The Jonny Duddle covers are terrible in my opinion, and everyone seems to love them. They’re incredibly cartoonish and far too childish. I think we’re at a point now where the majority of the fans of Harry Potter aren’t children. The films, merchandise, and most of the book editions have been marketed to teens and adults. Why are we trying to pretend like the books don’t tackle tough themes by putting cute, goofy covers on them and pretending like the books are a lighthearted romp?


So what does everybody think about Bloomsbury’s new Harry Potter cover artwork? 

These new editions will include jackets designed by artist Jonny Duddle, an updated author bio and will incorporate highlights from J.K. Rowling's Pottermore project. The publication date is set for September 1st. 

And for your viewing pleasure, here are 21 Harry Potter covers from around the world (via 

– Intern Cara

(Petra adds: “I bought the British editions and carted them back here specifically for the cover art, because I roll NERDY”)


Watch the brilliant Jonny Duddle illustrating Harry Potter in this timelapse video >>

New Picture Book!

I love Jonny Duddle’s work and ordered his second picture book “The pirates next door” the work inside is just amazing, both in skill and in humour. What I especially love about it is the little details in the background that he put in that make for a secondary action or hints.

It was “Quiggle"d approved and now we are off on our pirate ship to illustration land!


I little video I made in honor (and obsession) for the awesome new art covers of the Harry Potter books from the Bloomsbury Editorial (2014).