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D&D: So Gendry’s meeting Jon… do they have any important relationships in common that Gendry could mention?? …..

D&D: Nope don’t think so nothing comes to mind let’s have them bond over their fathers instead

When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything and then there are no more answers only better and better lies

Jon Snow son of Eddard Stark

(According Variety, this speech was filmed on the day Donald Trump got elected)

  • Bran: you were wearing a very nice dress the night Ramsey raped you
  • Sansa: ...
  • Arya: you were wearing a very nice dress the day you watched father get beheaded
  • Sansa: ... why was Jon my least favourite sibling when we were kids, I miss him
My Fave Game of Thrones moments (updated)...

Seasons 1 - 7:

1. Sansa & Jon reunion

2. “Fuck the King”

3. Daenerys fucks up the Masters of Astapor

4. Jaime’s speech in the bath, a.k.a. I thought I just heard a pin drop

5. Jon’s utter hopelessness as he leaves Hardhome and realises everyone’s pretty much fucked

6. “I will be your champion”

7. “Fuck off!”

8. Single Take Tracking shot

9. Jon bonds with Dragon

10. Joffrey dies, providing some brief joy

Sansa and Dany  meet in Jon’s presence

missandei : Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen,…………….. Mother of Dragons.“

brienne : Sans…

jon : *pushes brienne*

brienne : *sigh*…here we go again!

tyrion :….



southerners :…..* loking at jon then sansa*

southerners : is she…..!?

jon : Sansa flawless stark , the protector of my heart, the  living goddess that graces my life with her presence, the rehead that was promised, the reason l wake up every morning, the owner of my heart, the excellent mother of excellent children we haven’t got yet, the queen in the north and queen of my heart.

dany : ….

missandei: ….

tyrion : ………

brienne: ….l told you!

southerners: yep that’s her!


“War is terrible. Anyone who tells you different is a liar, and anyone who has not been scared during a war is doolally-taps.” — Jon Pertwee


Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had… yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.

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