1. Escape. Into nature 

2. Poetry can teach you how to live 

3. Mid-days are for naps & tea 

4. You’re never too young (or old!) 

5. Life is more important than a schedule 

6. Don’t take yourself so seriously

7. Step out of your comfort zone now and then 

8. You’ll probably more regret not acting on something that acting on it 

9. Everyone has something to teach you; listen 

10. Language is really so important 

11. People are truly beautiful 

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A GUIDE TO CULTURAL APPROPRIATION–a conversation we desperately need in the fashion industry (and beyond!)–now on #JooJooAzad! (Just tap that link in my profile!). While you read that (and leave your thoughts!) I’ll be working on my video response to the question I received from my Islam Q&A–“How do Muslims justify female genital mutilation?” (Hint: we don’t!) Check back Monday for the full response video! 😉👐 (at Chicago, Illinois)

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  Socially-Responsible Gift Guide! Items from this list can do everything from helping to plant a tree and building urban gardens to helping women in developing countries!  Check out the list on my blog!