And of course it was meant to have a lot of visual echoes to the Littlefinger and Ned relationship of season 1, right down to the choke-hold that he’s about to do. Which is directly inspired by a similar moment in episode 3 of season 1, where Ned throws Littlefinger against the wall. Bam!

- Bryan Cogman, commentary to s07e02

Well, would you look at that. Visual echoes to the Littlefinger and Ned relationship of season 1.


Not that one LF/Ned scene in s1. The LF/Ned relationship in s1. You know, the one where Littlefinger was in love with Ned’s red-haired wife and wanted him out of the way, which would make them rivals. And right down to the choke-hold. So not just the choke-hold, then? No? There were more similarities there? Gotcha, Coggers.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you but I saw your post about Jon and Sansa in the pilot episode. And it made me think... Jon is the first 'Stark' we hear speak in that episode. The scene then goes to Sansa sewing, and she is the second Stark we hear talk (when she says "thank you" to Septa Mordane). I know it's probably nothing but I thought it was really cool that the first words we hear from the Stark family on the show come from Jon and Sansa.

Ohhh you are right!!!!!! And this is no bother :D On the contrary, thank you very much for telling me this cute detail ♡

Here is Jon saying to Bran: Go on, Father’s watching:

And here is Sansa smiling and saying to Septa Mordane Thank you:


Here is a video for everyone to see :)

  • Jon: I asked Arya where to find those lemon yogurt drinks you like so much.
  • Sansa: Dorne is all the way across the Narrow Sea.
  • Jon: I know.
  • Jon: So if I went all the way across the Narrow Sea to get something you like, that means...
  • Sansa: ...
  • Jon: ...
  • Sansa: You must really like lemon yogurt?
the song continued playing
but I forgot to listen
and I lost something important in doing so

I forgot how to hear the softness in the way you said my name
and I only saw the pain in your eyes
I didn’t realize it was a desperate form of longing

breathing feels shallow and my chest feels tight
and my throat aches from all the words I’ve never said
and my hands are bleeding because I’ve dug my nails in

because I need to stop myself from scaring you off
from saying that you are my bright spot
that this world has gifted me

darling, my heart is permanently bound to you
 because this world can take back what it grants
but what it gifts, once opened can never be returned
—  for me, that’s you by Abby S
New to Jonsa~

So, I’m kind of new to the Jonsa ship. Actually new to Game of Thrones. I gave in and watched a friend’s DVD’s and I’m hooked. Can anyone out there recommend Jonsa blogs and fics and groups? I found the tag on A03 and am amazed at all the fanfic but what are some of the best? I’ve been reading some. 


“When she was just a little girl, her father had promised her that she would marry Rhaegar.”

“She was going to be Prince Rhaegar’s wife, no matter what the woman said. Her father had promised it, and Tywin Lannister’s word was gold.”

“But I love him,” Sansa wailed, confused and frightened. What did they mean to do to her? What had they done to her father? It was not supposed to happen this way. She had to wed Joffrey, they were betrothed, he was promised to her, she had even dreamed about it. It wasn’t fair to take him away from her on account of whatever her father might have done.“

Promised prince to Sansa.

What is Ned Stark’s word worth?

."Your father proposed the match,” Lady Genna told her, “but Aerys refused to hear of it. ‘You are my most able servant, Tywin,’ the king said, 'but a man does not marry his heir to his servant’s daughter.’ Dry those tears, little one. Have you ever seen a lion weep? Your father will find another man for you, a better man than Rhaegar.”

Her aunt had lied, though, and her father had failed her, just as Jaime was failing her now. Father found no better man. Instead he gave me Robert, and Maggy’s curse bloomed like some poisonous flower. If she had only married Rhaegar as the gods intended, he would never have looked twice at the wolf girl. Rhaegar would be our king today and I would be his queen, the mother of his sons.“

Another hint that to RLJ. Sons. Rhaegar has two sons. I’m still Team Aemon for Jon’s Targ name. There has never been an Aemon without an Aegon for a brother.

"The Spider was right. Tyrion groped through the dragon-haunted darkness for his smallclothes, feeling wretched. The risk he was taking left him tight as a drumhead, and there was guilt as well. The Others can take my guilt, he thought as he slipped his tunic over his head. Why should I be guilty? My wife wants no part of me, and most especially not the part that seems to want her. Perhaps he ought to tell her about Shae. It was not as though he was the first man ever to keep a concubine. Sansa’s own oh-so-honorable father had given her a bastard brother. For all he knew, his wife might be thrilled to learn that he was fucking Shae, so long as it spared her his unwelcome touch.”

You had to make them siblings, Ned. This just reeks of Jonsa.

“He missed the girls too, even Sansa, who never called him anything but ”my half brother“ since she was old enough to understand what bastard meant. ”

Is it just me or the my there was totally unnecessary? GRRM could have said “half-brother” and it still would have worked. It’s almost like he’s saying that Jon is Sansa’s half. Which yeah, he will be.

Chapter 15 of The Copper Queen

Jonsa Old West AU

Story Summary:

Fresh from their discharge from the army, Jon Snow and his friend, Samwell Tarly, arrive in the small mining town of Copper Canyon, Arizona in hopes of building their future. Unbeknownst to Sam, Jon has picked this location for a specific personal reason. Will his choice lead them to a bright future or will their future evaporate like water in the desert?

Sansa Stark had lived in Copper Canyon for over half her life. She and her sister, Arya, are all that remain of their once large family. In the old west rumor and gossip can quickly become legend. And if you believe the legends of Copper Canyon, than you know the Starks carry a curse. A curse placed on them by a man who still styles himself as their friend and protector. Will a chance meeting with the town’s newest arrival be enough to break that curse?

Wanting a character to go down a dark path does not mean that I hate that character. Not everything is black and white, gray area is fun and having a character who began as an underdog turned savior end up going mad is fucking fun to read/watch. I want that for Daenerys character because it’s interesting, the possible signs are there, and it’s good TV. I look at a lot of what she has done as gray area and I don’t want her (or anyone else) on the iron throne, but she has layers and I love it. When I post something supporting her going mad I tag it as ‘anti’ because some people don’t like it and that’s fine, but don’t think for a second that you like that character more than I do because you want something different for them. 

P.S. Fuck off to the shit for brains who say that all Jonsa shippers hate Dany.
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The more i get into this realize just what a mammoth task writes o got have ahead of them. only scratching surface in my fic and having to write reveals confessions bring people together that haven seen each other years. honestly don know how they going do all episodes. does anyone confirmation eps are be feature length as oppose usual previous seasons>

I Am Not Lord Stark Part 21

The Army of the Undead are advancing on Winterfell! Jon and Bran are in a race against time to defeat the Night King and save all they hold dear!

Wonderful and ominous artwork by the talented @batsquatchstudios

Story under the cut

Gendry watched the two White Walkers bearing down on them. Their glowing eyes and deformed faces showed little expression but they both leaned forward clutching their ice spears in anticipation.

The hooves of the Undead’s steeds beat steady causing swirls of snow to rise from the ground but they made no other sounds. No frosty breath plumed from their nostrils in the cold air. The eerie silence of these animals was unnerving.  

“Hold on!” he shouted to Arya.

Gripping his own warm, breathing horse tightly with his legs and praying to any and all Gods that he would not fall, Gendry leaned over reaching out his hand  to the Walker galloping up on their left. His fingertips just brushed it’s arm but that was all he needed. It disintegrated on the spot in a splash of blue water. The horse’s momentum carried it on for a few more feet before it stopped and fell to it’s side like a sack of grain.

The Night King looked up as his General was destroyed, his eyes glowing with anger. He was down to one. Just one other like him. His mind worked furiously to form a plan. He recalled hearing a baby crying from the castle a night ago. He looked towards Winterfell. Yes! He must have that baby!!

Taking his distraction as an opportunity, Jon moved in but the Night King stepped aside and pivoted around and hitting Jon square in the back with the butt of his sword handle, knocking him to the ground. To him it was like swatting away an annoying insect. He turned and called to his remaining comrade, his screech roaring across the field.

Arya cried out and covered her ears. Gendry looked back as the White Walker pulled up short to listen to orders and then left at a face pace again towards the Wight army.

“Hya!” Gendry yelled spurring his horse on up the hill to the tree. Arya slid off it’s back even before they stopped and ran towards Bran putting her arms under him and lifting his limp body.

“Bran!” she cried

His eyes were rolled back and he gave no response

“What’s wrong with him?” Gendry asked

Arya shook her head looking back at him “I don’t know”

They both turned to the sound across the field as a thousand Wights began to march forward.

Jon rolled over onto his back gaping like a fish as he struggled to catch the wind the Night King had knocked out of him. In the stillness he heard them.

Oh Gods Bran! He cried out in his mind Winterfell!

A baby? Bran said not understanding at first, He wants the baby.

Jon was flooded with panic, Sansa!

Stay with me Jon, if he falls they all fall. It’s our only chance! I think I have found a way ,Bran told him.

A white hot rage filled Jon causing spots to bloom before his eyes. Never, he will never have my son! he vowed as he vaulted up off the ground..

As soon as the horns sounded, Davos pulled everyone back inside the gates of the castle and closed it. He didn’t want to think that the sudden arrival of the Wight army meant Jon had been defeated. The perimeter fire still burned but that would only buy them time. He and Tormand stood atop the turrets with every available man who could throw a spear or shoot an arrow. All weapons had been tipped in pitch and braziers burned to light them when the time came.

The first line of wights did not stop at the perimeter fire. They walked straight through and continued to the castle even as their clothes burned, They fell in heaps long before they reached the outer wall. Through the shimmering smoke, Davos saw the White Walker on his undead horse pacing back and forth. He raised a fist and the progression stopped. Looking over the perimeter, he seemed to come to a decision. With another signal several wights walked forward and lay down on the ring of fire. At least five bodies long. As they lay there blazing another five stepped forward to lay on top of them. The new bodies effectively smothered the flames of the others and made an opening. All along the perimeter, wights sacrificed themselves to create more and more openings.

“Get ready boys!” he shouted down the line “Here they come!” He had been in many battles and was more familiar with the shouts and screams of an advancing Army than he wished but the silent way this one moved forward shook him to the core.

“Knock” he called down the line

“Light!” the men dipped their weapons into the fires beside themselves


Arrows and spears flew through the air landing on the advancing wights with heavy thunks. Some fell due to the force of the hits but most continued to advance until the fire consumed them. On and on they came and on and on the men sent arrows flying.

“Sir!” one man called to him “The fire, it’s having less and less effect. Look!’ he pointed to the throng below them.

It was true. As the ranks of wights came through their state of decay advanced. The new lines had less clothing and less flesh to burn. Was this by design? He wondered shaking his head in amazement and terror at the intelligence of the creatures controlling them!

“HOLD!” he called. His order repeated down the line as the men stepped back.

He scowled as he thought of the next move. It was no different than any other army attack he decided. The fire thinned the ranks but never did much to stop the advancement next step was to keep them off the walls.

“Move the rocks in!” he called. Wheelbarrows of heavy rocks were pushed forward to the ramparts.

The dead reached the wall and behind them rode their General. He looked up right at Davos and cocked his head to the side seeming to study him. He had been given important orders but first he must get inside. With a crackling screech from him the Undead began to climb.

“NOW!” Davos yelled. Men began hoisting rocks over the side knocking the Wights off. They fell and smashed to the ground or into the others climbing behind them. One bodyless arm made it almost to the top. The man next to him cried and fell backwards in revulsion just as it was smashed to pieces by the slash of an axe. Tormund stood there looking at his work with a grim face for a moment before clapping Davos the back and continuing on down the line.

Jon launched himself at the Night King catching him off guard and tackling him to the ground. They slid through the snow coming to stop with Jon on top wrapping his hands around the White Walker’s throat. Ignoring the burning cold that stung his fingers and turned his hands numb he throttled the creature with the strength of pure rage.

“You will NOT take my son” he snarled “You are why they murdered me!! You are why my brother was pushed out a window!! YOU!!!!”

Brandon reached into Jon’s mind harnessing that rage, gathering up the fire inside him. He had to wait until just the right moment and hope that Jon could hold on long enough. He began to shake and tremble in Arya’s arms, his body twisting and twitching

“Bran!” she cried out in dismay.

Jon was shivering now, his lips were turning blue. He was weakening as the cold seeped into his body. His mind felt fuzzy and disconnected.

The Night King laughed out loud. It was a very human sound. He had won. This weak little man was no match for him at all. By now his Army would have breached the castle. His General  would capture the baby and they could begin to build anew continuing his advance south and beyond until the world was his!

THERE!!!! Brandon saw his opportunity. It was the that laugh that opened the door. Gathering all his mental strength and energy he shoved the ball of fire in Jon’s mind through that door and held it there.

The Night King gasped his head going back and his body contorting. He seemed to vibrate, his eyes now glowed yellow, then orange, then red. A thick strangled gurgling sound came from his throat.

The cold drained away from Jon’s body and for a moment, just a fleeting moment, he was staring into the grey eyes of a man. He let go of him and sat up in shock. The body below him shimmered and blurred. The tortured expression turned suddenly soft and he smiled as if in relief and gratitude before dissolving into the wet snow.

The walls of Winterfell were crawling with Wights! Davos raised his sword to smash the one about to breach right in front of him in the face. The lone White Walker paced back and forth on his horse as he directed a group of Wights ramming the outer gate doors with a battering ram made out of thick unbreakable ice.  

Davos was just about to call a retreat when a strong wind blew across the field pushing a cloud of snow with it. He turned his head, shielding his face from the sting of the ice crystals with his arm as the cloud blew over the castle. Once it was gone he looked out over the field blinking in amazement. Not one Wight was standing. The ones that had been climbing the walls now lay in a heap at the foot of it.

Tormund whooped out loud “He did it! Jon did it!” he cried embracing Davos lifting him right up off the ground! The rest of the men around them began to cheer as well! Davos was laughing in relief as Tormund set him back down. He surveyed the field littered with bodies until he saw the White Walker. It was laying with its lower body trapped under it’s horse not moving.

Davos looked at Tormund “We have to be sure”

A moment later the two men exited the outer gate. They cautiously approached the creature but it did appear to be dead. 

“Let’s go find Jon” Tormund said

Jon blinked a few times and stared at the spot where the Night King had been. A dark object lay in the snow, the emerging sun glinted off of it’s shiny, wet surface. Reaching down with his numb, blackened fingertips he picked it up and examined it. He had never seen anything like it before. It looked like a dagger made of stone, it’s dimpled surface revealing the work that had gone into making it but it had no handle. It was completely black except where the edges thinned out into a dark green.

He held it up to the light and was suddenly bathed in a blackish green glow that covered him completely. He wanted to shield his eyes but his body was frozen in place. He felt warm all over. The kind of warmth you get from soft furs, blazing fires and good wine. The warmth he felt when he was with Sansa. Then as quickly as it had begun it was over. He fell to his knees with a grunt. Looking at the object in his hand he noticed that his frostbitten fingers were once again pink and pliable and the burn scars he had received fighting the wight in Lord Mormont’s chambers had faded as well. Sitting up he quickly pulled open his vest and shirt. The hole he had carried in the middle of his chest since his last encounter with the Night King was gone! The scars from his stab wounds were barely visible and fading even as he looked at them!

What magic is this? He wondered.

He looked up when he heard a sob from the hill to see Arya cradling Bran in her arms. He ran to them and knelt down. His brother looked completely lifeless, his head lolling back as Arya shook him and called his name. Jon took the black object and pressed into Bran’s hand folding his fingers around it. Arya let go in shock and scrambled back as the green glow enveloped him. After a moment the light subsided and they heard Bran moan. He turned over on his side and PULLED HIS LEGS UP UNDER HIM curling into a fetal position. He was still unconscious but he was alive.

“What is that thing?” Arya exclaimed!

“I don’t know” Jon answered “It was left behind when the Night King disappeared. But it healed me and it looks like it has healed Bran”

They both looked up at Gendry

“What?” he asked taking a small step back

Jon held the stone blade out to him “Your burn”

Gendry looked at Arya and she nodded. With trepidation he reached out and took the object from Jon. At first he felt nothing then a feeling like slipping into cool water came over him. He closed his eyes but could still see the green behind his eyelids.

Suddenly Arya jumped up and grabbed his hand that held the object. Maybe it could heal more than just physical scars! Maybe it could take away the blackness inside her!

When the light abated Gendry opened his eyes and looked down at his arm. The purple had faded to pink and then to yellow as it disappeared. He looked at Arya in awe.

She smiled at him but it did not reach her eyes. She didn’t feel any different.

Jon carried Bran to his horse and Gendry helped them both mount. Jon held onto his limp body as he wheeled the animal around towards Winterfell.

Arya rode behind Gendry, her arms wrapped around him, head resting against his back. She felt very tired and cold and he was warm. Not as warm as before but warm just the same. 

Maybe it was harder to tell the healing of scars on the inside, she thought. She would have to wait and see if she had changed at all.