Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever tumblr awards! Having hit one of my big follower goals a while ago, I wanted to do something fun for all of you lovely human beings… and this is it! 


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Finishes on October 11th! Winners will be announced soon after, and ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN (dont think that there is a specific type of blog I am looking for, all of you can enter! any fandom, any non-fandom, go for it!) 

  • Best URL
  • Best domain
  • Best theme
  • Best sidebar 
  • Best posts
  • Best icon
  • Best creations
  • Best Game of Thrones / ASOIAF
  • Best multifandom
  • Best aesthetic
  • Best non-fandom
  • Nicest blogger
  • Favourite overall
  • There will be 3 winners for each category (winner & runners up) 
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  • Help with signal boosts/polls/everything basically
  • Eternal glory and cookies
Game of Thrones Horoscope

Aquarius: Margaery Tyrell. Compassionate, empathetic, and warm. You’re charitable and clever, often able to achieve your goals by unconventional means.

Pisces: Sansa Stark. Dreamer, charming and easygoing by nature. You’re also impressionable and gullible at times, and may need to work hard at developing a more practical outlook.

Aries: Arya Stark. Driven, headstrong, and extremely independent. You look out for yourself and your interests, and you go after your goals with relentless determination.

Taurus: Brienne of Tarth. Extremely stubborn and loyal to those you feel bound to protect and honor. You’re task-oriented and don’t find it useful to complain.

Gemini: Oberyn Martell. Passionate, and may often have ulterior motives for your actions. The Gemini has an often dual nature — just as Oberyn is both a master fighter and (sorry) lover.

Cancer: Jon Snow. Sensitive, moody, and brooding. You have an intense relationship to family — it may not be uncomplicated, but your love for them is unwavering.

Leo: Jaime Lannister. Confident (sometimes to the point of arrogance) and charismatic, and it’s important to you that your skills be recognized. Can be stubborn and bossy.

Virgo: Samwell Tarly. Gentle, shy, and nervous in disposition. You’re a perfectionist and an intellectual, and become anxious when things are out of order.

Libra: Daenerys Targaryen. You may be soft-spoken, inclined to serve as peacemaker or diplomat between more severe parties, but you also possess a quiet determination and strength. May be naive at times.

Scorpio: Littlefinger. Cunning, calculated, and mysterious — often hard to read and understand by others. You’re extremely intelligent and more than a little complex.

Sagittarius: Tyrion Lannister. Thick-skinned and largely good-natured, fun-loving and honest. You may be judgmental and tactless at times.

Capricorn: Cersei Lannister. cunning, ambitious, and authority-loving, with a tendency toward dictatorial and workaholic behavior.