Dinosaur Jr performing “Goin Down” on Jools Holland. Both of these tracks are so brilliant


Each man gets the chance to be his own kind of hero.  Your time will come, and when it does - watch out.  Chances are, it’ll be the last thing you ever expected.

[Image description (lovingly snurched from the Quixotic Autistic): A ten-picture graph, showing five women on top and five women on bottom. The five women on top are, from left to right, Snooki from Jersey Shore, Bella Swan, Kim Kardashian, Kat Von D, and Lady Gaga. They are captioned “Pop Culture”. The woman on the bottom row are, from left to right, Aeryn Sun from Farscape, Zoë Alleyne Washburne from Firefly, Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5, Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and Samantha Carter from Stargate. They are labelled “Geek Culture”. At the bottom is a caption reading “Female Role Models: Fuck Barbie. I’m Buying My Daughter a Ray-Gun”]

PILOT: Moya and I have found an exceedingly strange image.

AERYN: Put it on the clamshell.

PILOT: As you wish.

AERYN: You’re right, Pilot. That is strange.

JOOL: What does that even mean?

ZHAAN: I believe the image is trying to argue that women who show more of their skin are somehow not as worthy or intelligent as the women wearing more clothing.

CHIANA: What a sack of dren. Zhaan, you walk around naked all the time and you’re the smartest female I know.

ZHAAN: Thank you, Chiana.

CHIANA: And Jool’s Miss Smartypants but she keeps her loomas hanging out–

JOOL: Hey!

CHIANA: It’s not a bad thing. That image is making you think it is because it’s a bunch of tralk-shaming dren.

PILOT: Moya agrees.

AERYN: Where did you find this image?

PILOT: It appears to have been broadcast from Earth.

JOOL: Humans…

SIKOZU: Weak species.


Voyage to Jool.  An eerie miniature solar system greets the crew as they continue to investigate the mysterious signals of the Munolith.

First order of business is to rendezvous with the fuel cache, to top up the tanks onboard Discovery.  The NEP tug has enough ∆V to depart on a low-energy trajectory for Kerbin.  Meanwhile, the crew begins preparations for a tour of Jool’s moons.