jonny greenwood radiohead


“Radiohead have become one of those few bands who make you feel privileged to know and love them. They are not a band you can either take or leave. This is music which forces the listener to commit him or herself totally and forever. The reward for such devotion is that you will be taken away into another world.”

Thom Yorke
Role Sings and plays guitar.
What’s he like ‘Paranoid, that’s me’. Actually very friendly if treated with a little respect. Hates clichés. Has ongoing love/hate relationship with the modern world. Adores gadgets and the Internet, but hates having to rely on machines.
Interests Buddhism (causal); the lie of politics, techno music.
Typical quote ‘For me, that Saturday [Diana’s funeral] went much deeper than anyone thought. The whole TV show – George Michael strutting around like a peacock in church – meant nothing to me. But I started crying my eyes out when I saw the people who stopped their cars and lined the motorway. It was the first time that people in Britain actually thought, “Hang on… it’s us; it’s us against the media”… Actually that sounds horrible. It’s more than that, it’s not just the media. It’s the Royal Family, it’s the newspaper editors. Everyone was out of touch with the public.’

Jonny Greenwood
Role The guitar-abusing mad professor of Radiohead. Fancied by many; married to one.
What’s he like Very funny; slightly baffled air never leaves him.
Interests He’s currently listening to the audio book of Stephen Fry’s ‘Moab Is My Washpot’: ‘There’s something very comforting about going to sleep listening to Stephen Fry’s voice as you fall asleep in your bunk far away from home.’
Typical quote ‘You know when you say goodbye to everyone in the room, and then you leave only to realise there’s something you forgot to bring – so you have to go back? That’s how I feel all the time.’
Also: [to Ed] ‘What? You’ve never seen “Foghorn Leghorn”? Well, principally, it concerns a large hen…’

Colin Greenwood
Role Stands behind the three guitarists nodding sagely as he plays his bass.
What’s he like Extremely friendly, utterly sociable, rather maternal. Like out of ‘Pathetic Sharks’ Playful too. Once when Thom was absent from a soundcheck, Colin stepped forward and sang, ‘I want ham rolls… with chips’ to the tune of ‘Lucky’.
Interests Reading; all kinds of music; looking for the perfect pair of trousers.
Typical conversation ‘So, you want us to do “Killer Cars”? Is that your favourite? Aaah! It’s great when you’ve got a favourite!’

Phil Selway
Role The band’s pulse. During Radiohead’s nightmare Glasto 97 slot, during which all the monitors and lights blew out, Thom says, ‘Phil played the show of his life. That’s what saved us’.
What’s he like Attentive. He used to be a Samaritan.
Interests Parascending, apparently.
Typical conversation ‘I can’t believe no one’s offered you a cup of tea. Milk? Sugar?’

Ed O’Brien
Role Getting so excited at the beginning of ‘The Bends’ that he has to walk over to the other end of the stage and back again in order to stop exploding. Oh, and guitar.
What’s he like Congenial, eager to put you at ease.
Interests Running. Apparently he needs to strengthen his body in the next few years, in order to stop his back going funny.
Typical conversation ‘Do you think we’ll end up like one of those old 70s bands, doing cabaret versions of our old hits? I hope not. It’s a frightening thought.’

Time Out, november 5th 1997