Okay, It’s very rare that I’m this excited about something that I can’t wait to jump on here and tell all my peeps about. I just had to shower first and get this friggin picture to email from my phone so that’s why there was a delay.

So this morning I woke up and saw all the snow falling and though, hmmmm this looks like fun to go run in. So I quickly cooked and ate my breakfast then got ready as fast as I could. I missed the big fat fluffy snow I got the small crappy snow but whatev’s it was still cool.

I had told Anna that since she was running 12 miles on christmas I would do at least 5 on christmas. I didn’t get to it on christmas but better a couple days late than never right? 

I started running and noticed my shoes were coming untied so I paused my My Cardio Trainer to tie my shoe (eventually I’ll learn to double knot my shoes before I start), then I unpaused it…. or so I thought. So I take off running again. I’m chugging along watching my breath move the snow out of my face running running stepping in water, it was a very slushy snow. Eventually I notice that my little buddy isn’t talking to me letting me know my pace or how far I’ve gone. So I ran what I found out later was .75 mi and it wasn’t tracked. So from that point I ended up running 6 miles. I hated it but I guess not too much since I ended up running 6.75 miles after I added in the .75 that wasn’t tracked.

I have to say I’m pretty effin proud of myself! The worst part of the run was the wet socks. Man I hate hate hate hate wet socks! They’re one of the 3 things I hate most in the world!! (bugs and headaches are the other 2 if you were wondering) This half marathon I’ve decided to do is still daunting but seems pretty do-able. Will I set the world on fire with my time, nope. But it’ll be a huge accomplishment after weighing 368 lbs 3 years ago. It’s crazy I’m kind of looking forward to it. November can’t get here quick enough! Boots to asses!

jonnyb83 replied to your post: Just checked out your progress pictures. God you’re doing absolutely amazing! Keep up the GREAT work! I needed to see that. It helped motivate me, I had been lacking recently. Thank you!

Yeah I wish I would have done that. I wasn’t real sure if I was going to stick with it when I started, so I didn’t really take progress pictures.

I know what you mean, I wish I had more “befores” but I’ve done this twice before and didnt really believe in myself so I’d give up after like a month. But this time it’s for real and I’m past my halfway point already, there’s no turning back! I have to go to family for the really bad “before” pictures of me, lol they always have some stashed somewhere.. It’s surreal to get to that rock bottom point and realize how fat you have become, I was in denial for so long until I saw the pictures of myself! Best decision I’ve ever made was this lifestyle change. Congrats on your progress too! (:

I go to the gym today about 130-2pm and normally it’s pretty dead at that time which is why I go. But today was AMAZING! Not a soul was in there. No one working out, No stupid gym manager that hates me, it was just me and the punching dummy Bob. It was heavenly. I got to dance walking from exercise to exercise ohhh I loved it. I also remembered to write down my workout!

Bench press 210 6 reps failed 7th dropped to 190 for 12 on second set. Super set with Flys on the dual adjustable cable machine, 70 lbs for 12 reps 2 sets.

Seated Arnold’s 40# DB’s 12 reps super set with skull crushers 70# EZ curl bar 12 reps 2 sets.

Incline DB press 50# DB’s 15 reps 2 sets super set with tricep rope push downs 70# 15 reps 2 sets, super set shoulder death (Front raise, shrug, Lateral raise, shrug 1 rep) 15# DB’s 15 reps 2 sets

Dual Adjustable cable decline press 90# 15 reps 2 sets, super set with straight bar press down 75# 15 reps 2 sets super set with upright row 70# EZ Curl bar 15 reps 2 sets.

Then I did 40 minutes on my elliptical with a 5 minute or so cool down. 

After all this and getting rid of my sweaty clothes I jumped on the scale (yeah I know I lost a lot of water but this is when I always weigh myself) and I weighed 249 lbs. This is kind of big because 250 was my original ultimate goal weight when I first started to lose weight 3 years. So it’s cool to have reached that mark again. I’m gonna keep on truckin back to 213! 

It's so much more fun having someone to workout with!

Tonight I got to workout with Pump. Normally it’s just me working out on my own or with my trainer. But everyone once in a great while when Pump is down in my neck of the woods I sneak him in to my gym and we workout together. The first couple of times he did his thing and I did mine because I workout schedules didn’t really jive up. But today they did.

We warmed up for 10 mins then we moved on to chest and tri’s. I introduced him to 28’s on the bench press. 28’s are the same as doing 21’s but you add 7 negative reps at the end. So it was 7 reps through the top half of the ROM 7 through the bottom half, 7 full bench presses, then 7 negatives with an 8 count on the way day 1 on the way up. B-R-UTAL!! I’m a 2 set guy so everything is 2 sets.

So we did 2 sets of the 28’s on bench press

2 sets of chest fly

2 sets of push ups with our feet in the TRX

2 sets of tricep pushdown

2 sets of skull crushers

1 set of med ball chest pass. Here we kind of went our separate ways.

2 sets of Incline DB press

2 sets of funky tricep exercise I don’t know the name of

2 sets of tricep push ups on the smith machine (I couldn’t finish them all haha)

I could very well be forgetting some exercises. These probably aren’t in the right order either. I always always always super or compound set because I despise standing around waiting. I don’t want to spend all night at the gym.

Then we did 30 minutes of cardio. During this cardio I’m pretty sure I talked myself into signing up for a half marathon in November. I was saying I was giving serious thought to doing the Mini Marathon during all the Indy 500 festivities we have going on here during May, but Pump said the price just went up to $70ish and I can’t pay $70 to run 13.1 miles, just can’t do it. Plus this one being in November gives me plenty of time to get ready and it won’t be crazy ass hot!  I’m nervous but pumped about this all at the same time. If you told me 3.5 years ago I would be giving serious thought to a half marathon I would have told you, you were nuts. Hell if you would have told me when I was at my thinnest when I was 213 lbs I would have to you, you were nuts. Am I starting to become a bit of a runner?? The only thing that scares me about this is my knees. I don’t know what kind of pounding they’ll take running 13.1 miles or if they can hold up to it. We’ll see………

Breathing squats

So my buddy Jason aka “my first trainer” sent me this. They sound brutal but awesome! 

Take your true 10RM and do 10 reps. Then take 3 deep breaths do one more rep. Repeat until you hit 20 reps. Drop weight 5% and repeat after 6 minutes rest. After that set drop weight another 5% and repeat for the third set, which will be the last set. Always take at least 6 minutes rest between sets but lets not get crazy on the rest time. Then in the text he says “after those 3 sets of squats you can then go about your leg workout like normal….. if you can lol” The challenge has been laid down! Can’t wait until my next leg day!!