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Glad to see this is back online! It got taken down shortly after it went online and I didnt get to see the whole thing. They didn’t ask Jonny Negron’s permission to use his work, but guessing they’ve settled and paid him the money he was due.


(NSFW) Oh my GOODNESS, have you seen the Sons music video?? Incredible!

Directed by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin

Based on the art of Jonny Negron

Many thanks to Jonny !!

Concorde - Floating There EP is out now
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Produced by Nicolas de Rosanbo & Marion Bayard at “Chez Eddy”
Additional animation by Davy Durand, Tristan Domenjus & Brice Chevillard
Edit by Olivier Guedj

All tracks written, composed & produced by Concorde
Recorded by Clément Froissart at Studio 65, Saint Maur except “Take Time” by Julien Trimoreau at Studio Le Hameau, La Chapelle Souëf.
Mixed by Clément Froissart at Studio 65, Saint Maur. Mastered by Adrien Pallot and Chab at Translab, Paris.
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