so game of thrones s7 episode 2
  • the dany/varys scene was so damn well written go varys
  • also why was the “i’ll burn you alive” necessary dany? like just be nice?
  • cersei “i’m a massmurderer but beware the mad kings daughter is oh so evil” lannister 
  • how exactly is jaime still on cerseis side??
  • also i love the fast pace of the show
  • sam performing an illegal surgery on jorah was almost funny
  • jon choking littlefinger YASS SHOW HIM JONNYBOY
  • can they already stop showing littlefingers sneaky smirk™
  • theon getting triggered by euron “probably worse than ramsay” greyjoy 
  • the arya and nymeria scene destroyed my emotions
  • wtf was olennas lil speech all about? listen to no one bcs you’re a fricking dragon??
  • jon x dany meeting next week GET HYPED 

“I think I’m in love with Sansa” Jon blurted when he came through the door, dropping his keys in the ceramic dish designed for that very purpose.

Missandei furrowed her brow and closed the book she was reading. “Sansa?….the redhead who lives at number 14 Sansa”? Jon nodded as he shirked his leather jacket from his shoulders. “Sansa who hosts those neighbourhood BBQs once a month”?

“The very one”.

“Well it’s too bad you married me then” she said with an amused snort.

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This really happened to me today
  • Mom: *comes to my room, looks at me*
  • Me: *takes headphones off* What now?
  • Mom: Maybe you should do something today.
  • Me: Like what?
  • Mom: Go to city with your friends?
  • Me: I don't have any friends.
  • Mom: Well how about Chrissy, Jonnyboy, Sexyberry and Willybear? You always talk about them.
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • Mom: Maybe they would like to go to city with you.
  • Me: Mom, I'm listening them at the moment.
  • Mom: What...?
  • Me: Coldplay, you know. Chrissy, Johnnyboy, Sexyberry and Willybear are nicknames for those guys from Coldplay.
  • Mom: *looks at me, goes outside of my room and closes the door*
  • Gosh, I laughed!! XD My mom knows so much about my interests.

I’ve only ever sketched Year One Jonnyboy, but he was fun in fULL TECHNICOLOR
I did not come up with the whole “Jon doing the most minimal funny thing that would displease his great grandmother” idea; I saw it on a thread post I think from jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear and someone else… I would link to it but i don’t know how… or where it went… CREDIT TO THEM FOR THE IDEA IF ANYONE KNOWS THE THREAD I SPEAK OF

anonymous asked:

ok im new to the coldplay fandom (i mean ive been a fan of coldplay's music for years but havent watched many interviews or been a proper fangirl) could you tell me some basic fangirl/fanboy stuff i should know? idk like nicknames or stupid things or one of their outrageous stories theyve told, idk anything really?

Ok, I can try but it’s gonna be long haha. :)

30 things about Coldplay you should know:

- Nicknames: Chrissy, Jonnypuff or Jonnyboy, Sexyberry, Willybear.

- Don’t forget the man behind the curtain aka the 5th member: Phil Harvey. Coldplay wouldn’t have been the same without him.

- Harveytown is the place where the Coldplayers live.

- We called ‘Buckin’ the relationship between Chris & Jonny as well as others like ’Berrytin’, ‘Berryland’, ‘Champtin’ etc…

- They bought a bakery in London and now it’s their studio. As well as the Beehive. A lot of fans met them over there.

- The first rehearsal of the band was in Jonny’s bedroom back in 1998.

- The first name of the band was Starfish.

- Will didn’t know anything about drums at the beginning.

- Will left the band for a week because of Chris.

- Chris attacked a paparazzi once.

- Jonny has been attacked by a sheep once.

- Will has been attacked by a balloon once. And a second time.

- Chris’s favourite shirt is the flowery one.

- Or maybe the ‘Barack to the Future’ one.

- Everybody fangirls on Chris’s dance moves.

- Everybody fangirls on Chris’s curls.

- Chris loves to get touched by the crowd.

- Chris once ran into the crowd of a full stadium because it was fun.

- Jonny could have been a football player.

- ‘Green Eyes’ is a song about Jonny and not Gwyneth.

- ‘Jonny Goes Jazz’ is a video you should watch.

- Guy is really shy at interviews (everybody shuts up when he speaks).

- Guy loves old music. He likes Kool & The Gang and he has a jukebox.

- Guy once left the ‘AROBTTH’ album on the train.

- Chris always mentions Guy as “the handsome bass player”.

- Will seems to be the serious one but he’s a real joker.

- Chris & Jonny played in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and Chris was a zombie.

- Chris & Jonny are fans of Sherlock Holmes.

- Chris & Jonny first started a band called Pectoralz.

- Last but not least: ‘The Nappies’.