It’s a done deal. Rode on my knees several times. Standing is close, I just know it. Timing the waves well. Stoked. Day two of surfing Long Beach and I am already jonseing to come back, seeing my future & thinking about where I can travel to surf more. I had a feeling. Duge, thank you so much for being the person to share surfing with me! “YES u CAN!” 😊 🌸🌸🌸 This weekend has been a life changer. #nevertoolate #healing #retreat #tofino #yoga #relicsurfshop #surfing #pacificocean #surf #gratitude #miksang #longboard #nofilterneeded @chrisdugganyoga @relicsurfshop (at Long Beach)

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I was tagged by: whats-a-hetalia 

name: Elias

nickname: Eli, Benvolio, daddy long legs, danny zuko

sign: solar aquarius, lunar scorpio

gender: Technically i’d consider myself bigender but treat me as a male for all intents and purposes

height: 5′6″ or 5′7″ idk im the family runt

sexual orientation: Bisexual

favorite color: probably reds and blues

average hours of sleep: 7-8 

lucky number: 4

last thing I googled: “whats that face band thing thats supposed to make u never have double chins”

# of blankets I sleep with: 1

favorite fictional character: either of the jonses i cannot CHOOSE

fave celebrity: matthew grey gubler tbh

fave books: im not even gonna try to answer this

fave bands: i dont really have any i just listen to a few songs from each artist i never really like a lot of songs by one band

dream trip: i wouldnt even know WHERE TO START

dream job: i’d like to be an interpreter or teach english as a 2nd language

what am i wearing: shorts and a tshirt

i tag: a person i TOTALLY haven’t been wantin to talk to since foreveanothercolor-2phetalia 

Final Statement: ‘Keeping up with the Jonses’

When we are first born, we are born with a clear mind, it is society that uploads inscriptions of expectations that cloud our perspectives. These expectations is what drives our desires. We desire what we need to “keep up with the jonses” and if we fail, we are considered being socio-economically inferior. this driving force of what we desire can be productive, it moves us up the socio-econmic chain, it creates popularity. However, these desires can eventually go too far as society continuously corrupts our mind though social media and critical comments until we become trapped in this cycle of desire, wanting more and more of this endless addiction. Society creates so many ideas of perfection that we as humans desire, and change ourselves to reach the ideal perfection. we desire this world of false realities and comforting illusion, and to get there, we change everything that makes us us util we are dehumanised finally to become a mere byproduct of society.

I have used mixed media to create a 3 dimensional spinning poster conveying the development of desires and the radical consequences that can be created. I have used food as a metaphor for many of the different factors which contribute in our so called “success” to gaining a advantage of the ‘Jonses’.
I have used polymer clay to create various foods representing, the developing desires toward our diet. The spinning cylinder then moves on to reveal the effects of the damaging foods/desires.

We all desire perfection but how much perfection can we handle?


‘Keeping up with the Jonses’. 

My work is hard to capture on camera due to it’s 3 Dimensional form, however here is an attempt of capturing my final work. –close up details of the handmade food still to come!!–