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Good girl, bad girl or both of them depending on the moods?

I found this really hard to do because it’s quite vague and I really FUCKING HATE dislike vagueness. So I sprinkled a little bit of deduction and mixed it with a dash of perception, a droplet of astrology and a huge scoop of imagination and poured it all into the depths of my cauldron and brewed this:

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Monsta X Reaction to seeing their s/o in their shirt

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sweetdreamscenarios said: Hi there^^Can I request a Monsta x reaction to their s/o wearing their shirt? (Btw your last reaction, the one with the scary movie, was so cute^^) Anyways, thank you in advance and have a great day :)

You were at Y/B/N apartment waiting for him to get home from rehearsal. You were trying to make some pasta for the two of you to have for dinner when you spilled the sauce on your shirt. You scowled and went to Y/B/N room and put your shirt in his dirty pile. You looked through his shirts until you found the comfiest t-shirt he owned and put it on. You were drowning in it and loved that.

You were finishing up preparing dinner when Y/B/N walked in.

“Hey, love.” He greeted.

You turned around and he noticed you were in his shirt…


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He would love the sight of you in his shirt, but would 10/10 never admit as he would become too flustered.


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He would be super smug and say things like “You look better in my clothes than I do.”


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He would be super giggly about it, he thought you looked adorable in his shirt.


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He wouldn’t really comment on it, but he definitely loved seeing you in his shirt.


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“What are you doing in my shirt?” Y: “I spilled sauce…” “Oh. Well it looks great.”


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He would be so soft about it, he loved it and would coo in his aegyo voice about.


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He would grin and complement you and let you know his clothes were your clothes.

Thank you for requesting!

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i’m so soft rn omg.. I’m just imagining sleeping naked with jooheon & just being all cuddled up. You feel safe & it’s just warm & feels like it’s where you’re meant to be. ahhh I can’t stop being soft & thinking about it

His chin rested lightly on the top of your head, your naked body curled against his wide, smooth chest. His skin was hot against yours, warming your bones and protecting your exposed frame from the chill of the early morning air. He smelled like home; fabric softener and manly shower gel and something a little sweet. Like honey.

Your head lay on the bicep of his outstretched arm, and you held his hand between your own. You studied every little detail of it, like it was a lost treasure or newly discovered fortune. He had the smoothest nails, you thought, long and surprisingly delicate. But that shouldn’t really have shocked you; there was a lot about Jooheon that was surprisingly delicate.

You shifted gently against the cozy linen of his bedsheets, a little contended sigh escaping your lips. He nuzzled your hair, like he was responding to your soft mew, and pressed his lips against your skull. You heard him breathe you in, felt his hot exhale against your scalp. His arm snaked around your waist and pulled you tighter into him. Every part of his body was tight against your own - there wasn’t a part of him you couldn’t feel against your back - and it intoxicated you with sensation and feeling. You had never been so comfortable and reassured, so much so that you couldn’t sleep. You’d lain here in the dim light of the bedroom for what must have been hours now, too enraptured by his presence to fall into unconsciousness. That, surely, was how you knew you were in love… when you refused to fall asleep because reality was better than anything you could ever dream.

‘What’s that one, then?’ he whispers against your hair as you gently trace a line of his palm with your index finger.

‘Heart line.’ you almost whisper in reply.

‘And what does my heart line tell you?’

You bring his hand to your lips, brushing little kisses against his fingers as you say: ‘That your passions and desires are what drive you.’

You felt him smile softly against your scalp, felt the way he gripped your waist tighter. You resisted the urge to push yourself harder against his crotch. ‘Well, that’s certainly accurate.’ he says, as his fingers close over yours tenderly, protectively.

He holds you like this for a few more blissful moments, before he breathes: 'Go to sleep, sweetness.’ as you finally close your eyes. 'I’ve got you.’



(VLOG) Little Brother’s in Town

[8:39 A.M] weak rays of sunshine pierce through your curtains, illuminating what it can yet still no match for the frosty aura that has held your room captive. just the smallest brush against free air has you shivering, yet that problem seems to have long been fixed. from within your blanket fort comes your and jooheon’s bright, chorused laughter as you two share earphones, humming along to the tunes until the sound of snow falling outside doesn’t seem so clear anymore.

Jooheon au part 2

Part 1 is here.

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  • but unfortunately, one day some fans saw you two in this very small coffee but in  the photos you can’t see nothing because you two are very careful with skinship outside the dorms/ your apartment.
  • this ended with you being almost spanked by 10 ’fans’ and you were taken to the hospital but nothing very serious.
  • but jooheon was devastated. So devastated that we couldn’t look at you.
  • he disappeared for two weeks and you were really sad. How could he leave you in that moment? You tried to call/ text him many times but no answer.
  • he thought it was his fault. He was in pain and everyone could see that clearly.
  • hyung, just go and see her ” chankyun sayed softly for his friend. “ make it official and we can protect her with a security.”
  • that day jooheon showed up in your door with roses, chocolates, all the Harry potter movies and burgers.
  • do you think you can disappear and then suddenly show up like boom your my boyfriend again?"  you were almost screaming.
  • ” please y/n let me in! Please! I can explain, I was scary for you! Jesus the fans they … it’s my fault don’t you see? I can’t see you in pain but I can’t live without you anymore!“ You were shocked.
  • ” couldn’t you tell me this a week earlier? Get in"
  • you actually listened to him and tried to understand everything.
  • in the end you still a couple. Now the media know and a lot of the fans support you together. But you have a security with you anyway, so you’re not scared for those who don’t approve your relationship.
  • you and the boys get along very well, since hyungwon keeps saying how amazing he is for bringing you two together.
  • Wonho and shownu treated you as a little sister but Wonho said to you “ break jooheons heart and I break you in a million  pieces did you get it? Welcome to the family :)”
  • and you just “ haha :) fuck 0.0
  • Jooheon still the best boyfriend. So much harry potter quotes randomly.
  • -“ hey baby do you think we are Harry and Gina or Hermione and Ron?”
  • “ jooheon it’s 3am and of course we are Hermione and Ron, Jesus how can you even think about this one?”
  • “ you’re right baby that’s why I love you”.
  • and you guys almost never fight.
  • “ I think this is going to be a fight because we disagree but I just really want to have sex with you jooheon ” you said taking your shirt slowly.
  • “ you read my mind woman, we can get into this fight later, let’s go to the room” ;) ;;;;;))))))
  • Anyway, he loves you so much, literally his phone now its all about photos of you two or of you. His studio it’s with photos of you and the lyrics are about you.
  • BUT you do the same to this amazing thighs oh fuck fuck fuck.
  •   a lot of thigh riding ops
  • but yeah,
  • destiny is crazy but you love your boyfriend and he gets so excited to see your draws and your frames in the gallery. Your number one fan.
  • his mother’s loves you, she call you more than she call him, his family wants you two to get married soon and you just like HAHAHA CALM DOWN PLS
  • “ when are we doing to have kids baby?”
  • “ Jesus JOOheOn!!!!!” You start to blush. “ In five years ok? Twins! Get ready boi
  • -“ For you and with you, I am more than ready” he gives you a passionate kiss and you smile. UWUWUWUWU
  • “ I love you” You kiss him again “ wanna try make this twins but using protection ;)?”
  • “ I love you too woman, oh yeah I love you too much ” He picked you up in bridal style.
  • and that’s it.
  • Plus:
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU WILL HAVE TWINS FOR REAL?” hyungwon was shocked and shownu almost cried.
  • “ That’s crazy right? She told me this five years ago… am I married to a witch?” He smirked at you, hugging you slowly, kissing your cheek.
  • “ maybe jooheon, maybe” you said laughing but very happy for your lil babies.

I hope you guys enjoyed, request are open, help this new blog please!!!! Bye

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