Random sweet things

My love is so sweet. He thinks nothing of himself were you to ask but is a rare human that knows that failing is a part of learning and is SO GOOD at noting progress in his passions and feeling inspired by them. He is truly a treasure. 

I hope to be a partner that can help him achieve all of his goals.


Stick it up your…wait, what? #PostYourDrafts #PostYourDraftsies #JonnyBoi

jonnyboi said: Why did you drop? I dropped out of community college. I’m going back slowly though.

sick days, missed days. I was more concerned about my health than my studies at the time and I wasn’t gonna pay $$$$$ to recover credit so I dropped. glad to hear it! have fun in school + do ur best :-)


Fuck minor…go major key! xD #PostYourDrafts #PostYourDraftsies #JonnyBoi

Middle Splits on @elizabeth_bfit and @pole_fox_ w @jonnyboie Jonny Manspreading-Apologist photobombing dot comming, kinda lookin’ like I’m giving the girls footjobs lol.
This pose occurred about a week after I gave a nude massage to some dude then sucked him off, and just 2 hours before a gay couple asked for my autograph, took some quality family photos with me, flattered me by saying how famous I was, then had me fuck one bf in the ass while that bf sucked the other bf’s cock. That went on for a while, and time was running out, so I asked what the easiest way for them to cum was. They said they’re not gonna be able to get off. I want to get people off if possible because I know it’s important to most people (particularly males), but since they said it couldn’t be done, I just said I hoped they had fun, then I left. At this point, I was a half hour late to dinner plans I originally had, so I rushed over to meet back up with @jonnyboie Jonny Manspreading-Apologist, his boy toy Andrew, @elizabeth_bfit , and @pole_fox_ at Rice And Company at Luxor where @jaythecrow works. If he reads this, he might think to himself, “ohhh, so that’s why @jamiestroud69 was so late”, “@jamiestroud69 sure is a weird dude for writing this stuff”, and “thank you, @jamiestroud69 , for confiding your secrets with me through a public medium”. (I decided to organize my life events between sexual encounters.)
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#flexibility #stretch #contortion #strength #partneracro (at Coronado Bay Club)


#PostYourDrafts #PostYourDraftsies with #JonnyBoi… #Loop


More jams with Jonny Boi… #PostYourDrafts #PostYourDraftsies #Loop #JonnyBoi