jonny costello

Jonny Costello


So on Monday morning straight after the launch of the final major project we had a very punchy and inspiring talk delivered by Art Director Jonny Costello.

He started with going through his influences as a youth in Ireland. Skateboarding played a major role in his attraction to design and skate magazines such as: Rad, Invert and Thrasher were early igniters in his passion for design. 

He had always been attracted to subverted imagery and Ad campaigns such as: Benneton’s would spark his interest. Their magazine: Colours, portrayed a series of controversial images which would shed light on relevant issues happening at the time. 

Images like these and winners from the world press photo competition were interesting to Jonny and he thought they encouraged a moral conscience. He would take in the composition and colour of the images, trying to figure out what it was that made them so striking and ultimately award winning.

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