Sherlock S4 fuckiness and the post-its I keep to remind me of it

In no particular order, I present the list of things that are particulary infuriating to me about S4 that I’ve been keeping on post-its by my bedside table the last month in case I lose hope. They are, for me, enough proof for The Lost Special. Today being 8th of March it seems fitting to keep them in mind.

(Disclaimer: this is a compound of theories developed by hundreds of people over a long time and I cannot possibly credit everyone or explain them at this point, so I’ll just list them.)

  • The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde being quoted in TFP
  • Mycroft-> Lady Bracknell, the baby in the handbag = gun in the handbag (Euros and Vivian Norbury). The baby gets thrown in the Thames?
  • Queen’s I Want To Break Free in TFP stoping at “I’ve fallen in…” (love)
  • Elephant Glass Shock Proof in Euros’s cell
  • The elephant in the Thai menu in Mycroft’s frige
  • Rosie’s elephant toy
  • The elephant in John’s living room
  • The endless horror film references in TFP (many of them being hyper meta, especially Shutter Island)
  • John/Culverton mirror
  • Una Stubbs’ voice in TFP “Softer, Sherlock” instead of Euros’
  • Russian and Turkish leaks with no reaction
  • Over reaction with the promo chess pictures being leaked
  • Promo pictures being very similar to Clue’s movie poster -> Clue’s different endings and the similar final paused shot in TFP
  • The bulding up to Moriarty not making any sense (especially if we take into account M Theory, because he IS alive)
  • TLD having the gun shown multiple times, a smoking gun that is definitely not a tranquiliser gun. The last shot fading with red, like in Bond movies
  • The enormous red carpet under John in the therapist that resembles the blood pool in the market
  • HLV/TLD paralels
  • Martin breaking the 4th wall in T6T noding to the camera while holding the glass of wine
  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people … JOHN (interrupting): … would complete you as a human being. NO PAY OFF FOR THIS. This mirrors the greenhouse conversation in TAB
  • Why was Molly upset when Euros called in TFP?
  • John/Molly mirror (Molly wearing the same jumper she wore in TEH while taking John’s place, the framing of that hellish shot with John and the coffin cover “I love you”)
  • “John is clearly standing behind him in the trailer, so unless he’s talking to a mirror for some very bizarre reason, I should think not.” -Mark
  • Sumatra/Samarra pointing out to TEH which lead us to The Lost Special and MINDING THE FREAKING GAP->Moriarty
  • “It’s never twins”
  • The camera shown in the hotel in T6T
  • Season 4 DVD not having “complete” like the other DVD’s had
  • Mark’s picture with the 4 fingers raised in Twitter
  • “Has it just occurred to you you’ve been played for an ad campaign” hello Apple Tree Yard  
  • Moriarty at the end of S4 DVD “You didn’t think I would just disappear, did you?”
  • The whole promotion about S4 and the season itself being about hacking
  • Skull Hell
  • Sherlock saving the tea cup and the boy in the hotel in T6T dropping the tea
  • Tea code being confirmed
  • “Is this a new person? I’m against new people.”
  • “You’d be better off with clown outfits. At least they’d be satirically relevant.”
  • Cake=violent death John and Sherlock going to get cake
  • Lady Smallwood’s name
  • Vatican cameos ignored
  • “And boop, they are fine”
  • Sherlock breaks the 4th wall (like in Queen’s I Want To Break Free videoclip)
  • The Garridebs literally cliff-hanging
  • Chekhov’s gun on the promo picture and literally hanging on the wall in the Garridebs scene
  • “People always give up after three” 
  • Blue Power Ranger gay subtext
  • T6T being an old case about a gay couple -> Margaret Thatcher getting smashed, Sherlock not knowing who she is despite the fact that he knew in THoB
  • “Fresh paint to disguise another smell”
  • Mycroft watching his own romantic movie turning into an horror film
  • T6T starting with doctored footage
  • “That’s not what happened at all”
  • “Why does anyone do anything” Norbury/Moriarty
  • “Sherlock, the dragon slayer” (Mycroft, Moriarty and kinda Magnussen have all alluded to this and now Mary does)
  • Shark hell
  • Sherlock’s recurrent dream (?)
  • “Oh, good, I love an acronym. All the best secret societies have them.”
  • “It is what it is” either being followed by “says love” or being a quote by John Locke
  • "I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch” says Mycroft/Mark, as he holds a pen and looks at the camera
  • #Ohwhatabeautifulmorning tying in with Oklahoma! and consequently with  Green Grow the Lilacs, a play with gay subtext all over that got misunderstood and very famous
  • Steven starting TLS rumors
  • TD-12 being memory corrupting
  • The freaking guy from the official Sherlock Youtube channel teasing TLS and saying “The greatest love story never told”
  • The girl on the plane being the same one from ASiB
  • The TAB-like transition when John faints in TFP
  • The S1 scripts being released for no reason
  • “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring!” THoB (person=dog)  
  • Mary’s death not being realistic as pointed in HLV (thank you for reminding me, @antisocial-otaku)
  • The explosion in 221B not having the consequences in the building that   Mycroft foreshadowed and them being perfectly ok afterwards.
  • Where is Ben’s 26 pages scene?
  • What was Ben’s kissy gesture while saying “Very well. It’s going very well” in SDCC all about?
  • TFP as a whole. Too much to analyze there


  • “Love conquers all” 
  • “Groundbreaking”
  • “History making”
  • “Rug pull”
  • Derren Brown

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From Jaime with Love: My Top 20 Teenlock (etc.) Fics

I know I’ve been part of the team for a while now, but it’s taken me this long to post my top 20 list, because I’m a very picky reader! I hope you guys enjoy these fics as much as I do!

  • These fics stuck with me due to their unique storyline, incredible writing style, overall fantastic characterisation, or they punched me right in the tear ducts.

  • If you can think of a fic that you think I would love based on this list, send it my way!

  • The fics on this list that don’t have reviews for them are likely reviewed and in the draft.
  • These are in no sort of order and are subject to change.
  1. On the Steadfast Approach of an Oncoming Darkness, by joolabee (review)

  2. He Gets That From Me, by CrayolaDinosaurs (review)

  3. Of Magic and Mystery, by Pugglemuggle (review)

  4. You Give Me Fever, by michi_the killer (review)

  5. Elegy for a Lost Boy, by what_alchemy (review)

  6. Heart on a String, by AngelSpirit (review)

  7. Cooperative Principal, by bendingsignpost (review)

  8. Where Do We Go but Nowhere, by joolabee (WIP)

  9. Us Against, by augustbird (review)

  10. How to Be Brave, by stillaseeker

  11. The Boys of Summer, by Mazarin221b (review)

  12. The Frost is All Over, by Chryse (review)

  13. Luminosity, by what_alchemy (review)

  14. Care of Magical Creatures, by stillaseeker

  15. Touchstone, by machshefa (review)

  16. Not an Advantage, by Jupiter_Ash

  17. Tremolo, by what_alchemy

  18. Practical Ethics for Beginners, by Persiflager (review)

  19. Fireflight, by augustbird

  20. Run the Gun and So Much More, by Culumacilinte (review)

*Titles are links to each fic*

dark/angsty fics

I received an ask from @xpapillondenuitx asking for angsty/dark/thriller fics, and I was so excited about it that I decided to use this list to celebrate my next milestone(!). Here are my favorite dark/angsty fics!

(Note: many of these fics include elements such as graphic depictions of violence, graphic depictions of drug use, abuse, major character death, etc. Please, please heed the tags, lovelies!)

White Tulip by withoutawish: Quite possibly my favorite fic of all time. It’s set entirely within TSOT and follows Sherlock’s descent into drug use before the wedding. It’s unique in many respects, not least the fantastic writing and storytelling, but also in that it fits so perfectly into canon. The characterizations are perfect, the metaphors are spectacular, the writing is gorgeous – I will never stop recommending this fic. Warnings for drug use, graphic depictions of violence, and an ambiguous ending.

Modus Operandi by joolabee: After the Fall, John falls into working as an assassin. If asked beforehand, I would have said that this seems out of character, and I would have been unequivocally wrong. It’s brilliant – John’s descent into murder for hire is so terribly realistic and gutting in an understated sort of way. This fic has my favorite version of Moran as well. The ending ripped my heart out of my chest (you will never encounter a more compelling cliffhanger, ever). This story is truly masterful; if you haven’t already read it I highly recommend it. Warnings for violence.

The Boundaries of an Event Horizon by CaitlinFairchild: This story is stunning. In the wake of devastating events, John and Sherlock’s relationship begins with blows and quickly becomes abusive. The writing is spectacular and the story is compelling and realistic. Brilliantly done, it never felt out of character. I found myself thinking about it for months after reading it. It’s unbelievably good, definitely read this. Warnings for abuse and drug use.

A River Without Banks by Chryse: This is easily one of the best stories I’ve ever read. The premise behind this epic story is that Moriarty’s suicide ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and therefore, Sherlock must travel back in his past to restore the primary timestream. It’s certainly the most creative fix-it explanation I’ve heard, but also the best – Sherlock doesn’t get it right on the first try, so we see many alternate universes and timestreams, some of which end happily and many of which do not. Plenty of angst but also a happy ending! Seriously, if this sounds even vaguely interesting, read it. Warnings for drug use, serial killers, suicide, torture, and rape (the last two elements are contained to one chapter and can be skipped).

Burn Down by augustbird: This is a brilliant post-Reichenbach fic in which John and Sherlock start a relationship after Sherlock comes back. Told partially through texts, emails, and news articles, it depicts Sherlock’s struggles with PTSD and possessiveness. It’s heartbreaking: for all that they both love each other, it’s not enough. It’s perfectly done, with a fantastically tense final standoff. Go read it.

us against by augustbird: This story is gutting. John and his sister live in an abusive household until they end up on the run with Sherlock. Short and tense and heartbreaking, this is one of my favorite dark fics. I definitely recommend it. Warnings for abuse, violence, and implied rape.

Oxidation by abbykate: This is a brilliant AU in which Sherlock is a painter and John is his subject, with a twist – John was killed in the war and Sherlock has decided to paint him from description alone. John is absolutely a character, however: he shows up in Sherlock’s dreams. The writing is spectacular and the story itself is incredible. Magical realism truly lives up to its name in this story in that it feels completely in-place in the story, and Victor Trevor makes an appearance as well. This story does not have a happy ending, but it’s brilliant all the same. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence, drug use, and major character death.

An Act of Charity by wordstrings: The first part of the Paradox Series, this series takes Sherlock’s description as a high-functioning sociopath and uses it to establish Sherlock as a character. It’s brilliantly crafted and written, and dark in all the best ways. There’s not much to say about this masterpiece of a series other than that it is absolutely and unequivocally a must-read.

Smile Like a Paper Cut by J_Baillier: This is a very dark AU in which Sherlock is a serial killer. I have to include this because it’s so brilliantly done, but this is definitely a don’t-like-don’t-read fic. It really is well-crafted and horrifying in the best way. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence.

Sink Like a Stone by pennydreadful: This story is both lovely and heart-wrenching. After the events of the pool, John and Sherlock retreat to 221B. At risk of spoiling plot points I won’t say more; however, it is short and angsty and terribly well-crafted. Definitely give it a read. Warnings for major character death.

Ease Your Way into Occupied Spaces by joolabee: This is a brilliant story of infidelity after John gets married. So, so gorgeously done, and so terribly realistic as well. It’s from Sherlock’s point of view, and his sometimes-dubious morality pervades the story – no one is innocent. You can’t help but feel for both Sherlock and John, even so. It’s so well done, one of the best infidelity stories I’ve ever read.

Terms of Service by kres: This is definitely on the darker end of the spectrum, so be wary (author does a good job of outlining possible triggers, though). Sherlock comes back after the Fall and John wants to hurt him, so Sherlock lets him. Very heavy on consensual violence – generally consent is not a problem, but the sane and safe are definitely lacking. It’s dark and complicated and shows two broken people try to work through more than most will ever deal with, and they both mess up at times. A well-written and compelling fic. Warnings for graphic depictions of violence and dubious consent.

for all that bitter delights will sour by darcylindbergh: This is a terribly angsty story, gorgeously told. Following a dangerous case, John takes Sherlock to bed only tell him that he’s not gay the next morning, and the pattern continues. Both John and Sherlock are so human in this story, and it hurts to read at times. It’s masterfully done. Warnings for an unhealthy/abusive relationship.

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer: The person who messaged me also asked about thriller fics, and this is one of my favorites. An AU where John and Sherlock meet on a case in Afghanistan, it’s a story of war and intrigue and love at first sight. It’s a classic for good reason, and definitely a thriller. Warnings for violence and minor character death.


The Skull Has Spoken

I may be biased, but I advise we listen. (I truly love Billy. He’s my favorite.)

So… This is our mission, should we choose to accept it. This Wednesday, March 1st… constant vigilance it seems.

1) Let the discussions/planning/sharing commence.

2) Any volunteers for someone who can head the “find the next vid/meme/blog/site etc.” endeavor for the next mission? With my work schedule, I don’t think I can do it sufficiently between now and March 2nd. We need to review suggestions in a serious organized way, and then ultimately choose something to hand to the skull. 

Also, not sure if we should use the same icon as before (many are still using it actually; might be easiest because of that?), or if we need to come up with something else.

I’m @CharCubed on Twitter (obviously). You honestly have a much better chance of getting ahold of me there if you need me quickly for any reason. Shoot me a tweet or message on there. My DMs are open. :)

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overly insistent remarks, in translation

mrs. hudson: “i’m not your housekeeper” (i’m your housekeeper)

“i occupy a minor position in the government” (i am the british government)

“i’m a high-functioning sociopath” (i’m really not a sociopath)

“i’m not gay” (hmmMMMMMmmm INTERESTING)

I’d have thought I’d be nervous, up on the roof with Sherlock in the middle of the night. It’s different somehow, when we’re together. Doesn’t feel scary. We climbed out on the roof of 221 Baker Street with a rug to lie on and a bottle of wine, and Sherlock’s hand is in mine, and I’m not afraid he’ll fly away from me. We’re flat on our backs, looking up at the clear, glittering, purple sky and the wine is nearly gone. The city is almost quiet, in the way that cities are almost quiet sometimes, and it’s close enough to peace. We’re wise enough now to take our moments of idyll where we find them.

Sherlock presses my hand and half turns his head to speak into my ear, puffing warm wine breath on my cheek and down my neck, “Tell me which constellations you know.”

“Constellations?” I turn as well, kiss the tip of his nose.

Sherlock’s face crinkles with pleasure, “Yes, you’re my expert, John. Tell me which ones you know.”

“I er,” I look up at the sky, then back at him and giggle, “I don’t know any constellations.”

Sherlock nudges me with his elbow, “Make it up, then, John. I’m giving you the opportunity to be romantic. I thought you enjoyed that.”

I laugh, “All right then. Hmmm.” I squint up at the sky, looking for shapes. “Okay,” I say after a moment of gazing, “There’s the Hound.”

Sherlock giggles, “The Hound, John? Does it have glowing red eyes?”

“Shut up, Sherlock. Don’t giggle at my romance. Here, look.” I point, “See the floppy ears? There and there. And there’s the wagging tail, just there.”

Sherlock follows my pointing finger and smiles a wine-muzzy smile, “Ah yes,” he murmurs. “I see it now. Beautiful.”

I grin and kiss his cheek, “Yeah?”

“Mmm, I knew you’d show me something worth seeing, John. You always do. My conductor of starlight. Yes,” Sherlock squeezes my hand again, “Yes, it’s quite beautiful.”


THE EAST WIND: Trailer #2 (season 3 AU)

The 2nd trailer to ‘The East Wind’ verse in which Sherlock and John are on the run, tracking down Moriarty’s Web.

Trailer #1 here

ps: The east wind is coming. It’s coming to get us. (or: many happy returns, fandom!)