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Best Advice For Writers

These are very best pieces of advice ever given to me by other writers. 

1. Writing is the easiest part. It’s the author shit that’s hard. (Ian Rankin)

2. Never, ever diet on tour. (Kate Atkinson)

3. Don’t believe anything film people say until you’re at the première, watching the credits roll. (Christopher Fowler)

4. Fuck ‘em. You’re fabulous. (Joolz Denby)

5. You’re never too old to send a fan letter to someone you love, or too much in a hurry to stop for ice cream. (Ray Bradbury)

6. Always check you’ve been paid. If they can screw you over, they will. (Brian Aldiss)

7. There’s no such thing as a large whiskey. (Seamus Heaney)

8. Shy of the Press? Wear a hat. Then, whenever you take it off, nobody will recognize you. (Terry Pratchett)

9. You want to be an explorer? Explore. (Robin Hanbury-Tenison)

10. If you do more exercise, you can drink more wine. (Naomi Alderman)


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So I hit 1K a long while ago and I never did anything so I’m doing this now,sorry it’s so lame…..

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Umm I think I have everyone?Anyway I love you all :)