Curator’s Monday 138

Michael Cina (USA)

Michael Cina’s background is rooted in minimal and graphic communication and visual narratives. He explores many different ideas in his practice, thus the form and medium is varied. His interest is in traditional art and building upon those foundations in new ways.

“What Cina offers here is insight into his process, instinct and ultimately, value. Cina re-visits “sketches” he originally created in response to an emotion, a sound or feeling that occurred in a particular moment. Evaluating each one, he lets instinct guide if there is room for embellishment or room to evolve. There is no road map in mind for each artwork, they are only reactionary to what feels and looks right at that time, including restraint. Satisfied that the piece has accomplished it’s full aesthetic potential, he offers them up here with a price, for you to judge or validate.” says the Curator Tricia Khutoretsky. Our sincere gratitude to jonyorkblog for this Curator’s Monday.

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