I don’t typically photograph weddings, but when it involves a super cool, super fun, super nice, super awesome couple…  I just have to say yes… So thank you Nicola & Owen for allowing me to be a part of your big day!

It’s been a few years since I’ve even thought of photographing a wedding let alone actually photographing one. I can’t even remember when the last wedding I photographed. However, I most certainly know it was with my great friend/photographer in North Carolina, Terri Clark. I’m glad I assisted/2nd photographer for her many of times, she taught me so much about the art and importance of photographing these life celebrations. 

Photographing weddings are pretty stressful - too many moments you feel are slipping by even though you are covering everything you possibly can… which makes it exciting in it’s own peculiar way… There are a lot of fun parts too. i.e. Reception - people drink - people do odd things - you laugh…

If you’ve got any questions… just hop down on one knee and ask me like a real gentlemen.

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Well well well…. look what came about in my most recent travels.

Hopped in a van with my amigos and drove to New York. Always love a good road trip… interesting conversations… beef jerky… nuts…. cool little towns and the occasional bowel adjustment to impress your friends… VT to NY is just under 6hrs, lucky me, it involves a sweet 1hr ferry ride…If you can… I highly suggest it.

Where exactly you ask???? Syracuse, New York is the home of the 174th ATKW Air National Guard base. They fly such a sophisticated aircraft called MQ-9, and I got to photograph it over the course of 3 jammed packed video/photo shoots. I was able to get an inside look at their mission and meet the people who make it happen. The ISR mission (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnoissance) They are highly skilled individuals who take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do. Super accommodating to say the least! I hope they invite me back sooner than later!!!

Super crew and a super cast!!!! I had a bundle of fun. And yes… There were plenty of road trip toots on the return trip as well. I knew you were curious…

If you wanna cheer… post it here!!! If you don’t… I hope you won’t.

-Jon A.