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BTS reaction- s/o being underweight and asking them for help

anon:Can I request a scenario of the boys’ S/O being extremely underweight and her wanting their help getting her healthy…  If not that is a-okay👌 ((love your account btw💕))      



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Being underweight and having Jin as a boyfriend could be hard. This boys cooking skills are very good. Jin would notice that you’re underweight and he could try mentioning something which was referring to your weight, but he doesn’t want to hurt you, so he won’t say anything rude or mean. When you would ask him for help to put on weight, Jin would know how to help you. He would be doing a lot of different dishes, slowly adding more food and calories. This could take a lot of time but he was worried about your health and he was happy that you asked him to help you out. Of course he would take you regularly to a doctor to see if his effort is enough and if you don’t need more vitamins or anything else.


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Min Yoongi-walking perfection

He doesn’t care about looks. Of course he would notice that you are really skinny but if you don’t mind, why should he? For Yoongi your health was the most important thing. So when you told him that you’re scared about problems with your health due to you being underweight, he would start to worry. He would look out for you in every possible way. Yoongi would try to eat with you 5 meals a day and if he won’t be able to eat with you, Suga would somehow make sure that you ate something. He would convince you to do every health test, to make sure if your health is really good and that you don’t need professional help.  He would put you putting on weight in the first place. When you would successfully put on enough weight, he would be so proud of you and from now on, you will be his model role, that everything is possible if you try enough. He would tell you this and make sure that you won’t lose weight again


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To him you’re perfect, so he didn’t even noticed that you’re underweight. When you asked him for help, saying that you being underweight could be dangerous and you needed to take care of your health, for the first few seconds Hobi would be surprised and inspect you, looking for any signs that you’re underweight. When he finally realized how bad the situation was, he would panic and blame himself for not noticing it sooner. After calming down, Hoseok would ask you what he could do for you, he was ready to do everything to make you feel better. Of course he would assure you that you are perfect to him, but your health is always the most important aspect. Hobi would be the most caring boyfriend ever. Spending every free second with you. For you putting on some weight won’t be big deal, but he can exaggerate a little bit.


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I feel like it would be Namjoon  telling you to take  care about your health, not you asking for his help. He would notice you being underweight and he knew exactly how this could affect someones health. If you asked him for help because you’re worried about your health, he won’t look at anything and take you to a specialist. You being sick is the last thing that Namjoon wanted to see. He would go there with you, he would stay and listen to what the specialist has to say. Jonnie would make sure that you will do everything that he heard that day. If he was on tour or had a busy schedule, he would call you every free minute to remind you about taking your pills or eating meals


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We all know that there was a time when Chim lost a lot of weight, making everyone worry. So he would somehow sympathize with this situation. He would be happy to help you and he knew that you were worried about him so you will try to put on weight together. There is a person which is making diets for the members so you two will go to this person asking for personal diet for both of you. Being on this kind of diet together could be more successful than doing it alone. Jimin would tak care of you and tend to your eating, same like you with him. You two would have a lot of fun trying new dishes and share your feelings, how both of you feel slowly putting on weight. Jimin would always tell you how sexy and beautiful you look to make you even more confident and because it was true


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He would probably notice it before you asked him for help (in my opinion he is a the genius but his character is stronger). So Tae would be secretly (or not) giving you more food than before and ask how you feel everyday, every hour or every minute. When you finally told him that you need to check your health, Tae would freeze and start to be scared. He didn’t think about visiting a doctor and thoughts about you possibly  being sick would kill all nice thoughts. You wanted to say something more, that it’s only your assumption and you only wanted to check yourself, but he already took your hand and you two were sitting in the car driving to the nearest doctor, so you didn’t have time to say anything. Tae won’t stop with only one professional opinion, he would take you to multiple doctors to be sure that everyone was saying the same thing. When he finally had opinions of every doctor in Seoul, Tae would do his best to be the most supportive boyfriend in this world when you started to put on weight.


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Similar to Hobi, he won’t notice. Someone would have to tell him that you are underweight. So when he asked you about this and you told him that this is true and what kind of after effects it could have, he would stare at you and maybe be a little angry that you didn’t tell him faster. Both of you decided that you need to check your health. Jungkook would do it with you, to not feel alone during health tests. He would always ask you what you ate and if he thinks that this isn’t enough, he would order food for you and call your friend, asking if he/she could check if you actually ate it. Sometimes it could irritate you but he would have good intentions. He felt bad because he couldn’t be there with you because of his schedule. Kook would always find time to go with you for check outs to doctor, he wanted hear personally that everything is fine. When you successfully gained weight it would be time for celebration for him and you, Jungkook would take you to the restaurant and you two would eat all night long.

The Joker x Reader - “The Wedding”

Frost is getting married and you need to help him improve his dancing skills. Of course J doesn’t like it, but you’re not going to let your best friend embarrass himself at his own wedding. The Joker really needs to learn to cut it out.

Best friends saga:

You are in the gym room at the penthouse, working out like crazy before J gets home. Why? Because if he sees you work out, all sweaty and panting, he always gets…ideas and then you have to stop what you’re doing and have fun with him. Good way to burn calories, but the regular, classic work out it’s great from time to time.

You are exercising on your back, lifting your waist up and down in the rhythm of the song you are listening to in your ear buds. Suddenly, you see J coming in, wearing just his sweatpants with a huge smirk on his face.

“Oh, no,” you think, “he’s back already?! Dammit, I only got 35 minutes in this time.”

You take one ear bud out and watch him come in front of you, kicking your legs open even more and he slowly drops on top of you, purring.

“Heeyyy, baby, you’re early,” you kiss him, disappointed and kind of not.

“Meeting was boring; I had to cut it short. Come on, Princess, let’s work out together,” he winks, with that naughty spark in his blue eyes and you know what that means.

“J, I really need to work out, I need to fit in my dress. I am the maid of honor,  ’kaayy?” you try to reason with him. And afterwards I need to rehearse with Frost again. But, mostly, I need to fit in my…”

He doesn’t let you finish:

“Let’s work out then. Push me up, Kitten, I’ll help you lose some weight, not that you need to,” he is quick to add, kissing your neck.

“I’m all sweaty, you should really…”

J interrupts again:

“And that’s how I like it, Doll. Come on, push me up.”

You humor him and he gets on his elbows, this way he’s not too heavy and you push him up with your waist as high as you can, then he lets himself fall on you and you collapse back, not being to hold him up.

“Again!” he commands, kissing you.

You do it again.

“Hey, Kitten, what does this remind you of, hmm?” The Joker growls in your ear, starting to get impatient.

You giggle, aware he won’t give up until he gets what he wants:

“If Frost walks on us right now, he will have a heart attack and won’t be able to get married.”

“Don’t care, the old man needs to learn some new moves anyway. I bet you he’s boring in bed.”

“No he’s not!” you are quick to defend Jonny, not even thinking about what you’re saying.

“And how the hell would you know, Princess???” J suspiciously glares at you, lifting his head up from your cleavage.

“Ummm, shut up and let’s work out,” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling down on his sweatpants.


You swing with Frost around the living room, counting the steps so it’s easier for him.

“One, two, three, four, switch, one, two, three, four, auchh!!!!” you yelp in pain when he steps on your toes again. You have your shoes on but it still hurts.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Frost apologizes, embarrassed he messed up again.

“It’s ok,” you sigh, resigned.

“Frosty!” J’s voice grumbles from the couch where he’s sitting, watching you two.” If you step on my girl one more time, I will blow your brains out, got it? She won’t be able to wear her high hills she loves so much if you break her toes. I won’t be happy about that, do we understand each other?!”

“Yes, boss, I’ll pay more attention,” poor Frost replies, frustrated. He’s really not doing it on purpose.

“Leave him alone, J, he’s trying his best.”

“Obviously he sucks so if that’s his best…” J huffs, taking the safety off his purple pistol.

You roll your eyes, taking a deep breath and restart your lesson.

“Yo, Frosty, you might wanna distance yourself from my girl a bit more. You’re holding her too tight!”
“Because he’s nervous, baby,” you mutter, irritated at his antiques.

“Of course, Mister J,” Jonny is fast in doing what he was asked, still dancing with you.

“My God, Frost, you have the grace of a pile of bricks,” J teases from the couch, snickering.

“Leave him alone, J, you’re making him…auu…chh…” you soundlessly scream when Frost steps on your toes again. You have your back turned towards the Joker so he didn’t see your grimace. Jonny turns you around and when his back is towards the Joker he silently tells you: “I’m so sorry.”

“One, two, three and four,” you restart your counting and Jonny messes up. At least he didn’t step on you. “Hey J, come on, let’s show him how it’s done. You know how to dance. If he sees it will help him. Come here,” you signal for him to join you.

“NO!” J shortly answers, sucking on his teeth.

“Coooome on, please, we’re running out of time and he needs to get better.”

“NO! Don’t want to, let him embarrass himself.” Gosh, he’s so stubborn sometimes.

“I’ll let you work out with me as much as you want,” you finally blur out, fully aware this is your last resort. Jonny gulps, pretending he didn’t hear it, but appreciates everything you do for him.

“Well I’ll be damned, Pumpkin, why didn’t you say so?” J finally gets off the couch and comes to you, yanking your waist and starting swinging with you around the room which such ease it makes Frost open his mouth in awe. He had no clue The Joker is such a good dancer.
“Pay attention, Frosty boy, this is how you dance with your girl, “ J boasts, enjoying you in his arms and glad he got such a good deal out of it.

After a while he stops and lets you go back to Frost, but stays nearby.

“Ok, Jonny, here we go: one, two, three, four…” and you start moving again when, bam! he steps on you.

“That’s it!” The Joker decides since he has a short fuse anyway.

He yanks you out of Jonny’s arms and he positions himself in front of your best friend, threatening:

“I am gonna teach you how to dance, you clumsy pile of bricks and if you step on my toes, you’re fucking dead ! Don’t you dare touch me, I warn you, just follow my steps!!” J snarls and you are thinking to intervene, but then… it might just work.

Is this awkward or what?! Frost looks like he’s going to pass out soon and J has such a determination on his face that for once you don’t interrupt his rampage. Jonny nervously follows J’s steps and so far he didn’t mess up, thank God. It really might be what’s he needs to succeed in such a short amount of time that’s left.

“Why the hell are you getting married anyway, you idiot?” The Joker continues to be aggravated and scolds Frost. “It’s so stupid and useless.”

Before Jonny can answer he can tell that what J said bothered you big time.

“Mmm…why is it stupid, J?” you ask, getting more and more upset.

“Because there’s no need for it.”

“Please shut up, boss, please stop talking”, your best friend repeats in his mind.

“It’s the most stupid thing ever!” The Joker snaps, scoffing.

“And…he’s fucked,” Jonny concludes, worried, watching you as you start blinking faster, shaking your head in approval, your eyes getting teary:

“I see…” you utter. “Is that why you never asked me to marry you?” your voice got shaky and J is finally looking your way.

“Well, yeah, Doll, you should have known by now!”

Oh my God, boss, you’re really fucked now,” Jonny thinks and stops following J’s steps as he watches you storm out of the penthouse.

“Hey, Princess, where are you going?” he screams after you, confused. “What’s wrong with her?” he inquires, waiting for his henchman to answer.
The look that Frost gives makes The Joker doubt about his amazing speech abilities:

“Was I not supposed  to say that?”

Jonny lifts his shoulders instead of saying yes.

“Shit… I’m screwed,” he finally realizes, but still adamant in teaching Frost how to dance, this way maybe you’ll forgive him a bit.

“Aren’t you going after her, Mister J?”

“Not now, you flipping have to learn how to dance for your stupid wedding!” he barks. “Last warning: if you step on my toes, I am shooting you on the spot and I am not even joking, got it?!”

“Y-yes sir…”

And that’s how Jonny Frost learned how to dance for his wedding.


You didn’t talk to J since the incident and refused to see him; you went to stay with Jonny’s girlfriend, this way you can help her with the last details anyway. Since you’re her maid of honor and J is going to be Frost’s best man, you can’t avoid seeing him at the wedding. An island was rented for the wedding, far from any curious eyes, cops and Batsy. All the important fellow underworld gangsters are invited at the event. Harvey Dent still has his minister’s license from back when he was senator so he will officiate the ceremony.

When you get to the front of the crowd under the flowery arch, waiting for the bride, Frost is already there, looking sharp as a needle, yet very anxious. The Joker is by his side and you avoid looking at him but eventually you kind of brush your eyes around the area just to notice how handsome he looks in that purple suit, with his slick green hair and that devilish smile on his lips, checking you out without even trying to avoid being so obvious.

You sniffle and grip your bouquet even harder, winking at Frost and then look around in the crowd, waving at a few people,…smiling, then casually glimpsing at The Joker….he still stares at you and for some reason it makes you blush and you have no idea how delighted he is. You sure are pretty in that red, form fitting dress you’re wearing.

After about 30 minutes you have to go and sit down for a bit, your high hills and bruised toes are killing you. J is quick to follow and nonchalantly places himself right by you, sighing. You don’t say anything.

He turns his head towards you and keeps on intensely staring, until you feel your ears burning and you have to look at him:

“What?!” you frown, contemplating getting up again and leaving.

“You look so beautiful, Princess,” he smiles, biting his lower lip with his silver teeth.

“Shut up, J,” you are quick to cut him off, playing with the flower in your hair because for some reason you feel uneasy.

He takes your left hand and places it on his thigh, then by the time you can take it back he puts a wedding band with a huge diamond on your ring finger. You gasp and try to take it off:

“I don’t want your stupid ring!” you mutter through your clenched jaw, struggling to keep it low.

He slides it back on, fighting you:

“Yes you do want my stupid ring, stop being stubborn!” he mutters, forcing you to keep the ring on but you won’t have any of this crap.

“I said I don’t want it!”

“Yes you do, you pain in the ass!”

Probably you’re getting pretty loud because Frost turns around with a “What’s going on?” expression on his face. Other guests are glaring your way too. You pretend everything’s fine, smiling and placing you head on J’s shoulder so it won’t seem weird.

“Take your stupid ring back, you jerk!” you whisper in his ear, elbowing him, trying to take it off again when you hear Harvey:

“If anyone doesn’t want this couple to be together, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The Joker is fast in lifting his hand up and you don’t remember being so swift pinning it down.

“What the hell, baby ??!!! If you do this, I’ll never let you work out with me ever again, I swear!” you mumble, upset he would dare do such a thing to your best friend.

“Dammit, woman, you know how to negotiate,” he cracks his neck, debating. “Keep the ring too and we have a deal.”
“DEAL!” you are fast to agree so that the ceremony can go on and avoid embarrassment.

The Joker purrs, kissing your hand and then your ring, so pleased with himself. You just smirk, more pleased that he is: your little plan worked.

And that’s how Jonny Frost was able to get married without The Joker ruining the event.

You’re not his best friend for nothing.


Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 2: Let’s go

Summary: Reader is on her way to leaving with the help of her older brother. JokerXReader Sibling!FrostXReader. 

Words: 1039 (almost twice as much as the first sorry or your welcome (: )


Is it mine? Masterlist

Jonny’s POV

“You slept with boss.” I knew she had. Being his most trustful worker, that definitely is something that would not slip pass me.

“How did you-” She held a shocked expression, trying to see if she remembered how I knew.

“He trusts me more than the others. Plus, when you first met him I could tell he was interested in you. I also knew he wouldn’t hurt you. He didn’t, did he?” I needed to make sure she was safe.

She shook her head. “Not yet anyways.”

“What’s wrong?” I gave her a worried look. What would be a reason to hurt her? She never would or had betrayed him.

She sighed. “I called you over here because earlier I took a test. My period was two weeks late and I just wanted to check if it was possible. The test confirmed I was pregnant.” She cried.

I rubbed her back. “It’s going to be okay.” I began thinking of options for her as she spoke.

“I want to keep it. I can’t stay here and have it. He may come back one day and put two and two together. I need to leave, far from here. I need money, Jon.”

“I’ll help you. I have a lot saved up. You can have it.”

She shook her head denying the offering. She waved her hands in order to say no to me. “Jonny, I can’t take it all.”

“Yes, you can. You will.” I ended the argument there. I pulled out my phone and called the train station ignoring her protest.

“I need two tickets to Central City.”

“Jonny?” She was trying to stop me from helping her.


“Jonny, what are you doing?” She asked when I hung up.

“Getting you out of here. Pack up. I’ll sell all your things and send you the money. You’ll stay in Central City for a bit. Then go somewhere else. I cannot know. You are going to be completely safe and so is that baby.”

She sighed knowing I would not let her do this alone. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” She hugged me tightly.

“I promised I’d protect you. I always will. Go pack up. I’ll be back in an hour.”

I went to a pharmacy and picked up necessities to get her started on her new life. I sighed as I realized I needed a day off work, which has never happened. Boss would question it, no doubt.

“Frost? What is it?” Boss answered the phone.

“I can’t come to work for a couple of days.” I got right to the point knowing he was impatient.

“Why? Trying to escape me.” He gave a joking tone but I knew better and understood he was serious.

“Sir, I just need time.” I couldn’t tell him.

“I tell you what, Frost. I’ll give you a week. You do anything to betray me during that time and I’ll kill ya.” He threatened, ending with his famous laugh.

“Got it, sir. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Just don’t disappoint.” He ended the call. One step done and now to take care of everything else.

I drove back to (Y/N)’s place. I honked the horn and a few seconds she looked out the window. She came out with a few suitcases. I got out and placed them in the trunk while she got in.

“Where are we going?” She asked as she twiddled her thumbs. She was nervous, understandably.

“We are leaving Gotham. You’ll be safe. I have the money in the bag right there.” I pointed to the black duffle bag.

“That looks heavy.” She mumbled looking at it.

“It is. I need your phone.” She handed me her phone. I slammed it against the dashboard until it was tiny pieces. I threw them out the window.

“Jesus! You didn’t hurt yourself right?” She shrieked and was noticeably concerned.

“I’ll be fine.” I answered knowing she’d be concerned either way.

“This is the plan. You’re going to live in central city for a week in a hotel. I’ll bring you money before the end of the week. You’ll leave somewhere after that but you don’t tell me where. Take the money and buy a house. You’ll buy a car and everything you need for my niece or nephew. I’ll get you a new phone. It will only have me as a contact. You don’t use it for anything else.” I looked at her and she nodded understanding everything.

“You can’t contact me unless it is an emergency. If it is, do not hesitate. I’ll only contact you if it’s an emergency. If boss asks I’m just saying you left. No explanation. But if he wants you he won’t stop, you know that. You stay safe so does the baby, got it?” She frowned as she listened to me.

“Uh yeah. We won’t see each other anymore?” She questioned looking noticeably afraid of what was going to happen.

“Boss will put someone on me once he finds out. He’s gonna make sure I’m telling the truth. You know boss.” I explained.

“Promise me you’ll stay safe?” She asked knowing exactly how boss could be.

“I can’t but you will.” I parked the car and got out. She stayed in the car for a bit. Eventually, she came out.

“You’ll protect yourself, at least promise me that?” She begged me.

“I’ll try my best to but you know him. He has people, ain’t no protecting myself when they want money.” I admitted knowing that there was no way to completely assure my safety.

“Come with me.” I sighed. 

“You know I can’t. Plus, the job makes great money and you’ll need it.” She teared up and nodded. “I’ll try my best, okay? You know I will. No matter what happens you’ll be safe.” She nodded.

“That’s all I can get.” She sniffed and wiped the tears from her face. “Let me grab some bags.”

“No, you aren’t supposed to lift anything. You just follow me.” She glared at me.

“I’m not fragile.” She argued.

“I know. I got it. You just stay calm.” I grabbed the money duffle and the suitcases from the trunk making sure everything I bought was in there. “Let’s go.”


On guitar, he’s 7 foot 12, he’s the ex-World Wrestling Champion. He used to be a male model but he gave it all up to be in our band. He’s Jonny Buckland. - Chris Martin.

I want to wish a happy birthday to Coldplay’s own guitar hero and Chris’ best friend, Mr. Jonathan Mark Buckland. Jon, you make me fall in love with Coldplay every time you grab that guitar of yours and I couldn’t be more thankful. You light up my world with your smile; don’t ever lose that spark. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and don’t give up on jazz!

There is something wonderful about the relationship between Sherlock and Watson.  Not just their journey as sober companion and detective, and then partners.  There is a deep friendship that is developing and we’ve kind of built that over the last, I guess, 100 episodes.  — Lucy Liu

I like the fact that it’s odd.  I like the fact that they can antagonise each other and still be great friends.  I like the fact that it’s not romantic.  I like the fact that it’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  That’s really, really what I like about it.  — Jonny Lee Miller
—  The cast reflects on what really matters after 100 episodes of Elementary!

the moment England won the Ashes

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(Spaaaaace AU) Jonny had finally found the rest of his ship. He had found the radio, but it was completely busted. He had spent the last few hours there, attempting to fix it. (Fear-and-robotics)

Wilson wasn’t sure why he had let the human wander off. He had said to himself that he was going to watch over him and keep him safe!! Anyways, for about the first hour, he had assumed that Jonny would just come back from wherever he had gone. After that, Wilson started to worry, until he just had to go off and find Jonny. He’s a rather good tracker, and eventually finds Jonny, pouncing on him, gently, as to not hurt Jonny. Just to get near him. “Jonny!! What are you doing out heeere?” He asks, trying to hide how worried he had been, although the concern is clear on his face.

based on this au: “i slept with you the other day and i didnt know we had a mutual friend and now we’re sitting across each other for brunch and it’s awkward because i ran out when you were asleep”

Patrick wakes up sticky and alone. He pads out of his room and searches the rest of his apartment for the guy he had amazing sex with the night before. He doesn’t find anyone or anything. No body, no note, no message.

He shuffles his way into the shower, feeling groggy and annoyed. For a second he thinks the whole night was all in his head, a really good wet dream, but then he spots the two condom wrappers in his trash can that weren’t there the day before and knows it was real.

The guy, Jonny, he think his name was, chatted him up at a bar. He wasn’t the least bit smooth about it, but Patrick was horny and Jonny was doing it for him. He had a solid stature and looked like a guy who knew what to do with his dick.

And fuck was Patrick right.

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10. JokerXReader!

Anon: Can you do one where you’re with the Joker, and Batman like kidnaps you and then joker comes and rescues you?!

It’s a bit short, hope you enjoy it anyways! :)

„Get off me!“, you yelled as Batman tried to detain you and wanted to provide you straight to the police which were waiting out of this stash.

„(Y/N), listen! You have gone too far now! Let me help you, you don’t belong to him“, Batman said in anger.

„I said get off me, you don’t know anything about me, since I’ve left“, you said still trying to escape Batmans tight grip.

Suddenly a loud bang came up in front of you and Batman broke down for a second, so that you had the chance to flee.

„Get up“, a rough voice said and a strong arm pulled you on your feet again, before grapping you by your wrist and running away with you from Batman.

It was Mr J.

„What are we doing now? Gordon and his men stand outside the house“, you said.

„Having some fun, with them“, J just smiled and shot three police men down who blocked your emergancy exit.

„Watch out!“, you said and kicked the police guard off the stairway you were standing with Mr J.

J laughed as he saw the man falling down seven metres into the deep.

„That’s my girl!“

„Come on now, get to the car, before Batsy decides to join us again“, he said and tugs you with him again.

„DON’T MOVE, YOU TWO! Or we will shoot you down!“

Outside at the end of the emergancy exit a couple of dozen police men pointed there weapons at you and Mr J.

Now a little more panic griped you, that wasn’t the way it sould turn out, but J was still smirking at the crowd.

So he had a plan?

„Well, than I just have to say two words before you all will be part of my firework“, he said.

„Don’t move you clown!“

„Too late!“, J laughed and dropped a handgrenate into the guards.

„Bye, bye!“, he said and pushed you into a little save zone, where the explosion wouldn’t hurt you and him.

The detonation was so loud that you thought your eardrum would burst, even if you had your and J’s hands pressing against your ears.

„Now, run and get in the car first, if you’re save“, he said.

You kept running again, J still behind you to gave you backing fire, but before one of you could reach the shiny purple car, Batman jumped infront of you and J got surrounded by another dozen of police men.

„It’s over, (Y/N)“, Batman said in a calm voice.

„No it’s not“, you said and tried to fight the Dark Night.

„Stop it. You can’t win“, he said and finally pushed you to the ground, where he invests you handcuffs and gave you an anaesthetic injection, because you still tried to bridle.

„What is this?“, you asked realising that your eyelids start to flutter.

„Just a tranquilizer. You will wake up in more less than two hours“, Batman said as he carried you to the police car, that would take you back to Arkham Asylum.

„You’re a scumbag …“, you whispered, before you fell asleep.


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Joker bashed his head against the car as he saw that Batman brought you to the police men, who would bring you back to Arkham Asylum.

„What do you want us to do, boss?“, Jonny Frost, the man behind the tax said.

Joker had him for every contingency plan, to pick him up, when even for the clown prince of crime escaping was impossible.

„Follow them inconspiciuous, we will go for it, when they didn’t see it coming“, Joker growled.

Frost nods his head and drove around in the black car with the tinted windows until the police car got it’s way to Arkham.

No one would thought that the Joker would drive around in a car like this.

„Now, take the side road, they won’t see us there“, Joker said as Batman left the convoy to search for the escaped clown again.  


 „What a night. Lost the clown, but got his girlfriend instead“, one of the drivers of the car you were in, said smiling.

„Yeah, how pissed you think he is, after that?“, the second guy said in amsuement.

„I really don’t ever wanna get to know that“, the driver said laughing.

„What’s with her? Is she alright? Didn’t heared a sound from her, since one hour now.“

„Yes, Batman gave her an injection, she will sleep until we brought her into her old home.“

„Good for us.“

„What the heck …?“

„What’s this?“, the guy on the passengers seat asked.

„Looks like car trouble“, the other one said.

„Should we pull up? Looks like the guy needs help.“

„I don’t know. Comissioner Gordon said, we have to bring the girl back to Arkham without any stop.“

„But no one’s here. Maybe he stands there for hours now, and it’s raining like hell.“

„Okay, just a quick look up. We could call him help, and then we bring sleeping beauty to the Asylum.“

The two guys were parking the car on the right side, just a few metres infront of the car trouble.

„Hey man! Can we help you?“, the driver said.

„Well, yes that would be great. My car you know, the old scrapheap, decided to rest here forever and my phone has no battery“, a young man with a brown beard said.

„No, problem. We can call help.“

„I don’t know if this is necessary, I think it’s just a thing with the motor. Maybe you could take a quick look, if it doesn’t bother you“, the man said.

„Yes, sure if it doesn’t take long“, one of the police car drivers said.

„Thank you, man.“

„No problem, we were just on the road for-“



„So let‘s see, where did you put the fucking keys“, Joker said low and ransacked every pocket the two guys had on their clothes.

„Ah, there we go“, he smiled and pulled a large key out of the one man’s trouser pocket and a smaller one from the other idiot.

„Start the car, I’ll be back in a few seconds“, Joker said harshly to Frost, as he made his way up to the car you were hold in.

Joker lost no time to unlock the car.

After pulling the front door aside, he saw you sleeping on the hard ground, still with your handcuffs on.

„Aw, look what they’ve done to you … Don’t worry, Mr J got you back, little (Y/N). No one will ever kidnapp you again“, he said and carried you into his arms, after removing your handcuffs with the smaller key he had still in his hands.

You were still asleep, but you’ve noticed the comfort of J’s arms instead of the cold hard ground anyways and pressed your body against his warm torso.

He smiled at you, he wasn’t the man for romantic stuff, but this was kinda cute, even for Gothams most dangerous criminal.

„Let’s go home, doll.“

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