joo da hae

"I'm doing this for my daughter"

I’ve only just finished episode 5 but holy cow:

  • Emotionally and financially abuses daughter’s father
  • Leaves daughter for college and doesn’t call or visit on breaks
  • Twice
  • Heads to america and doesn’t call (see above)
  • Cheats on daughter’s father
  • Doesn’t tell daughter’s father, daughter, or daughter’s aunt when she’s back from america
  • Divorces daughter’s father
  • Refuses to visit daughter in the hospital when daughter waited hours in the winter cold for her mother to come home from america
  • Generally disappeared from daughter’s life
  • All for the sake of giving her daughter a better life



Do Kyung scenes with mirrors….

Can’t help it, she look gorgeous the last gif…

Love it the way she say “evil bitch!” to Da Hae…which i rarely heard it in kdrama before.

Her high tone vs Da Hae’s low voice (when she told never call her son name) really surprise me…. :D

If Do Kyung died between epi 19-23,….i don’t wanna watch it after that…T_T…maybe 2-3 days after it ends….XD