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Yami reacts to YuGiOh ships!

So here, let’s pretend Yami was on the internet (after hours of Yugi explaining it to him) and was playing a game (or something) and stumbled upon Yugioh Ships from the most bizarre to the obvious (in Yami’s opinion). How would he react? Please ignore Yami’s grammar. This information might be a little off too. Oh well.

PS: this contains yaoi ships but not yuri

1. Revolutionshipping (Yami x Anzu)

Yami: So there is a ship with me and Anzu?

Yami: But the fans do realize I left for the afterlife, right?

Yugioh Lists: Yes, yes they do

Yami: And how does this work again?

Yugioh Lists: I don’t even know, but there’s fanfiction of the Gods giving you our own body and then falling in love with Anzu!

Yami: Not helping

Yami: No but seriously, how does this work?

2. Vanishshipping (Atemu x Teana)

Yami: First, they think that the Gods can grace me with my own body

Yami: Then they think that they could create a past life for Anzu?

Yami: How far will you go for me and Anzu to be together?

Yami: And Teana? Really? I’m disappointed in all of you

3. Vaseshipping (Atemu x Mana)

Yami: M-me and Mana too?!?!

Yami: But we’re friends!

Yami: Nothing more, nothing less

Mana: You insult me Princ- I mean Pharaoh!

Yami: Not you too!

4. Aprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana)

Yami: I do not know why

Yami: But now three realizations hit me

Yami: First, I’ll be a third wheel

Yami: Second, whenever I see them, they’ll probably be making out

Yami: Third, I think I really need–

Mana: A chill pill because you’re jealous?

Mana: Another friend so you aren’t lonely

Mana: <<squeals>>

Mana: Or a girlfriend!?

Yami: I was going to say a nap but okay

5. Azureshipping (Kaiba x Anzu)

Yami: What!?

Yami: Our poor Anzu with Kaiba!?

Yami: Please tell me this is a joke

Yugioh Lists: Ah poor Yami, it is not

Yugioh Lists: Actually, there’s fanfiction in which Anzu goes out with Kaiba to make you jealous

6. Blueshipping (Seto x Kisara)

Yami: Oh hell yes

Yami: They’re perfect

7. Peachshipping (Yugi x Anzu)

Yami: I very much believe this should be canon

Yami: Because if it isn’t

Yami: Well let’s say,

Yami: I’ve lost all faith for humanity

Yami: Yugi and Anzu are perfect

8. Puppyshipping (Jono x Kaiba)

Yami: I knew this was coming up

Yami: I even prepared myself for it

Yami: Mentally of course

Yami: But now that it’s in front of me

Yami: Holy shit I need to do something about this

9. Polarshipping (Jono x Mai)

Yami: Mrs. I-was-evil-sorta-but-then-turned-good-and-then-back-to-evil-and-then-good-again with Joey?

Yami: Another ship that had to be canon

Yami: Because seriously, did you not watch episode 173

Yami: That episode was made for Polarshipping

10. Darkshipping (Yami x Bakura)

Yami: Why am I not surprised

Yami: What scares me is that Bakura ships this

11. Prideshipping (Yami x Kaiba)

Yami: What

Yami: The

Yami: Actual

Yami: Fuck

Yami: Is

Yami: This

Yami’s OTP:

Yami: What’s an OTP?