jools palmer

“i’m zipping up my boots,getting back to my roots"as Carl Bean sang and getting ready for "the basement’ @ the monster ,cause that’s where it’s at!!!!! The weather report says all tornados and lightning will be gone by 11:00 , so come out to play….I’m playing 90'sacid, rave, rare disco and late 80’s house!!!!- Lady Miss kier

80 grove st. near west 4th st. -I’m on at 12:00


“  in the BASSMENT …cause that’s where it’s at.” New Wednesday nite club with wooden dancefloor!  FOR SERIOUS DANCERS ONLY.  it’s small but has some of dance musics  best djs including Kim Ann Foxman, Will Automatic, Rich King, Sean B from Spank, Gant Johnson, Ron like Hell,Ryan Smith, Cowboy Mark,Marcos Cabral,LA’s Chris Bowen, Nita and Michael Magnan ( bookworms)and moi  rollin thru ,  with residents Jools Palmer and Mandy “Dirty Jean” . see you there care bear !

every wednesday at 365 Bowery