jonny lee miller appreciation

Much love to the people who are fans of both Sherlock and Elementary, and recognize both shows are unique interpretations of what a modern day Sherlock Holmes would be like, both shows have kick-ass casts, both shows have flaws and strengths, and you don’t have to choose one or the other. 

Bonus props if you also appreciate the classics, so you understand the awesomeness that these two shows came from.

Even more props if you love the insanity that is “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.” Because that’s just an awesome cartoon.

With Elementary on hiatus, and on the brink of our two year anniversary of this blog (yay!  And thanks for all the support!), we at Jonny Lee Miller appreciation are borrowing a page from the book over at dailydormer and have put together a template for Jonny Lee Miller Appreciation Week!

the days of the week:

  • Day 1: a film role
  • Day 2: a TV role
  • Day 3: a character pairing
  • Day 4: tattoos
  • Day 5: photo shoots
  • Day 6: interviews
  • Day 7: random


  • gifs, edits, photosets – all are welcome
  • anyone can participate and please do!
  • please make sure you tag it Jonny Lee Miller and not Johnny – this is a common misspelling, and tag this within the first five tags!
  • Jonny Lee Miller appreciation week will be from June 14-June 20, so this gives you some time to start on edits and is in time for the June 14 two year anniversary of this blog! :)