pxelbeast  asked:

Hiya! I was hoping you could tell me some of your fave furniture/decor creators. I'm in need of some quirky cc. Thanks so much, I am OBSESSED with your blog!

hmm i really get stuff from all over but yeah i have a few favourites!!

1. @budgie2budgie

2. @lina-cherie

3. @jools-simming

4. @rumoruka-raizon

the best:  ✨ @deetron-sims  ✨


My name is John Crichton. I’m lost…

An astronaut shot through a wormhole in some distant part of the universe trying to stay alive

aboard this ship, this living ship of escaped prisoners, my friends

If you can hear me… Beware. 

If I make it back, will they follow?

If I open the door… Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared, helpless 

for the nightmares I have seen.

Or should I stay?

Protect my home; not show them 

you exist…

But then you’ll never know

the wonders I have seen…