Jonywho - My first week.

So, my first week of Jonywho started a bit like this:
I was on Tinychat after talking to a YouTuber, Naveregnide. I went to the main page but was going to click ‘x’ to leave, but I misclicked and clicked “jonywho”. Yep, my Jonywho experience was purely coincedentally, but obivously meant to be. So, when I came on I just sat and listened for about.. 5 minutes, then I cammed up. I got like, 20 PMs but I didn’t even notice them.
Christopher (thakthat1234) was on cam too and said “Fezsare (pronounced; fez-er-rye) smile for me”, I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me but I smiled anyway (x Hah. That was my first Jonywho smile :3
So.. I was talking to a few people, but I really can’t remember, and I stayed up till like, 4am talking to all these new people. So yeah, that was my first day.
In within a week I had added a few people on Skype and people knew me as Fez. I remember coming on and always seeing Candy and having the focus on her. But yeah, I think it was a few weeks in Kenny, someone else and myself went on RuneScape for like.. 3 minutes :3

But yeah, not very exciting, but I did see Jaypea dance on my 2nd day :3