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What do you think the bros singing voices are like?


Singing voice headcanons…


Tone deaf.

Literally cannot carry a tune with a bucket.

Rarely sings anyway, but hums tunelessly in the shower, or when he’s concentrating on something.

Bites his lower lip and hums tunelessly.

It’s adorable.

His speaking voice is kind of husky, so his ‘singing’ voice is rough and tuneless, but his s/o loves him for it anyway.

Appreciates music, and particularly likes opera, much to everyone’s surprise when they find out.

Would absolutely cry at La Bohème. You just have to go ‘Mimi!’ and he chokes up.


Enthusiastic high tenor.

Nearly always slightly sharp.

Would totally be in glee club at school. and would be amazing

Likes almost every kind of music, except perhaps metal? I don’t know.

When he’s in tune, which is more often than I perhaps indicated, he’s a sweet lover boy, with soppy songs that make your heart crack. Anyone listening believes every word. Think Ed Sheeran or something.

King of mix tapes

Mix tapes for everything

Sings along to all of them

His s/o amasses a lot of playlists within the first month of dating

Prompto knows all the words to every song in every playlist.

Also plays piano. Not particularly well, but enough to bash out some chords while singing.


Bass/low baritone

Likes rock and roll, but has a soft spot for acoustic guitar

Plays guitar and sings

Prefers playing bass though

Get him a camp fire and a guitar and he’ll play all night

Always slightly gruff, like he needs to clear his throat. Like Jonny Cash or Leonard Cohen, but not quite so deep.

Could probably make anyone orgasm just with his speaking voice, but when he sings? Prepare to see whole galaxies of stars.

Actually kind of shy about singing. Not about belting out the Lucian national anthem after four beers at the pub, but about really singing. Puts his heart and soul into it.

Writes his own songs.

Prepare for a barrage of love songs if he’s courting you/you’re his s/o.

Used to sing Iris to sleep, and if she has a nightmare, even now, he’ll go in and hum Lucian folk songs to her til she calms down.


Gorgeous pure, if low, tenor voice

No vibrato. Not a waver.

Could sing early church music, like Palestrina, Tallis, Byrd, like GOD HIMSELF.

Can also sing Jazz really seductively well. 

Or anything. He sounds like Dietrich Fischer Dieskau with the purity of Andreas Scholl all in one. 

Could woo anyone into bed by singing.

Strangely really shy about singing in front of people.

His s/o has a heart attack the first time they hear him. Maybe in the shower? Or while cooking.

Loves classical music, but hates opera. Too much vibrato. Too melodramatic. Give him some Dowland ‘Flow My Tears’ any day…

Definitely sings while he cooks.

Doesn’t know he’s doing it until his s/o is in tears at the purity of his voice.

Also a huge fan of folk metal. Folk music too, but folk metal helps him focus when he needs to write a long report or something. Galahdian folk metal is his favourite.

Nyx gave him an album of Galahdian folk music when he found this fact out. It’s the most played album on his music player.

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