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Close To You - Chrianna

Here’s a quick video I made today. I’m not happy with it, cuz I havent made one in so long + I lost my old sony vegas and this version I have now sucks lol
So many people have asked me to make a video with this song, so I hope yall like it, even tho it’s not my best video.

I hope you are not too disappointed.



Chris Brown and Rihanna - You’ll Always Be Mine

Hello guys,

as promised, here’s a new video. 

I know it took me ages to finish it and upload it (some of you even cussed me out for teasing u with the previews lol sorry!!). I had so much trouble to upload it on youtube. 

The video is not available for mobile phones. It’s not my fault. It’s youtube that gets to decide. I might upload it on Vimeo as well.

I hope u like it <3 Let me know what u think! I hope I wont disappoint u *blushes* 

Lots of LOVE!!!!!



Chris Brown and Rihanna - Light Up The Sky 

Unfortunately the vid is not that long. I had some trouble finishing it, but I hope u take this as a little Xmas present from me. I already have an idea in mind for another video, but I dont think I will be able to make it before Christmas. 
Im happy I was finally able to use a song by another amazing artist I love, Christina Aguilera. I think this song fits perfectly (Let me know if u agree). I wish I used the full version but I was lazy and I cut the song.
Ok, I hope u enjoy the video! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for watching all my other videos (especially the All Back one that hit over 4 Million views!)
Jooleeuh - 1LOVE


As promised, here’s the new video.
Lemme just start by saying I am not happy with the result. I had another idea in mind, but I guess I might save that for the next video.
Honestly whether the music choice is appreciated or not, I think the lyrics couldnt be more perfect. When most of people were sure Chris and Rihanna could never get back together, here they are proving everybody wrong. 
I couldnt be happier for them and I wish nothing but happiness and good luck to them.

Love You guys