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lmao I had someone tell me that the only reason Dany is burning people alive is because Cersei is stopping her from taking the throne and giving the kingdoms peace because only Dany can be a peaceful ruler.

Excuse you but i would like to present

Sansa “do we have enough food for everyone” Stark

Sansa “We need to prepare for the people who will come here for protection” Stark

Sansa “We will give our bannermen their resources if we dont use them” Stark

Sansa “Make sure our men’s armour is safe” Stark

Sansa “WE NOT I” Stark

Sansa “I don’t really care about power and i was ready af to hand it over to my little brother” Stark

Sansa “smarter than she let’s on” Stark

A new dawn begins… Jon and Sansa cooing and fawning over their newborn daughter…

Sansa: *coos* Isn’t she the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen?

Jon: Well besides her mother, yes.. *forehead kisses*

Sansa: We have to pick a name for her, a good strong name, worthy of a Stark.

Baby stretches and her itty bitty hand boops Jon’s chin

Jon and Sansa: *looking at each other* ARYA

Okay but...

When Jon told Sansa in front of everybody that the North is hers, everyone is jumping too “Well, that shut her up real quick” as if she’s greedy and wanted the North. When obviously, it shut her up because Jon just validated her, she said last episode “Would that be so terrible?” when he asked if he was to follow her advice to be smarter, you can literally see the awe and appreciation mixed in with shock in her face. She’s so used to be looked over because she’s a girl, and Westerosi society is male dominated, but here she was validated for the first time in FOREVER as being a Stark, NOT a Bolton, NOT a Lannister, NOT a pawn, but and honest to gods Stark who deserved every bit on respect the name has drawn for centuries in a line of Kings and Wardens. Jon was named King of the North, but he still recognizes that Sansa is a Stark and that her rightful place will always be Winterfell, and her power will always be the North.

TL;DR I’m not crying, YOU ARE 


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“She’s just so precious. I’m still so in awe of her."

They were stretched out across their bed, Jon tickling little Lyarra under her chin. The babe giggled up at her father, and Jon and Sansa both laughed.

"She is rather wonderful, isn’t she?” Sansa snuggled closer to her daughter, giving Lya one of her fingers to hold. “How could something so absolutely perfect come out of such a fractured world like ours?”

“Sometimes the most beautiful beginnings come from broken ends,” he said, giving Lya’s chubby cheek a kiss.

Sansa propped herself up on an elbow.

“Jon that was an uncharacteristically romantic things for you to say.”

Her husband gave a loose lock of her hair a gentle tug, smiling. “My beautiful ladies seem to bring out the best parts of me.” He curled the red strands around his finger. “You do such a good job with her, love. You were meant to be a mother.”

“And you, a father.” She leaned over, careful of the babe, to give him a gentle kiss.

Sansa smiled down at her little pup, with the downy tufts of dark hair so like Jon’s, and her chubby cheeks round and pink. Her little rosebud mouth was pursed as she gazed up at her parents like infants are wont to do, focusing and unfocusing on the world around them, delighting in a familiar face or familiar voice. Sansa kissed the dear little face and breathed in the sweet scent of her.

“Did you ever dream this would happen? That we would be here, in Winterfell, raising sons and daughters, hearing our children’s voices echoing through the halls as ours once did?”

“Aye, I dreamed of it.” Jon’s scarred hand was large against Lyarra’s rounded belly, moving gently with each breath she took. “I dreamed of it, but I didn’t dare hope. I wished to be Lord of Winterfell, once, with children of my own and a son named Robb.”

“And your lady wife?” Sansa asked, teasingly.

Jon pauses, contemplating. “I was never able to hope for Ygritte. We were so young, and I was still a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, and then she died.” His face is grim at the memory. “Besides, she was too wild, too willful. She wouldn’t have been happy being constrained in the role of a lord’s wife.”

“And am I so constrained by being your wife, husband?” she asks, lightly.

“You’re more than just a wife, Sansa. You flourish in your role, far more than I ever could in mine. I may be King, but our people know it is the Queen in the North who rules over every man in the kingdom, including me.” He smiles at her, proudly. “I never once dreamed that I would have a wife as lovely and kind and clever as you, Sansa. You’re my partner in all things.”
She leans over to kiss him again.

“You know,” she says, after a moment, “I dreamt of a son named Robb as well." She threads her fingers though his. "I dreamt of many children to raise and love, and a home of my own to run. I wanted a little girl who looked like Arya- like you. I wished to marry a prince who would love me like Aemon Targaryen the Dragonknight loved his Queen Naerys.”

She gave a small laugh, reminiscing on the dreams of that young girl who had died so long ago in King’s Landing. Could that girl be this happy, married to her brother-turned-cousin, now a bastard-turned-king?

“Once, Father promised me that I would marry someone brave, gentle, and strong, and now here you are.”

He was so much more than she deserved, more than she ever could have wished for in her foolish girl’s heart. He’s more than she could have known to wish for, stupid as she once was. 

Jon kissed the back of her hand.

“Growing up, whenever Robb and I played at swords, I would choose to be the Dragonknight.”

“And Robb would be Florian the Fool,” Sansa said, remembering. “It’s all so obvious now.”

She settles back down against the furs and blankets, and sinks into the soft pillow, sighing. Her eyes meet her husband’s from across the bed and they smile at each other- gently, comfortingly, lovingly.

Yes, she thinks. It was all so obvious now.


Request for @occupyvenus and her amazing headcanon that Jon and Sansa could have twins that look just like their mothers.I wanted to draw Jon’s hair a little bit more like Ned’s and him surrounded by blue winter roses to parallel his own birth (and a Stark woman giving birth). You can say that Jon wanted to give Sansa some flowers after she had the twins, but got caught by the beauty of his two daughters. @amaati I love you for helping me.

EDIT: Some people seem to think that I was the one with the headcannon, but it was all @occupyvenus AMAZING idea!

 The twins’ names are Cat (Catelyn)  and Lya (Lyanna) (I just gave Cat the training sword). Here is the text she sent me to give inspiration:

“First Lyanna (a tiny little bit younger, the way that is with twins) is quiet, humble, dutiful. She very alike to her father. She’s observant, bright and kind. She’s the mediator, but she learned from her mother how to use a ladies courtesy. She’s good at seeing right through people and even manipulating them, but never with bad intentions. She often saves her more hot-headed siblings when they get into trouble. 

 Cat on the other hand… is the one who gets into trouble the most. Many say she has the wolf-blood. She’s fierce, headstrong, people always say she reminds them of Arya and Lyanna (Jonnys mom). Jon likes to joke “we named them the wrong way”. But she’s also ambitious. Sansa sometimes worries, that she has to much “fire in her blood”. The older she grows the more her rivalry with her younger brother Robb, the heir, grows. It’s similar to Cersei’s situation. She feels that she’s passed over just because she’s a girl. Jon doesn’t like to treat his girls differently, so he very much brought his daughters and sons up the same way. Sansa isn’t too fond of that. She’s afraid that Jon is giving Cat false hopes, that he will come around and name her his true heir instead. 

She knows that the bubble will burst someday. I am all for fighting the patriarchy, neither Jon nor Sansa think that men are more capable of ruling, but they have like 5 sons and the northern lords wouldn’t stand for it … (yeah they have 8 children in total. 5 boys and 3 girls…it’s not like that was uncommon back in the day) Lyanna ends up married for love, a rather low nothern lord, below her station actually, but Jon and Sansa would never force their children into a love-less marriage and want her to be happy. She actually has a secret affair and gets pregnant pre-marriage (like no one would have thought SHE would be *that* daughter), her lover comes to court to plead for her hand and it’s all really dramatic and cheesy, but has an happy ending.   Cat ends up marrying the prince of dorne because both Jon and Sansa knows she would be happier in the more liberal south and … It starts as a political match but they are made for each other and everything ends up great …”

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Cersei wanted to marry a fair Targaryen prince, but ended up married to a dark-haired Baratheon King. Sansa wanted to marry a fair “Baratheon” prince, but will end up marrying a dark-haired “Targaryen” King. 

Cersei passed of her brothers children’s as the kings. Sansa will have children with a man who was passed of as her brother. 

Cersei was after Jon’s “father”, Sansa was after “Robert’s” son. 

I just want people to know that I appreciate the irony. 

Jon is always protective… Sometimes overly so

Jon: That boy there *points to a small stable boy* make sure we send him to White Harbour when he’s old enough

Sansa: What? Why-

Jon: And that one *points to a young blacksmith apprentice* put him to work on the fields

Sansa: Jon, why are you planning on sending the young boys away?

Jon: Not one will come near my daughter

Sansa: I appreciate the sentiment but-

Jon: God help them if they even look at her

Sansa: She’s a month old

Jon: *grunts incoherently*

  • You can love one Stark sister without hating or undermining the other
  • You can love and appreciate both the Stark sisters equally 
  • You can understand that just because they are fighting different battles doesn’t mean one of them (most likely Sansa) isn’t struggling as much remember suffering isn’t a competition     

you CAN’T however hate the Stark sisters because literally what the fuck is wrong with you ??? What is not to like about a smart and sarcastic survivor queen and her kickass and bold warrior princess sister ??????  

poor Sansa she has literally become the I wouldn’t care if you were an assassin I’d still love you mum

I wouldn’t care if you had become absolutely not my brother but an omniscient tree God you’re still under my watch don’t let creepyfinger anywhere near you

i wouldn’t care if you died and came back to life a little bit less human probs I’d still marry you