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Hi jools! This question isn't related directly to studying but I would really appreciate it if you would help me, I start sixth form in September and as well as being stressed about picking the right A Levels I'm wondering what to wear! Do you wear the same few outfits on rotation every week or s different outfit everyday? Any tips would be highly appreciated X

Hi, in the first few weeks I made an effort to have proper ‘outfits’ and tried not to wear the same thing multiple days running, but after a while I (and everyone else) sort of just got into the habit of wearing what’s comfortable (but still within the smart dress code). Therefore, I really wouldn’t stress about it too much - not right now at least! Wait until after exams and then go on a shopping spree with your friends/parents to get some nice outfits that you will feel confident in. It’s nice to have an outfit which you are comfortable in, you think you look great in, and feel confident in for the first day, but really after that it’s not a huge deal. Good luck with exams (and shopping!) :)



“One American’s descent into Australia’s S&M scene”
Warren Ellis (x)


Each man gets the chance to be his own kind of hero.  Your time will come, and when it does - watch out.  Chances are, it’ll be the last thing you ever expected.


My name is John Crichton. I’m lost…

An astronaut shot through a wormhole in some distant part of the universe trying to stay alive

aboard this ship, this living ship of escaped prisoners, my friends

If you can hear me… Beware. 

If I make it back, will they follow?

If I open the door… Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared, helpless 

for the nightmares I have seen.

Or should I stay?

Protect my home; not show them 

you exist…

But then you’ll never know

the wonders I have seen…