a lot
  • When he’s done helping her out, you decide to ask him a few random questions just to talk to him bc you wanna see if he’s actually that nice or if he was just a softie around kids
  • But he’s actually really sweet?? you can totally see why everyone who’s dated him doesn’t hate him, he’s got such a cute smile and he’s a bit shy and it’s not at all what you were expecting
  • “You’re not a fuckboy at all”
  • “What??”
  • In your head, all you hear is oh shi T bc you didn’t mean to actually say that and now he knows you know who he is or at least know about his reputation
  • He tells you that his shift is over in ten minutes so you agree to meet up in the cafe next door when he’s done so he can actually talk without getting in trouble for not working even though he’s the golden employee
  • The more you talk to him, the more you like him bc he’s funny and witty and even just his voice is really nice and you end up asking him out to dinner the next day
  • You two start up a lil summer romance from there and both of you are having so much fun together and he shows you all of his cameras and his photo albums and he gets really personal with you 
  • He even shows you his singing voice, which is something he’s never done with any of his dates
  • Time goes by too quickly and you’re preparing yourself for the breakup when the new term starts bc you assume that’s how it’s gonna go but instead you two only get closer and start spending more time together bc you end up in the same class
  • “Maybe we should give this whole relationship thing an actual shot”
  • “Thought you couldn’t be tied down, Jeon”
  • “So did I but I was a kid then”
  • “It was four months ago”
  • “How time flies”